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    A Simple Path: Journey of a Hedgewitch

    *The Hedgewitch lives in the space between the Village and the Forest. Between the mundane and the magical. S/He lives with a foot in both worlds. This column is dedicated to the Hedgewitches of the planet earth. The Time of Balance Shifts to Darkness: Embracing The Crone In every season, there are lessons for we observant humans. In the spring we have rebirth and renewal. The lesson of the Maiden. In the Summer hard work, followed by abundance and plenty. Lessons of the Mother. In the Fall we have dying back; the inevitable and necessary death which must come to all living things. But, also, the promise of another cycle…

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    Pagan Theology

    Getting to work:  Part 2 In the last column I discussed the relationship between various types of spiritual practices and the Pagan experience of the Gods and Goddesses.  We talked about the eastern practice of meditation, western style prayer, and the use of physical and chemical means of disorienting the senses.  In this column we’ll discuss ritual and occult magical practices as means of getting in touch with the divine. Religious Ritual Religious ritual is a common, nay universal, way of bringing deity into the world.  While not all ritual works, or isn’t readily identified as ritual in the first place; the right ritual practice, at the right time, and…

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    Let’s Spell it Out

    Salutation to the Heroes: November 11th or 12th The Feast of the Einheriar or the Festival of the Einherjar is also known by other names including the Festival of Odhinn, the Feast of Fallen Warriors, Heroes’ Day, the Salutation to the Heroes and Old November Day.  Marking the day of the full onset of winter, this festival was Christianized and transformed into St. Martin’s Day (Martinmas), a catholic saint who was given many of Odhinn’s original attributes.  Originally this day was sacred to both Odhinn and Cernunnos (who has many similarities to the Wanderer Odhinn). This festival is a special ritual to honor Freyja (the Queen of the Valkyries) and…

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    Rants from the Sanctuary

    PAGAN NEW YEAR AND DREAMS I’ve been focusing a lot on change in this column, but indeed there is a reason. October is the Witches New Year and my family honors both New Years. December 31 we write our resolutions, and October 31 we do our ritual cleaning and reflect on the Pagan changes over the year and what we wish to focus on for the New Year. This year, we will be causing change not just reflecting on it as when this comes to print Michelle and I will be touring Arizona in search of a final resting place for Desert Moon Sanctuary somewhere in Northern Arizona. We will…

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    New To The Craft

    Earth-Air-Fire-Water To some outside the Craft the idea of the four classical elements can seem quaint – an outdated theory constructed before the advent of modern science.  We now have the periodic table to explain the “true” elements that compose matter, so what use are the concepts of the ancients?  It can be easy to dismiss older beliefs and practices if one takes the point of view that we have since replaced them with newer and better discoveries.  But that is awfully presumptuous as well.  So let us take a closer look at what wisdom may lay behind the elements of earth, air, fire and water to explain why they…

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    The Herbal Healing Perspective

    No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig.  If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer that there must be time.  Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen. ~Epictetus (c. 50 – 120) Every now and again I get glimpses of my Granny’s kitchen window.  Her kitchen was red and white – red cherries on the curtains – I think.  It was a small kitchen but always full of warmth and light, maybe because so much love came out of that tiny little room. If you looked out of her window you were privy to an enchanted…

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    PREFACE And perhaps a tree standing in the forest fills its leaves with the breath of the World and we listen and we are not alone. — THE BOOK OF GAIA (Vezhna MS 2379, trans. w/comm. Anastasia D’Mitriev, 1999) For the general reader, we hope that this document, fragmentary though it may be, will provide a more human understanding of two figures who are already passing into legend, although they themselves might not have wanted it so. Clearly, neither Anastasia D’Mitriev, “Ana” to her many admirers, nor Jason Sumner, would have considered themselves intrinsically remarkable.  Throughout their careers, both avoided publicity insofar as it was possible.  Certainly, their long struggle…

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    Ghosts and Hauntings 101: A Procedural Manual for the Investigation of the Paranormal

    Documentation Just the facts While the subject of proper documentation has arisen several times in the couse of this procedural manual it is important that we have a  compete and thorough understanding of what constitutes such documentation. It is impossible to over stress the importance of this critical, but sometimes admittedly tedious aspect of conducting a properly scientific investigation of a paranormal incident or event. As mentioned, our group uses a standard military and police form to record the interviewing of witnesses and a standard military and police incident report. These are available in packages of 100 from any specialty shop dealing with Police and Security supplies and in most…

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    In this chair

    Wood and cloth Curved and straight So many angles Which one is right? Patterns and colors Red upon red Flowers he laid Upon his death Rocking Then still Silence In the air Among chaos Stillness echoes In this chair When the room Was on fire And the chair Was silenced A great man Whose voice Echoed freedom Died And the chair Is quiet Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865