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Gael Song

The Sacredness of Silence, the Goddess in Everything

I watch so many of my friends, relatives, and neighbors race through the holiday season; creating elaborate rituals, shopping, wrapping, cooking, one detail after another to be attended to. And I recall doing the same myself when my children were young, before I began my druid path. And so, this month, I decided to write an article about the spirit nourishment that slowness and silence have brought to my life, especially during the winter season. As a druid, time in nature is food and drink to my soul. I couldn’t live without it. The first thing I notice whenever I take a moment for stillness is the lack of rushing in the natural or spirit world. For the moment I join my mind with a nearby tree or the lake below my home, all frenzied thoughts about what I need to do that day simply cease. Spirit is full of the sense that we have forever to do what we want most, that hurrying will only get in the way of truly feeling what that may be, and how delicious it is to take time to be close to everything along the way. My whole insides settle down, in a single instant. Over the thirty years of my own druid path, this slowing down is one of the main differences in my life from before and from most non-druid folks I know. There are many benefits of this sense that we live forever and no rushing is ever needed, like taking time to play every day, time in which my inner spirit unfolds into new avenues of growth, learning, and wonder.

The other deep nourishment of slowing down is really feeling all the forms of life around me in a way I would never do if I was simply racing on to somewhere else and barely noticed them. I cannot begin to list the hundreds of times a tree or blossom or bird or butterfly came into my awareness and sent me love or a small word of hope on a difficult day, not to mention the deep wisdom they are all full of and happy to share. I’ve learned far more from the natural world than I ever did in all those books I read in grad school! And nature explains things in simple ways I can understand and immediately apply to my life, knowing exactly what I’m going through, so the messages are perfectly matched to my concerns or distress, easing my mind and lifting me quickly into joy or a sense of the loving presence that infuses everything. Over the years, all these beings in nature have become my family now, my dearest friends, more loving and less disappointing by far than most of the humans I know. And I thoroughly cherish the human friends I do know who can slow down and share silent moments of appreciation for the beauty of nature and the spirit world.

And that feeling of love which infuses every natural form, the air we breathe, the cosmic spaces between the stars out there, is what I simply cannot live without anymore. Before I began my druid path, I had no idea this sacred tenderness existed, the one that floods my heart whenever I enter the silence and simply steep a moment in spirit. Never feeling this preternatural love that is everywhere in the small spaces between would put me into sheer panic now. For it’s become my Source of pretty much everything over these thirty years of druidry. I turn to it to sense how best to spend my days, what projects may be most important to focus on. And I settle into its feather-light comfort at the end of each work day and let it fill my heart with soothing gentleness whenever the world is harsh. This is the true beauty of silence, slowness, and stillness, the interface with the great eternal loving presence that is always there, waiting for us to turn to it, knowing what is best for us, loving and developing every small detail of our natures, far more than we are capable of ourselves. If the trees and rivers have taught me more wisdom than any books on earth, this eternal loving presence has taught me a thousand times more. It holds the simple truths that keep me sane in this crazy world; that there is only love, that only love endures after all the pain; that each and every one of us is precious beyond measuring; that there is no beginning and no end; that I am never alone, even if I don’t speak to a human person for two or three weeks; that I do not need to feel afraid, ever, about anything, it’s all simply a teaching and I’ll be carefully led through to the other side (even if I am transitioning to the Otherworld at the end of so-called life). I always take time, before any other thing, on both Solstice and Christmas mornings to sit with this eternal loving presence that interpenetrates every living thing to feel what it may have to impart about the year ahead, the tiny light seeds of the part of my deepest self that will be challenged, strengthened, and brought into being over the next yearly moons, seeds that emerge at Christmas dawn, three days after their implantation on Midwinter sunrise. (Druids and Christians really and truly can learn to get along!)

And lastly, steeping in silence strengthens my own and everyone’s inner feminine, a little recognized truth. We have different parts of our inner spirits, everyone does, and these inner aspects direct very specific parts of our lives. For instance, if a person is doing work outside the home that will earn income for their family, their inner masculine is lit up (left brain and right side), even if this person is a teeny, fairy-like woman on the outside. And if a person is taking care of children in the home or cleaning, perhaps, his or her inner feminine is lit up (right brain and left side), even if that person is a muscular construction worker on the outside. The feminine part of our spirits also rules rest, comfort, self-care, and sleep, too. So, when we slow down and sit in silence, it’s the feminine within who is lit up and nourished by this. All the rushing around, heavy time pressure to get things done, action orientation, mental facts and figures, and lack of closeness are of the inner masculine, and he is strengthened by those. In our over-busy, over-detailed, under-connected world, the inner feminine is literally starving! Folks who talk all the time and urge others to be on the go-go-go seriously grate on my spirit now, for they totally shut out the inner feminine. Silence in particular, along with intimacy, awakens the inner (and outer) goddess. These are Her regencies in life. It’s Her forever love and embrace I feel in nature, in my heart and soul, in the quiet stillness of my days. And this silence is so very rich with love that I find I cannot take very much noise or scurrying around in the outer world any more. I get the urge to leave dinners early and come home, take deep breaths of spirit essence, and gratefully steep in Her utter peace and tenderness once more.

So, I send a prayer for this new year out to all those who are racing around and have no clue about the mysteries of spirit, the utter love that could be flooding their hearts, the intimacy and oneness with all life, the love that is richer than cream, bigger than the starry night, closer than breath, and lasts forever and beyond. May all of you know these depths, the simple gifts that silence and stillness bring, every day, all year long, and then forever and a day. 🙂


About the Author:

Jill Frew Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and energy/light healer, who has followed a druid path of enlightenment for over 30 years. She is founder of The Celtic Heaven School, a nine-month program that teaches druidry, ascension, and healing. And she is author of the Alba Reborn Trilogy (the life story of a druid priestess and priest in BCE Scotland and their teachings of enlightenment), A Guidebook to Druidry, and Light Healing for Children.