Book Review – A Little Zodiac Series by Daria Harper

Book Review

A Little Zodiac Series

by Daria Harper

Publisher: Chronicle Books

A 12 Book Series for Ages 1-3

Publication Date: August 2020



This book series is amazing for any new parent looking to introduce their children to their Sun signs and finding themselves off the bat! This 12 book series goes through each individual sign with a cute rhyme that is catchy to baby’s ear and will have them coming back for more every time. Each book is made of a hard board like many other children’s books so they can take some wear and tear throughout the day and your child can be safe running off with them to look at the pleasing artwork found inside of them. 

Inside we find the traits of each sign, how they react to others, will take situations, and qualities of their personality – whether shy and quiet, loud and boisterous, or even sensitive and needing comfort. I also adore reading these to the kids as they tend to gravitate specifically to their own book as you go through it with them, using that individual presence to attune with their own book. As a mother and a part time nanny, each book is accurate to the Sun sign traits we see in the young ones helping them to fully understand who they are and what they need to look out for in their future interactions. The introduction to the elements of the sign is also very fun with each explaining which they are empowered by. Also to note the diversity within the artwork in these! There are representations of every ethnicity in each of these books and helps all children to be comfortable finding themselves. Note that the covers even include the constellations! As they grow and develop they can use these as a star placement to find them in the sky! 

I would recommend these books to anyone who has children ages 1-3 (even going up to 5), and Spiritual nannies of open minded families. We have fun with these on a daily basis and I could not be a bigger fan of them. To contact the publisher Chronicle Books or find more information on the author Daria Harper, visit


About the Author:

Hallie Walker, our Head of the Parenting Department, is a longtime Pagan Practitioner who follows an Irish Druidic Path, studying under the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. For over 19 years she has dedicated her life to devoted practice expanding into her business as a Professional Spiritualist at Saol Bandia – The Goddess Life and as the Druid of The Elder Grove in Louisville, KY. Hallie teaches classes locally in her hometown of Louisville, KY and regularly holds public ritual welcoming any paths to join. As the mother of two young children that she homeschools, it is incredibly important to her that she raises them with Spiritually open minds and includes them in any Spiritual activity available to them. You can also find her published works on Amazon – a Guided Meditation Journal for all levels – as well as self-published through Patreon. Aside from her specialty in raising Spiritual children, Hallie is an Ordained Minister through 2 organizations, a Certified Meditation Instructor, and a Certified Master Herbalist. It’s also never unusual to see Hallie at large events using Tarot Divination and Energy Work for the masses.