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Book Review – The Way of the Seabhean: An Irish Shamanic Path by Amantha Murphy with Orla O’Connell

Book Review

The Way of the Seabhean

An Irish Shamanic Path

by Amantha Murphy

with Orla O’Connell

Publisher: Womancraft Publishing

240 Pages

Publication Date: January 28, 2021



I was so very excited to get this book into my hands. As a daughter of the Goddess and a woman of Portuguese/Azorean descent, which is the home of my heart, I have always been pulled by Celtic/Welsh spirituality, which is the home of my spirit. I have always had an interest in England and Scotland, but for some unknown reason, have never felt that pull to Ireland. It is my hope that this book is the beginning of unlocking that reason.

The best place to start for Ms. Murphy is – what is a Seabhean, pronounced “sha-van”. ” A Seabhean is the Irish female shaman, healer and seer, the woman who walks between the worlds”.

Women’s ways are ancient ways; they are our roots, which always go back to women. Journeying the path of the Seabean helps us to reclaim and honor those roots. Ms. Murphy brilliantly lays out this journey for us.

She starts with how the world is a Weave of energy and that each of has a thread within this weave; we are, each of us important to hold and balance the weave.

Ms. Murphy discusses the Three Realms within the Tree of Life – Lower, Middle and Upper. We are told about the Place of our Ancestors, the Place of Now and the Place of Spirit.

There is much within this book that will be familiar to most on a pagan path. The author fully discusses the Wheel of the Year, with the corresponding Goddesses, their stories and their importance within this path. She explains how we can live our lives on the Wheel, feeling each direction, intuiting each Goddess.

Also familiar to many will be her discussions of using power symbols, totems and the brief introduction to the chakras; rituals and rites of passage from birth to death are also included.

What might not be as familiar to some will be the use of Immrama, a spiritual journey, a quest, that I have personally experienced and it is a powerful tool on one’s journey.

I love the section on Women’s Mysteries. For me, it is a great pleasure to read of other women’s feelings on what it means to be a woman, what our mysteries are, how we connect to each other and our world. It was a joy to read of the symbolism of the Chalice.

Ms. Murphy has put together a beautifully detailed and balanced description of this wonderful Irish shamanic path. It is filled with personal history and stories which gives the book richness and depth.

I recommend this book for those who wish to learn more about Irish shamanic paths and on the important role that women play in our world and “weave”.


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About the Author:

Susan Morgaine is a Priestess, Healer, Witch, Writer, and Teacher.

She is entering her 21st year teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, being a Certified instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute.

She is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach/Facilitator through Imagine A Woman International, founded by Patricia Lynn Reilly. She has long been involved in Goddess Spirituality and Feminism, teaching classes and workshops, including Priestessing local Red Tents.

She is a monthly columnist with Her writings can be found in The Girl God Anthologies, Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speakand Jesus, Mohammed and the Goddess, as well as Mago Publications She Rises, Volume 2, and “Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess”. She is the author of “My Name is Isis, the Egyptian Goddess”, part of the “My Name is ” series of children’s book. She has also been published in Jareeda and SageWoman magazines.

She is a a Reiki Master and a proud member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. She can be found at