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Moon Rituals For the Summer Excerpted from The Moon Spells Journal by Diane Ahlquist

Moon Rituals For the Summer




In June, a month of long days and short nights, we experience the last moon of spring as solar energy is heating up, days lengthen, and we celebrate the peak of solar power. The world around continues to transform. Crops and herbs grow in leaps and bounds; hives are full of honey as bees take advantage of the long days and bountiful blooms.

As the life-giving solar force heightens vibrations, fortifies resolve, and builds strength, we are impelled to make hay while the sun shines! Infused with warmth from the extended hours of daylight, nights are short, fragrant, and enthralling, packed with all manner of intense sensory and dreamy midsummer experiences.

At this turning point midway through the year, the moon calls us back to what is most meaningful at deeper levels. In the chaotic hyper-productive peak of solstice light, it’s an ideal time to pause and turn inward. Take a beat, review intentions, reorient strategies, and re-set the compass route to what nourishes the soul and not just the ego. This will raise your vibration. When we turn up our frequency to a positive channel, negative forces can’t filter through. It’s akin to wearing a protective shield to ward off offensive mental, physical, and spiritual attacks. June can catch us with our guard down as we are taken in by the beauty of this month. Therefore, revitalize actions with inner meaning, lest you burn out and succumb to harmful lower frequencies!

Shower Your Negative Vibes Away

Showering isn’t only for cleansing the body; it can cleanse your mind and spirit as well! When you are filled with negativity, send that mind clutter down the drain. It’s freeing in your mind to “see” the old clear out and have a fresh start. The waning moon does the same thing: Light wanes and wanes until it jump-starts with some replacement energy. As you shower, picture your body encompassed by gray light.

As the water washes over you, that light gets brighter and brighter until you are surrounded in a bright white glow. (For a quicker fix, you can also wash your hands and do the same thing.)

Create Your Own Full Moon Talisman

A talisman is an object that protects you, and during a full moon (which encourages creativity and intuition) is a great time to make one. Follow these steps:

You will need: a chain or cord, a charm or medallion of some sort that can get wet, and some salt.


  1. Wash your charm or medallion in cold water under your faucet and visualize negative energy going down the drain with the water. Now it’s clear of any residual energy that may have been on it. Dry it off.
  2. Place the charm outside in full view of the moon. If that is not possible, put it near a window or door that gets moonlight. No window? Draw a full moon and place the charm under that. The moon will eventually pass over the area, so it doesn’t have to be in a perfect spot. Throw a bit of salt on it and say: “This was once an ordinary charm. Now keep me safe from fear and harm. And so it is.”

  3. Leave it in place for twelve hours (if possible), then remove the salt and clean it a bit. Hang the charm on the chain or cord, and wear your powerful talisman whenever you feel the need for protection.



I love a summer thunderstorm, so in that spirit, think of July as a time of letting built-up creative energy loose. Thunderclouds build. Electrically charged expanding air discharges as a snap of lightning, illuminating the sky. Thunderclaps resound. A downpour of rejuvenating, cooling rain quenches the earth. The air is clean, ionic balance has been restored, and the soil is enriched. After a thunder- storm, the world is a rainbow, bright and full of promise. Once the storm has passed, clarity and vibrancy, along with new untapped powers, can emerge, and new successes can be attained.

To honor this moon cycle, step into your authentic self and step up your expressive powers. Trust in the magic of your own creative power. Let go of anything that holds you back; break any chains of confinement. Let your energy flow in ways that electrify and light up your life. Make a joyful noise that commands attention. Bask in the silver lining of dark clouds and soak up the positive, regenerative energy.

Ask for World Peace

This ritual is an appeal to the universe to envelop the planet in love and serenity.

You will need: jasmine aroma in some form (incense, fresh flowers, oil, or a scented candle), several candles in any shade of blue, and matches


  1. Release the jasmine aroma around your work area (light the incense, scatter fresh flowers around the room, diffuse the oil, etc.). Arrange the blue candles to make a small circle in front of you.

  2. Light the candles.

  3. As you light each one, say, “Our planet is sacred; we will have peace.”




While Earth’s fruitful bounty overflows with plenty of fresh produce this month, the August moon likewise gushes with emotional abundance, especially the miraculous healing power of love. This hot August moon cycle is a great time to squeeze out the last zest of summer before the cooler days ahead. Take some time to live in the radiant love that permeates and illuminates every aspect of life, including your love of self and love of others.

Love is opening, welcoming, and accepting. It takes you into unknown territory, expands your horizons, and raises your vibrational frequency. Romancing that which you love requires your full attention, forethought, imagination, and great care. Summer can afford you the time to fully embody and express the true depth of affection and appreciation you have for your loved ones.

Think about Good Memories with Your Partner

Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been with your mate for decades, the new moon is a good time to take stock of the positive aspects of your love connection. Think about the things that you may take for granted in your partner: Do they work hard for the family? Are they a wonderful caretaker when you’re not feeling well? Do the two of you laugh so hard that your sides hurt? Whatever it is that you appreciate about your relationship, write it down here…and then tell your partner how grateful you are for them!

Assess Whether They’re The One

Have you met someone new recently? Wondering if they are The One, or just The Current One? It can be difficult to know whether your excitement over a new partner is because this person is fantastic, or because the relationship is brand-new. Ask yourself:

What’s the best thing about this person?

Is this person respectful of my beliefs?

Why do I like spending time with this person?

Do my friends think this person is good for me?

When I’m not with this person, how do I feel?

The new moon can give you the clarity to assess a relationship for what it is. The most important thing is that you don’t try to force a connection with someone. If it’s meant to be, it will be!


Excerpted from The Moon Spells Journal by Diane Ahlquist. Copyright © 2020 by Diane Ahlquist. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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