Jade Reviews The Lady Of Light’s Goddess Subscription Box & Interviews Owner Juliana Solovjev

The Lady of Light Subscription Box: “Danu, Goddess Box, focusing on Love, Fertility, Nurture and Wisdom.”


We all LOVE subscription boxes! Especially now, with everything still not back to “normal”, this is a fun way to get a monthly surprise and stay positive. As someone who has created and subscribed to magical monthly boxes I couldn’t wait for this new monthly gig!


The Lady of Light Subscriptions Goddess Box: Danu According to the website, if you choose the Goddess Box you will receive 6-8 items each month with a stated value of $60-$80.

Your items are accompanied by packet which describes your box and the items in it. Each person does not get all the same items, but there is a very informative list on what you will be receiving and the properties of each. I found this helpful and educational.



The packaging was very cute: Bright, colorful and giving off good vibes. I am a sensory person, so I love textures, colors, materials, and scents. As soon as I opened the box, I was greeted by the aroma from the herbal smudge bundle. It was a sweet, calming scent and the bundle itself was super cute with the dried floral. This happened to be the first of the 8 items on the sheet that accompanied the box.

There was a fragrance oil-Mother Earth, made by Green Tree that smelled absolutely divine.



A very heavy, gorgeous rose quartz pendulum with an amethyst heart. Very nice quality and those that like heavy pendulums will be very happy with this item.

The “chunk” of rose quartz was a bit small for the value listed, but was still a nice piece. The Dolomite cat, was adorable and perfect to carry in your pocket. The box of Romantic Rose incense smelled lovely. The soap “chunk”, was more like a small bar of soap-so I was pleasantly surprised with the size of it. It was adorable with a printed cloth cover and the fragrance of “Seduction” was seducing indeed, and you could enjoy it right through the packaging.



The only item I was a little disappointed in was the Heart Pendant, which I received in ‘Opalite”. It was valued at $29, it was super cute and had silver flowers that were very nicely placed, I just feel like the quality did not meet my expectation at a $29 value.

The “free” insight card was a very nice touch and would be something I looked forward to each month if I was a subscriber.

My favorite touch was the Workshop Activity. It was an added sheet that tied in your monthly Goddess with a great amount of information on Her and you can see how the items in the box relate to Her. The workshop was an activity/ritual focusing on the monthly Goddess and really giving you the opportunity to work with the items your received, learn and understand what you are doing and why, all while bringing you closer to the Goddess.


Overall, I feel like the contents, workshops, affirmations and information given was a fair value. I really liked that it gave you a way to properly use what was given, and the educational pieces of it. It wasn’t just a box full of items with no direction, which makes it a box that clients will not only love and use-but will reorder.



Juliana Solovjev, owner and operator of Aura Songs Gifts was kind enough to participate in an interview with me, in the hopes that you, our readers would get to know a little bit about her and her business. She shares her personal path, her products and her goals with us.


Jade (J): Please tell me the history of Aura Song Gifts and how you decided to add subscription boxes to your store?

Juliana Solovjev (JS): Aura Song Gifts is a metaphysical store located in the Seattle area, dedicated to helping people find and journey on their chosen spiritual path. We offer a wide variety of pagan, new age and metaphysical tools, products and gifts, as well as spiritual consultations, astrology charts and metaphysical classes. Our subscription box service was a natural complement to reach spiritual people all over the US.


J: Do you work on your own or with a team?

JS: Aura Song Gifts is owned and operated by Juliana who brings over 25 years of spiritual know-how, teaching and consulting experience to the creation of our brick & mortal store and our subscription box service.


J: Tell our readers a little about yourself: Your path is? When did you identify your path? What drew you to this specialty? Do you create full time or do you have another occupation?

