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Imbolc – Bringing Brigid into your Family


We find in Irish Pagan Traditions a Goddess who embodies fertility and healing as she brings the warmth with her Sacred Flame to make Spring anew in the lands. In fact, her Sacred Flame remains eternal and is lit each year at Imbolc in Kildare, Ireland to bring her back to the forefront, renewing the temperatures and asking the lands to be fertility of animal and plant life. Brigid takes on many roles in both the Celtic Pagan Goddess and the Catholicism ideas – yet for both she is a safe harbor for children, leading and guiding them as a Goddess/Saint of Newborn Children. As we celebrate her day on February 1st & 2nd, we find an amazing opportunity to begin teaching our children about not only her, but this beautiful Sabbat day as well. Let us rejoice as families within our Hearth for the coming of Brigid at the halfway point between Winter and Spring.

It is important that we begin with the Hearth. What is the Hearth? Many of us know this as the floor by our fireplace, where we find warmth, sustenance, and familial connection throughout the word’s evolution. Dating back before this definition, within the Old Traditions like what we find within the Pre-Christian Irish Pagans as well as spread throughout the Norse culture, is that Hearth is the symbol for family and for home. Most of the Irish deities we find throughout the Old Tradition come from families, and Brigid comes from one of the most prominent – the Tuatha de Danann (the Family of Danu in Gaelic). This Goddess is a representation of the Hearth, and we make crafts in her honor during this time to hold these energies within them. The crafts I have selected for this are child friendly and easy to do, so let’s dive right on in.

All crafts that we do as Spiritual practitioners include an infusion of our energy and being, our wills and wants, into what we are creating. This can be easy for children to tune into with their innocent minds and vivid imagery that still wanders through their mind. Parents, just for a quick realization and visitation to your child self, take a moment to think about what you created with energy as a kid. Many of us can relate to the ideas of making potions with mud and water, or even in the bathtub with an empty bottle and varieties of soaps (that our parents probably were not too happy about). Looking at this, try to recall how you felt as a kid when you did this, what you created and how your energies worked when you poured your final concoction onto you or into your water. Power of creation is something that we learn early on and is held through the fires we find in the Universe as the element of creation – and we also find within Imbolc and Brigid, the Exalted One, Keeper of the Sacred Flame. As we begin to craft in the name of this fire, and in the name of health and safety, sit with your children and have them open their creative energy, introducing them to feeling their own flow through them.

Meditation is not something that comes easily or naturally for children, so this should not be your focus. Instead, sit with them and ask them to hold their hands open, palms up and concentrate on feeling what is inside of them. Ask them to push energy down their arms and into their fingertips. This will help them to understand the energy within, as well as the power they hold inside of themselves. We always want and tell our children that they are powerful, capable of doing anything they set their minds to. Societally we understand this as career and interest, however we can take this into the Spiritual realm – allowing them to take control of themselves as separate humans, individuals, and finding this center of creation. Have them explain to you what it feels like as they move their energy and walk into this personal control, and then have them also do this with their energy as they work on their crafts with you. Now we can finally put it into practice.


Brigid’s Crosses


(Photo courtesy of IrishCentral.)


*You’re able to source these grasses or rushes from local gardens, farmers, and farmer’s markets*

Hung over doorways to signify the coming of Spring with blessings of a cleansed, pure and safe space, these are simple to make with the whole family. The historical records of this symbol show it first appearing as a Christian symbol under her adoption as St. Brigid, however there is both speculation and some evidence that it was used as a sun symbol long before then during her time as the prominent Pagan Goddess. Traditionally they’re made with rushes however you can substitute those for other hearty long grasses like lemon grass, sweet grass, and the like. When we construct these, we are looking to infuse them with the energy of our Hearth and keeping it safe from the fires of malice so keep this in your heart, vibration and hands having your children follow this idea as well. In having your kids infuse energy, it’s a good idea to have them channel their energy first – really getting in tune with what they carry inside of them. This is an integral part of teaching our children about this path, as well as other Spiritually Alternative practices.

These crosses are Traditionally made with four arms, although they’re often seen through the Christian makes as three armed, and we will be focusing on the four Traditional arms for Imbolc to stay within the Pagan roots of this day. You will want a total of 16 rush strands (or other grass as mentioned above) that are about 8-10 inches in length for each person. Hold one leaf/reed vertically, and fold another in half at it’s center, Then you will fold another right at the vertical but around the folded reed to create your next arm layer. Your new fold should be parallel to one arm of the vertical leaf. Take another, and fold in half around those two, which should end on a new arm creation. Fold another in half across this one, which will be parallel to the next vertical arm. Fold your next around those to create the fourth arm, and then fold another around those two repeating the third step. Keep folding these until you have 4 crossed in the center section. Take another reed and cut into fourths and tie a half inch around the ends of the arms to hold them together. Attach a twine to one of the ends securely and hang above your door, asking the Goddess to protect your home from malice and harm as you do so.


