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Cord-Cutting Ritual an Excerpt from the Book ‘Finding Your Higher Self by Sophie Saint Thomas’

Excerpted from Finding Your Higher Self by Sophie Saint Thomas




Perform a Cord-Cutting Ritual

Benefits: Cord cutting is a powerful, soul-expanding ritual that empowers you to sever emotional ties with someone who is no longer a healthy part of your life. Taking action to release your­self from a toxic or damaged relationship is freeing. Cord cutting creates closure, so you can move onto new relationships that help you flourish.

How does cannabis help? This self-care ritual asks you to rely on your imagination to visualize a cord connecting you and the person you need to cut ties with. Cannabis enhances your visu­alization abilities and helps you release hurt and begin to heal wounds.


  1. Curate a tranquil environment with minimal distractions. Grab your cannabis. Sit on your meditation pillow or yoga mat.
  2. As you smoke, think about who you are cutting cords with and why. Is it a friend who is acting cruel toward you, or an ex-romantic partner who still takes up too much room in your mind? Closure is not something gained over coffee, but an active decision you make to move forward with our life. It hap­pens within. Cord cutting does not mean you are banishing this person for good. It’s like trimming your hair. You must cut off the dead ends so healthy hair can grow.
  3. Put down your cannabis and close your eyes. First, visualize yourself. Mentally scan yourself from your head to your toes, so you have a copy of yourself in your mind.
  4. Now visualize the other person as if they are sitting across from you. Imagine them in as much detail as possible, from their face to what they’re wearing, down to their shoes.
  5. Imagine a cord connecting your heart to theirs. This rep­resents your current relationship. While healthy cords are usu­ally vibrant colors, as this is a painful situation the cord may appear grey, black, or whatever imagery your mind associates with hurt.
  6. Now visualize a pair of scissors. Take the scissors and with all your might snip the cord.
  7. If this person is meant to come back into your life they can do so with a fresh start. If not, remind yourself that healthy love exists, and you deserve it.
  8. Open your eyes and focus on a feeling of freedom.


*Excerpted from Finding Your Higher Self by Sophie Saint Thomas. Copyright © 2019 by Simon & Schuster, Inc. Used with permission of the publisher, Adams Media, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. All rights reserved.