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Attracting Love

Merry meet!


Valentine’s Day and the first stirrings of spring at Imbolc both can fan the heart’s embers and bring about a yearning for love. Crafting an ethical love spell requires focus and clarity, and care to not direct the spell to attract a specific person.

I had felt guided to do an attraction spell using a large pink candle that I would light every night, but it was easy to ignore for months because I could not find a pink candle in a tall glass cylinder. When it appeared before me a couple of weeks ago, I knew it was time.

I made a list of all the qualities I wanted in a loving partner, checking to be sure I could offer each as well. I crafted a sigil to hold the intent of my spell. Then I wrote a chant to repeat three times when I lit the candle.


I light this wick
It is no trick
May its glow
Find you whole
And with your will so free
Let its light guide you to me”


I found a tarot card to lean against the candle – a 2 of Cups from a broken deck – that showed a couple coming together. I wanted to incorporate rose quartz in some manner, and small polished stones quickly became a path leading to the candle. There are rose pedals from my youth scattered along the path as well. And there is a phallic symbol to represent this unnamed, unknown lover, who senses harmonious vibrations and follows the glow.

When everything was assembled, and I was in sacred space, I held the candle in both hands and summoned the feeling of being in a loving relationship. The joy and the sense of intimacy, back rubs and laughter, a softening, a letting go, being a part of a partnership that was greater than the sum of its parts – all this I poured into the candle.

Next came dressing it with appropriate oils, herbs, symbols, charms, etc. I used what I had available: Receiving Love flower essence blend my Fox Mountain. I put a drop on my finger and holding the candle’s bottom pointed to my chest, I started at the top edge and moved my finger down the candle, drawing love to me. You could choose to use lavender, vanilla, patchouli, ylang ylang or other oils, along with herbs such as rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint.

The following I did that first night, and continue to do each night for however long it takes.

I begin by ringing a bell. After lighting the candle with a flick of a red Bic (or a longer wooden match for its added spark), I sit with its light and experience what it feels like to be in a loving relationship. Spending some time in that blissful state, I hold that feeling in my heart and then I take three breaths to bring the green earth energy up from my feet and into my heart chakra where it mixes with the feelings of my loving relationship, On an exhale I send that energy out into the world. Then I put three drops of the flower essence blend on my tongue to assure I remain open to receive love, snuff out the candle and ring the bell again, waiting for the very last of its vibrations to fade away before returning to a more conscious state.

Let me know if this inspired you.

Merry part. And merry meet again.


*DEAR READERS: I did a love spell back in October while reviewing “The Spells Deck: 78 Charms, Remedies, and Rituals for the Modern Mystic” by Cat Cabral. At the time I said I’d let you know the results. I did have to improvise, substituting red candles for pink, but I added chunks of rose quartz to soften it. No lover appeared, but I did fall in love with living in my skoolie. Someday I’ll tell you my results of this spell.



About the Author:

Lynn Woike


All my life I have known magic was real. As a child, I played with the fae, established relationships with trees and “just knew things.” In my maiden years I discovered witchcraft and dabbled in the black-candles-and-cemeteries-at-midnight-on-a-fullmoon magick just enough to realize I did not understand its power. I went on to explore many practices including Zen, astrology, color therapy, native traditions, tarot, herbs, candle magic, gems, and, as I moved into my mother years, Buddhism, the Kabbalah and Reiki. The first man I dated after my divorce was a witch who reintroduced me to the Craft, this time by way of the Goddess. For 11 years I was in a coven, but with retirement, I have returned to an eclectic solitary practice. When accepting the mantle of crone, I pledged to serve and teach. This is what I do from my skoolie – a 30-year-old school bus converted into a tiny house on wheels that I am driving around the country, following 72-degree weather, emerging myself into nature, and sharing magic with those I meet. Find me at thewitchonwheels.com, Facebook and Instagram.