JS: I am a generational intuitive, eclectic witch, and priestess who has dedicated her life to helping others connect with the spiritual realm and find more fulfillment in their magical and practical lives. Having worked in the professional corporate world, and now dedicating my full time to the metaphysical arts, I understand where the practical considerations intersect with spiritual fulfillment, and I am blessed to facilitate my clients’ spiritual journeys.


J: When did you start your subscription boxes?

JS: Aura Song, by The Lady of Light Subscription services was introduced in 2016 as our way of connecting with others traveling the hidden paths.


J: What was your very first box you built? Why did you choose that theme?

JS: The very first box was dedicated to my personal patron Goddess in gratitude. Since then, we have chosen several dozen different Goddeses to dedicate to and build our monthly boxes around.


J: How do you choose your monthly themes?

JS: Each month, a Goddess is intuitively chosen to represent the energies of the season. Sacred tools are selected for the month’s magical works and provided to the subscribers with a monthly workshop activity, affirmations, and metaphysical guidance.


J: Are any of the items handmade by you?

JS: Some of the items are handmade by me. Others are selected from thousands of options created from all over the world.


J: How do you choose the items?

JS: I choose items intuitively, based on their energy and their usefulness in a magical or a metaphysical practice.


J:How do you decide which Goddess each month?

JS: I have been studying and working with a wide variety of Goddesses in my own spiritual practice since 1995. Over the years, I have been blessed to find a personal connection with many of them.


J: Who is your favorite Goddess and why?

JS: While I enjoy working with a wide variety of different Goddesses, the ones I connect with the most are those who work with the hidden mysteries of the worlds, the unseen and those who facilitate shadow work.


J: Do your write your own affirmations or are they taken from a favorite practitioner?

JS: The affirmations included with the subscription are intuited and channeled by me.


J: How do you come up with your monthly workshop?

JS: The monthly workshop activities are selected based on the season of the year, astrology, intuitive guidance, numerology and other metaphysical disciplines.


J: What is your most popular subscription? Why do you think this is?

JS: Our most popular subscription is the original Goddess Box, because it incorporates sacred tools, metaphysical gifts and spiritual guidance at an amazing value.


J: What makes your box stand out?

JS: Unlike many subscription boxes on the market, Aura Song, by The Lady of Light is curated by a metaphysical practitioner who not only uses the items selected for the subscription in her own magical works, but also understands how those items can be incorporated into the “real” world. By using the pieces included with intention, our subscribers can bring these spiritual tools with them into their day to day world, while maintaining a professional demeanor. Additionally, each month our subscribers receive practical spiritual knowledge and workshop activities that can help them in their personal spiritual growth. These activities have been developed by Juliana over the last 25+ years of working with a wide variety of clients.


J: Why should customers choose your box instead of the others on the market?

JS: I firmly believe that Aura Song, by the Lady of Light is the best metaphysical box on the market right now, if you are looking for the perfect balance of workshops for spiritual growth and sacred tools for spiritual living. Over the last 5 years, I have seen many subscriptions come and go, but we are here to stay, because our subscribers agree.


J: What is your long-term hope/goal/dream for your online business?

JS: Aura Song, by the Lady of Light Subscription Service is the extension of the magic and spiritual growth that Aura Song Gifts offers to our Seattle area-based customers. We hope to continue to evolve and grow and reach an ever-increasing range of people all over the country.


Thank You so much to Juliana Solovjev for not only sharing her monthly Goddess Box with us, but also opening up and giving us all a chance to connect with her. We hope she is successful in all that she seeks to achieve.


You can get your own Lady of Light Goddess Subscription Box Here.

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About the Author:

Jade Perri is the owner and founder of Embrace Your Path. Jade is an eclectic Witch, who has been practicing for more than 10 years and offers guidance on an array of topics. She specializes in the art of divination. She is an enthusiastic teacher and offers classes and certification in many different areas. She also holds a special interest in animal communication and handmade custom poppets. She is an avid reader and her passion is the fantasy and British historical fiction genres. She is also the mother of two children, and likes to spend time with her husband.