Book Review – The New Model of Love: Naturally Supercharge Your Relationships by Charles Lim Wu

Book Review

The New Model of Love

Naturally Supercharge Your Relationships

by Charles Lim Wu

320 pages



So, as I’ve stated before, in my reviews, I generally don’t read anything about the author or the book before I do my review. I do this because I want to be able to be objective whenever I’m doing a review. With that, here’s my review of the book “The New Model of Love” this was written by Charles Lim Wu, who has a bachelor’s degree in economics and engineering and also has an MBA. Mr. Wu is the creator of a new movement called Modelism and is the first Lucid Modelist. (I’m still researching this part Modelism and modelist.)

I have never read a tech book until I read this book. I’d always heard that tech books were dry and boring to read. And I know most tech books are written in a pedantic way. I have no problem with an author writing as though the audience needs that minute to break down on almost every word that they say, or every ideal that they put forward. Most authors at least warn you, that’s the way they’re going to write. And whenever I read that little warning, it’s able to put me in an analytical state of mind. I appreciate that, sometimes. Mr. Wu did not give me that warning. I will admit, it has taken me almost two months to hammer through a book that is 307 pages long. I can usually finish a book this length in 10 days. 

Mr. Wu does make some very valid points on the way people view love and relationships. I appreciate the way this book is laid out, and it does make sense regarding the subject matter. But as a tarot reader, psychic and spiritual counselor, I can’t see many of the people I deal with being able to change their way of looking at their relationships, even family relationships.

I can see “The New Model of Love” being something that, in a while, would be able to help some people. I can fully understand this becoming a book that relationships counselors and therapists use to help people get through some troubling spots in relationships. 

There are some excellent chapters in this book, some that I agree with. But, the chapter on the different kinds of models is mostly about the models that economists and engineers use. Aside from his observations about Gisele Bündchen, all this chapter is rather dull and dry to read.

Chapter 12: The New Model of Love is a chapter that I did find was the easiest to read. After I read chapter 12, I thought to myself, why didn’t Mr. Wu start with this chapter, it would have made this book more interesting to me. 

Mr. Wu describes himself as a Lucid Modelist. I have still not quite found the right way to express this to another person without repeating word for word what he has written about it. And even then, I struggle to wrap my mind around the author’s context of this idea. I checked out the webpage for Mr. Wu’s The New Model of Love,   I hope that he expands the website soon.




About the Author:

Dawn Borries is a prolific reader, having 3 books going at any given time. Dawn uses Tarot cards, Intuitive insights, and Numerology in her sessions with clients. She is also an Ordained Minister, Reiki and La Ho Chi Practitioner and Master. She is a certified EFT and TFT Counselor. Dawn calls herself a Spiritual Counselor, and Unicorn Lover. She can be found @eagleandunicorn on Facebook or @eagle_unicorn on Twitter.