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Book Review – The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt by Judy Hall

Book Review

The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt

by Judy Hall

200 Pages



The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt by Judy Hall was a very difficult book to review.   It was difficult reading as much as it was challenging to review and is not for the average reader.  It requires some foreknowledge to dig out its hidden jewels.  Let my pain in attempting to read this serve as a warning.  There is a term I am going to use in this review, which is mixing work, and when I personally use it the meaning is as follows; it means that it’s a work that is mixing a few different ideologies, techniques etc.   Unless Egypt is your passion and you want to serve the gods this way.  Move along.  There are other far better books on sex magic.  

Let’s go on to the positives. The very first chapter is the foundation of the book and gives the structure of preliminary information one ought to know before considering attempting this work, and that part is very well written.  About 23 pages in, the suspension of disbelief kick in and the headache begins. This is a plug and play approach to your practice, which if one wanted to have a practice with the chakras using the Egyptian gods as window dressing, this is the book to read.  It makes for a distraction to see how they mix the work and bring the approach to a modern reader.  There are some techniques in the book that is good for anyone to work on.  Using the fiction portions as visualization, encouragement to keep a magical journal if one is going to take on the process these are all sound magical practices. The descriptions of the chakras are fine-tuned and the stones recommended are worth exploring. Focused intention, finely tuned aspiration and honed imagination (hall, 2019) are mentioned by the author as what is necessary to take on this work.  Frankly, for myself not sure there’s enough imagination possible to make this practical working.

As just a story that has pointed to ponder that are hidden jewels like consciousness is all-encompassing, “above and below, without and within” a unity within itself” (hall, 2019). That will possibly spark some deeper self-awareness, or some eye rolls it’s the readers personal development on their own path that will affect the outcome.  The writer talks about it being both a fiction as well as a nonfiction book with the alchemy of the night process.  This is very much new age level on the occult spectrum about mixing work.  Now, knowing Judy hall’s work with the crystal bible and chakra healing, the combination with the fiction it makes sense very much that there would be a lot of stones intertwined with the story.  The moment the first new word being learn kicks in which is enchiridion which means a book containing essential information on a subject. Which pulls the meaning of the second title into the transformational work of the night’s essential knowledge.   It’s a teaser to potential mysteries to come.  Readers, in fact the level of disappointment as read this was astounding to behold.

This is one of those if the interest is similar, there will be some enjoyment in reading this.   Finding the shifting from the channeled material to the modern material disjointed and hard to follow.  Taking it as a study book with the ideals of looking at the sacred marriage and sex in this format is a worthwhile endeavor, its for someone that clearly has more time and focus then this writer does personally.   Its easy to blow off as hetro normative approach, however, that’s one of the jewels of information that are within this book.



Hall, J. (2019). The magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Eqypt. alresford,uk: O-book.




About the Author:

Kathleen G. Gray is a 45 year old, Eclectic Witch with strong Celtic/Greek leanings. High initiative and creative mystic.