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Spiritual Preparation for Pregnancy Excerpted from The Pregnant Goddess by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Spiritual Preparation for Pregnancy



Is Anyone Truly Ready for Pregnancy?

On the surface of that question is the obvious answer: If you can conceive or have conceived, then you are physiologically ready for the state of pregnancy.

Whether you are mentally, emotionally, or spiritually ready, well, that’s another story. Even if you have previously been pregnant, that experience serves only as a guideline for how this pregnancy will go and how you will feel and react to the changes in your body once again. It is one of the miracles of pregnancy that every experience with it will be different. Every gestation is unique and you must look to the beginning, to the moment of fertilization, to trace the slow shifts and evolutions in your energy and your spirituality.

Spiritually preparing for pregnancy, whether you have the opportunity to do it before you conceive or when you discover that you have already done so, allows you to clear the decks, so to speak; it allows you to sweep away unnecessary baggage and obstacles in order to focus on this new state into which you are moving. It offers the opportunity to tidy up and make room in your emotional and spiritual life for this new idea, this new reality.

How you go about spiritually preparing for pregnancy will depend on you as an individual and on what point in the process you have reached. Are you already pregnant and seeking to encompass that new reality? Are you looking to become pregnant and preparing yourself mentally and spiritually for the venture?

Spiritually preparing for pregnancy can include:

  • Attuning to your own body’s physical cycle: being aware of your menstrual cycle and how your body reacts to the seasons, to the weather, and to physical environments.
  • Attuning to your own emotional cycle: being aware of how your emotional state is impacted by the physical environment and interpersonal situations.
  • Meditating on the spiritual implications of motherhood: What does being a mother mean to you? What is your perception of the ideal mother? What kind of relationship have you had with your mother? With other mothers of your acquaintance?
  • Meditating on the part of your life that is drawing to an end.


Meditation on Becoming Pregnant

Meditation can be a valuable method of exploring your feelings about a subject and of allowing yourself the opportunity to listen to your emotions in an uninterrupted, welcoming fashion. This meditation is very simple and can help you explore your feelings about your choice to become pregnant or the news that you are pregnant.


  1. Create sacred space as per your usual practice. This meditation does not require a circle; sacred space is ne. If you use incense or music as a regular aid to meditation, you may do so for this meditation as well.

  2. Sit on the floor or in a chair and close your eyes. Breathe deeply a few times. As you inhale, draw calm into your body; as you exhale, release tension.

  3. When you feel relaxed, visualize the form of a pregnant woman. What feelings arise in you?

  1. Consider the word pregnant. What is your emotional response to this word?

  2. When you are finished meditating, note down your responses in your magical journal or Book of Shadows.


Working with the Elements

When pregnant, you may feel out of sync with your environment due to all the changes and transformations going on in your body. How can you relate to the world around you when you feel out of touch with your own physical self?

Apart from working with a goddess, the most basic way to keep in touch with the shifts and transitions occurring in your body and personal energy is by working with the four physical elements. These four elements—earth, air, fire, and water—are the building blocks of the physical world. They are also cornerstones of most neo-pagan practice, symbolizing a variety of concepts and associated energies.

By working with the elements one on one, you can explore your connection to those basic building blocks as well as how they manifest within you. With a better understanding of how those elements interact with your own energy while you are pregnant, you can gain a clearer view of the changes occurring in your emotional and spiritual selves, as well as your physical body.

The meditations included here are deliberately similar, in order for you to better see the differences and sense the shifts in energy while you perform them. Do them more than once throughout your pregnancy, whenever you feel the need to do one or all four, to help rebalance your energy. For each element, two meditations are given; experiment with both options, or choose whichever one speaks to you at the time.



The element of earth is a wonderful element to work with while pregnant. On the most basic level, it is a stable, grounding element, and thus is something upon which you can call to help ground and relax you when you’re tense, stressed, wobbly, or in any other undesired state.

Earth is also the element associated with fertility and abundance. The earth is what nourishes and grows all green living things. The term fruition derives from the completion of the life cycle from seed to fruit; and the term fertile describes the active state of something ready and able to reproduce. The element of earth is traditionally perceived as having a feminine energy and it is traditionally associated with the physical body.

  • Many of the mother goddesses are associated with earth, such as Demeter, Gaea, Rhea, and Cybele.
  • Tools associated with earth include disks, plates, stones, crystals, sand, earth, pebbles, and shields.
  • Animals associated with earth include cattle, bison and buffalo, oxen, bears, wolves, dogs, and deer.




  • Your journal and a writing tool

  • A towel or blanket


  1. Prepare your space as per your usual meditation procedure. If you are not accustomed to meditation, see the basic outline in Chapter 5. Have your spiritual pregnancy journal on hand with a pen or pencil.

  2. While lying down to meditate is not usually recommended, it’s required for this meditation. Lie down on a towel or a blanket, or on a rug. Center and ground.

  3. Close your eyes and breathe calmly and regularly. As you exhale, allow your body to relax. With every exhalation, feel heavier and heavier.

  4. Visualize yourself lying in a grassy field. Imagine yourself sinking into the ground, becoming one with it.

  5. Sense the energy of the earth around you. Allow it to merge with your own energy. Be earth.

  6. Stay like this for as long as you desire. When you are ready to end the meditation, imagine rising to the surface of the earth again. Feel the change in the air, and in the sense of the energy.

  7. Visualize yourself back in your physical location. Center and ground again. Take three deep breaths, then open your eyes.

  8. Stretch carefully and sit up. In your spiritual pregnancy journal, write about your meditation experience and the things you felt.

Excerpted from The Pregnant Goddess by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. Copyright © 2020 by Simon & Schuster, Inc. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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