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Aether: A Magazine for Families

The Pagan Federation Community Support Team is always working hard to support Pagans and their families, and now there’s a special online magazine packed with stuff for families, kids and young people. The first issue came out around Imbolc and the next issue is due out at the Summer Solstice.

The articles in the magazine are helpfully colour coded to show what age range they are recommended for, and it’s in a practical PDF form so you can view it on just about any device. And… it’s free!

Articles from the current issue include:

  • How to make your own oracle cards
  • Pagan cooking with Kitchen Witch, Rachel Patterson
  • Community reviews
  • Keeping in touch with spirituality as a single parent
  • Pagan ethics
  • Stories for all ages

You can download the current issue of Aether here. The Aether team are currently looking for submissions so if you think you could write an article, story, poem, or even do a piece of art relating to Summer or Autumn/Fall Pagan related themes aimed at families or kids, please send your work to:

[email protected]

The deadline is the 1st June. All writers are volunteers and are making a valuable contribution to their community- always important but even more so when we are isolated from so many people we may normally connect with in different ways. Aether is another way to feel connected to the wider Pagan community- and to ensure the kids don’t get left out too!