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Divine Introspections: Meditation Journeys through Healing and Spirituality

To Release, Then to Increase as We Celebrate the Turn of the Year

Rounding out a year of tumultuous growth and spontaneous energy shifts, we end our Wheel of the Year with an incredibly rare opportunity to find faith inside of ourselves and refocus our vision to a positive success.

Samhain. Such a sacred time of year as the veil grows to it’s thinnest and we welcome into our homes the Spirits of our deceased loved ones, pay respect to the God/desses of Old, and look to rebirthing our land for the new crops to come. It is time for us to shed the old, celebrate our accomplishments and dive deep inside ourselves to start new – and we can use meditation to ensure that we follow this path and stay true to the positivity of our goals throughout the year.

Let’s take a look at ways we can use this time to focus our Universal Vibrations to ensure we are only allowing things that serve us to flow into our lives, and that we are attracting the visualizations we want for our paths. We have all heard of, and more than likely tried some type of a visualization meditation – usually to bring ourselves to peace or to free the mind of negative thought patterns – and this time we are going to be using this a bit in our methods of Meditation. Since we are celebrating fresh starts, we are going to go over creating and maintaining a Meditation Journal which will help us to not only hold ourselves entirely accountable but also as a way to track our personal progress.

Beginning Your Meditation Journal

When acknowledging the impact Meditation has had on my life, one of the first things I credit is my practice of keeping a Meditation Journal. To follow a spiritual path is to be honest and true to yourself, with that comes the truth in self accountability. By the mapping of our societal culture, we’re a great deal too hard and too easy on ourselves – and this Journal will help you to see grand transparency in these inside yourself. Pick out a blank notebook that calls to you with peace and a pull to full transparent honesty. I also highly suggest to do the same with your writing utensil, be it pencil or pen, ensure that it is one that calls to your vibration of this Meditation Journal. The balancing of these will help for you to begin this part of your Journey with grounded energies that are ready to be formed into what you need from your path.

Make a pact with yourself. Directly in your Journal. This pact is to be honest, true, and kind to yourself. Do not promise anything that you know is out of your reach – realistic goals are the easiest to attain first and see your confirmation of. This helps to build your energies and vibrations to obtaining larger goals, so it is important to first remain within the realm of reason for yourself when beginning your Journal. An example of this Journal Pact is as follows;

I, Hallie Walker, promise to myself that I will be fair to my emotional state, and not to fall too hard on myself if I do not complete this everyday.

I promise to do my absolute best to build this as often as I can with the goal being everyday as the end practice while I’m making my dreams come true. This Journal will be a safe space for emotional release as well, however it’s main goal and purpose is to keep me on track of my Meditation Practice. This is to help expand my consciousness and build my Universal Vibrations so that I may make my dreams come true without obstacle, worry, or negative interaction. If I cannot follow through with any goal of the day, I hold myself to the standard of writing down that I did NOT follow through with this goal and why I did not or could not. I will use this information to help shape the better human being that I am trying to become and making myself stronger spiritually each and every day.”

Follow this Pact and be KIND to yourself. Beating yourself up for anything is the opposite of doing work on yourself Spiritually. Make this a Sacred thing – important, real, and true to yourself absolutely.

Samhain Celebration Meditations

Looking at the major vortex we have brewing for this Samhain, we find an intensity to dive inward with the Sun in Scorpio which is pushed to greater heights with a Blue Full Moon in Taurus. It’s time for us to connect with the deep feelings we carry regardless of how painful they may be.

With this Meditation practice we will be acknowledging the events that we have seen throughout this turn of the Wheel, release those that do not serve us or harm us, and tune our personal Vibrations to achieve our goals.

With Meditation, we are able to find better use of the Hermetic Principles, Manifest Destiny, and the Laws of Attractions. Within these practices we find that at the basis of our beings, we are able to change how our Paths progress through the Universe by changing our own personal vibrations. We can use Meditation to make these changes in our Paths! These were designed to get a stable and steady footing at the beginning of the turn of the Wheel so that your vibrations have a head start. As yours change, you will notice that the vibrations around you change to begin to meet yours! Before we get started let’s take a quick look at some things we want to remember in this graphic as we begin this exercise.

Our first Meditation exercise will be to separate ourselves from what does not or may no longer serve our purpose. In order to begin this, we will need to identify the key events that occurred throughout the year to affect our lives. Record this in your Meditation Journal, remembering to include BOTH positive and negative events. Generally we can break down key events in our Path into three main groupings – Societal, Personal, and Relationships. Let’s take a look at some examples of these:

    • Societal Key Events
      • Coronavirus
      • Publicly Displays and Fights over Bigotry
      • Political Games, Elections and Power Struggles
      • Financial Burdens
      • Uptick in Individual Learning of Gardening for Food
      • Communities Uniting for the Better Good
    • Personal Key Events
      • Anxiety
      • Personal Achievements and Promotions
      • Becoming a Parent
      • Depression
      • Worry
      • Traveling and Building Experience
    • Relationship Key Events
      • New Relationship Beginning
      • Divorce
      • New Child
      • Parent Dying
      • Extended Family Relations
      • Political and Moral Disputes

Taking these examples into consideration, go ahead and record the key events that happened in your path during the last turn of the Wheel. Be

honest – it is okay to get emotional as you go through this Meditation. It is for us to release, trust in the universe, and trust in ourselves to better our beings during the next year. Now, knowing the key events, let’s begin with our focus on the negative in order to release them without any remaining attachment.

