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Explaining Crystals to Muggles


When electricity was first experimented with, imagine how people reacted.

“I walked by Tesla’s place again today. Still playing with those wires and metal bits to get his invisible energy to work.” No one understood electricity, or tried to, until finally someone did. They knew there was something there that couldn’t be seen but could be manipulated if they used the right elements. Crystals and their energies/vibrations are no different. In this article I aim to offer a simple, relatable explanation of how these energies work and how they compare to the similar energy we have already mastered, electricity.

Metatron’s cube is a crystal grid from sacred geometry and will be our example crystal grid for this explanation. Sacred geometry can be an overwhelming venture, so we will only cover here what is needed to understand the metatron’s cube. It represents healing, spiritual connection, and the creation of everything as it is said to possess every shape found in the building blocks of the universe. Its creation and history stem from mythology so we won’t dive too far into that here, but it is connected to the archangel metatron who is said to be the voice of god, and my favorite character in Dogma. There are multiple configurations in which you can use this grid, meaning you can have the energy flow in different directions. For example you can have the energy enter the grid from the top and exit through the bottom into yourself. It can go from you, into the bottom crystal, and out of the top. The energy can enter from every outside crystals and exit the center crystal or vice versa. For this example we’ll have the energy enter the center crystal and charge the outer crystals, treating it like a power grid.

For the main power supply you have your center crystal that pulls in the power. You can have this crystal represent your overall purpose, but for this example we’ll use Quartz. Quartz is a universal crystal that captures, stores, and transfers energy much like a battery with a built-in solar panel. Amethyst, like Quartz, can act like a conduit transferring energy, but unlike quartz amethyst gives the energy a little boost as it passes through. While amethyst can store energy for later use it is not as efficient in this regard as Quartz. Another analogy for Amethyst would be a wifi extender and booster. Amethyst transfers energy like a conduit, but with a little bit of an oomph. Gray quartz acts similarly to amethyst in this regard. We’ll be using a lot of quartz as well as amethyst, because these are 2 of the most known crystals that serve our purpose of conduit, or wiring. Quartz has actually been used in many experiments involving electricity. It has shown the ability to stand up to the wear and tear and be able to conduct electricity.

From our main power supply we will have our wiring of quartz and amethyst. This will transfer the energy collected from our central quartz to the outside crystals.

The next type of crystal to cover is our outside crystals. These are the crystals of purpose, the ones that take in energy and give it use. Essentially these will plug into our quartz grid and use the energy for their own purposes. Some examples of these crystals are carnelian, jade, calcite, goldstone, and danburite.

Another type of crystal that can be used in the grid are converter crystals. These take in energy and convert it to other types of energy, much like an AC/DC converter. Selenite takes in energy and converts it to neutral energy while ruby and zoisite converts all energy to positive energy.

A side category of crystals would include black tourmaline, which does not conduct electricity like quartz, but absorbs electric radiation. I like to keep it next to wifi routers or high electricity emitters as well as have them scattered about. I also wear black tourmaline as it acts like a psychic shield and helps with overwhelming empathic energies. This is possibly due to the same property that absorbs the electric radiation.

The last group of crystals I want to cover are the phantom crystals. I enjoy using these, but they can be hard to come by depending on your location. They are called phantom because they have other elements inside them, like a dragonfly in amber, that have their own properties that are amplified by the quartz it is encased in.

Chlorite phantom quartz represents earth and is wonderful for connecting with nature. Black phantom, or smoky phantom, is also an earth crystal but better used for grounding and centering than connecting with the nature in your environment like with chlorite phantom.

Amethyst phantom is a wonderful energy magnifier, working better than your average amethystm it gives that oomph we discussed with average amethyst, but exaggerated.

The last is the heat zoned phantom quartz which is named after the process it undergoes while forming. It is said that if you were to cast a circle using a pentacle of phantom quartz it would be amplified and incredibly effective. As I have only managed to collect chlorite and black/smoky phantom I cannot confirm this yet, but it is a goal.

Crystal work, like electricity, is using natural elements to manipulate an intangible force. We’ve discovered the elements, just not the energy source.

Please keep in mind that this is an analogy. While you can use crystals in this manner, don’t let the concept limit your interaction and experimentation with them. Feel the energies and the crystals will guide you. I hope this helps you and maybe gets a muggle or two off your back as well.


About the Author:

Theron Baker is a kitchen witch who connects most to the earth and enjoys foraging for ingredients and being in nature as well as his kitchen.

Theron Baker is a kitchen witch who connects most to the earth and enjoys foraging for ingredients and being in nature as well as his kitchen.