Releasing The Negative

In addition to this Meditation, on a day to day basis there are few things we can do to relieve ourselves from things that we need not let burden our Energies. Politics, Financial Worry, and Negative News are large sources of Vibrational conflict that will inadvertently draw these like negatives to our Vibrations. Step outside of the box and limit your news time! These are all found in the media, and some news is good to know – but it is important to keep it from melding your Vibrations to the Societal negatives. Allow news only 1 time daily – and through only one outlet that is the same everyday. Unfollow your news outlets on your Social Media.

Remove News Apps from your mobile devices and Smart TV’s if you have them. Focus on local news outlets only. Using these ideas with the Meditation will greatly reduce anxiety, depression, and boost genuine happiness in your being and Spirit. Now let’s get grounded and into our Meditation!

*Taking all of this in at once can be a lot. Feel free to take a moment to step back, breathe, and then come back to this exercise. *

Make sure you are sitting comfortably before you begin this Meditation. Do not strain to sit in a specific position – the more comfort you have in yourself the more focused on the Meditation you will be. Keep your hands palm up on your knees if possible.

-Rooting Your Vibrations

Take a big, deep breath. In through the nose. Out through the mouth.

In through the nose. Out through the mouth.

Focus your breath and vibrations into your core as you breathe.

With each inhale through the nose, pull your energy down into the center. Let it rest there as you exhale through the mouth.

Notice how your energies are becoming more calm. Each breath is more stable and full.

From your palms, feel your energy radiate off of you, connecting with it. In the timing of your breath, pull the energy up your arms and into your core.

Your core is growing into a warm golden ball of energy.

As it radiates, notice how you feel the energy in your legs activating. With each breath, focus now on pulling the energy from your legs to your core.

Feel it flow through you, building this ball in your being.

As you become warmer, push this ball of energy hard into the ground – stabilizing your energy and creating roots in the Earth.

Take a moment to feel this stability.

Notice how the energy flows evenly through you.

The damp, cool Earth is bringing relief to your warm body as your Energy calms.

Notice how your breath is normal and steady. You have become Grounded.

Enter the Key Events.

As soon as that touched your mind the negative flowed in. Notice how it floods in – don’t react to the negative, just observe.

Let them settle to the side as you notice the positive events as well.

Focus on these positive events. Pull these to your core.

Notice how they rotate each other, vibrating on the same frequencies. They start to form the shape of an egg.

Let them rotate for a moment, before pulling the negative events in, covering the egg of positivity like a shell.

Inside this shell, the positive events speed up.

Your positive events should always be stronger than your negative – no matter the size of either.

Notice as they speed up, the egg gets warmer, almost hot. Golden energy shines through the negative shell, cracking it. Your energy is heightened – sensitive.

As the shell cracks, the pieces turn to ash and blow out of your Spirit. The positive slows, and evens.

The egg stretches and begins to flow with the rest of your natural energies.

Notice how you feel when the positive events are added to your personal energies.

Relax and enjoy this sensation and deep connection for a while.

If you are following along with creating your Meditation Journal, take a moment to record what you felt from the positive events. What has changed in you with the release of the negative events? What was your end connection like? Then let’s write ourselves a Rejection Statement.

The purpose of this Rejection Statement is to add to your Self Accountability and make it known through word into the Universe that you no longer have room, time, or energy on these things in your life. You are saying your release of these things that are obstacles, burdens, and anxieties that have no purpose on this Path. Your rejection statement

should be blunt, honest, and from the heart of the Spirit who has connected with the positive energy in the Meditation above. Your Rejection Statement should look something like this:

Doubt and confusion when making life decisions have no place on my Path. There is no room here for self pity and despair. I will not allow heartbreak to take me away from the things that make my heart grow. My strength is larger than that of the darkness that follows me. Follow me NO MORE. I reject all that has no purpose in my life. I cast away everything that has malicious intentions and moral questions for the ones that I love.

If it is not out of positivity, love, and kindness that it is done, I do not want

it to cross my Path nor my mind. I reject all that does not serve me.”

The power behind these statements also builds our Vibrations positively. You probably noticed how confident you felt with each sentence that you wrote and said in your head – unless you’re like me and said them aloud. We’re going to take all of this warm and fuzzy energy that is making us feel so whole and driven right now and use it to create some Affirmations to help us begin changing these permanently to attract the outcomes in life we need and want.

Ask yourself, what does serve your purpose in the upcoming year? What do you need in life? Name some realistic goals. If you want to start pushing yourself to the max right off the bat, make realistic goals and only ONE difficult goal to achieve in early work like this. Take all of these and make affirmations with them. When making these, use two parts for each statement. The first – state that you ARE this purpose already. Second – state how you keep that flowing everyday. For example:

    • I am Abundant. I welcome fortune and prosperity to flow into my life.
    • I am Worthy. I welcome acceptance and acknowledgement from my brothers and sisters into my being with open arms.
    • I am Whole. I welcome the Spirits of the Gods into my Path to guide me where I cannot guide myself.

Take some time to review what you have written in your new Journal. Go ahead and make one last note for this lesson and record how your energy feels about your future with how you feel right now. Enjoy this energy and look back at this to practice as much as you may need to at any time of the year. It’s always good to have a reminder. Enjoy this Sacred Samhain and Blessed Blue Moons to All of You!


About the Author:

Hallie has been a Practicing Pagan for 17 years and has taken these years of education and study to achieve her Certification in Herbalism at the Master Level as well as her Certification as a Meditation Instructor. Fully devoting her life to Spiritualism and living a fully Pagan lifestyle has become the drive in her life, which she achieves while striving to help others within the community turn back to Nature based living.

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