Candle Blessing

(Photo courtesy of White Magick Alchemy)


The Sacred Flame is Brigid and a full representation of everything that she embodies. White candles are her forte and are incredibly important to practicing within this time of year to welcome new beginnings, evoke healing, and accept into ourselves a purifying light. Now, we are not going to light these candles during the blessing, so when you do, please ensure that your children are supervised and have been taught proper candle safety. Knowing how to use our Magick safely is just as important as the tools and energy we use for it. Reverence and respect for the elements can be taught through these avenues as well. The elements are much larger than we and contain so much more power – ie: the Ocean as water, tornadoes as air, rockslides and earthquakes as earth, and, well, fire as fire. This is not at all meant to scare children, so when explaining the power of the elements ensure that they know not to be afraid but instead to respect their power.

For this craft, each child should have their own white candle to bless. You can use any size candle especially if a smaller one suits the age of your little ones, however I do suggest that you use pillar candles which give more surface for carving your intentions. Go ahead and after distributing candles have everyone write down what their intentions are for their candle. For this you will all need toothpicks on hand, hand them to each person, and get to carving! You will carve in what you wrote down (or a combination of everyone’s) as you are looking to infuse your candle with these intentions. After the intentions are carved cup your hands around the candle and focus on these energies flowing through the fingers and into the candle itself.

Now to bless your candles! The intentions set the movement needed, and the blessing itself sets it into motion. If you are not already, have everyone joining you to sit in a circle with their candle in front of them and join hands for the chant.


Candle Blessing Chant (say 3x)

Blessed Brigid, hear our song
To bless this candle and carry on
All thoughts of healing and safe sleep
From those who wish us harm from deep.
May this candle cure all ills
For a healthy life is our will.
Protect us for the days to come
By our will said, and by yours done.
Let it be, let it be, let it be.


Brigid’s Bed

(Photo Courtesy of PositivelyPagan on Pinterest)


*These baskets and fabrics can be sourced from a thrift store or second hand shoppe, then cleansed and blessed on an Altar for use in this craft*

Being the Goddess of the Hearth and we are inviting her to stay around our homes and family, it is Traditional for us to give her a place to sleep. This simple and fun bed is a great way for you to show your children how to show their appreciation to Brigid and infuse that humility into their craft. Many use a simple wicker or wooden basket and line it with a piece of fabric like a nice napkin, or some other cloth of Spiritual meaning. You want to ensure it is welcoming and shows that humble nature, so do not skimp on what you use it you can. As you put together her bed speak with her! Let it be known how welcome she is to your home, and how you wish for her to be comfortable. Our next craft will carry the energy of Brigid herself and this is going to help her become comfortable, showing your welcome to her.

To make It a longer and more in-depth crafting process, have your kids make them out of shoe boxes! Or any fun alternative that they can draw on and decorate. Using their innocence through creative outlets will only help to further infuse your energy of this Imbolc in for the Goddess.


Corn Dolls

(Photo courtesy of Sabbat Box)


*Corn husks can be sourced in most locals from a local gardener, farmer, or farmer’s market*

Now to ask Brigid in fully! These dolls are meant to embody Brigid and the spirit of fertility during this season. Remember when explaining fertility, this is not just about having children. Your crops, plants, and foods are fertile for sustenance! We infuse this idea into our dolls even with the creation of these, being that they’re made of folded Corn Husks. Even when dried like so during this off season, corn husks are relatively sturdy and can withstand ties and knots. You will need at least 6 husks to create your doll. They can be made simply, or complex with the addition of wheat stalks, flowers entwined, and braided hair or legs added. When doing this with children I heavily suggest to start with the simple Corn Doll which, once complete, we will add to Brigid’s Bed.

To ensure they’re movable for easy use, soak these for up to 10 minutes and then blot dry from excess. Lay about 5 husks in a stack and tie the end off with a piece of twine. Separate into halves, folding the two opposite each other over the twine and tie off again. This will be the head of the doll, and should be about one inch in height. Take one husk and roll it, tying off the ends to make the arms and hands. Slide this piece in between the husks, and then tie off with twine below where you added the arms. This should create an abdomen and secure the arms. You can leave the rest of the husks dangling like a dress, or tie them off equally at the ends to make legs. Place this into your Brigid’s Bed, welcoming her into your home fully.

Now go and celebrate Brigid, the coming of Spring, and welcoming her into your cleansed and sacred home! I hope each and everyone of you have a Blessed Imbolc!


About the Author:

Hallie Walker, our Head of the Parenting Department, is a longtime Pagan Practitioner who follows an Irish Druidic Path, studying under the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. For over 19 years she has dedicated her life to devoted practice expanding into her business as a Professional Spiritualist at Saol Bandia – The Goddess Life and as the Druid of The Elder Grove in Louisville, KY. Hallie teaches classes locally in her hometown of Louisville, KY and regularly holds public ritual welcoming any paths to join. As the mother of two young children that she homeschools, it is incredibly important to her that she raises them with Spiritually open minds and includes them in any Spiritual activity available to them. You can also find her published works on Amazon – a Guided Meditation Journal for all levels – as well as self-published through Patreon. Aside from her specialty in raising Spiritual children, Hallie is an Ordained Minister through 2 organizations, a Certified Meditation Instructor, and a Certified Master Herbalist. It’s also never unusual to see Hallie at large events using Tarot Divination and Energy Work for the masses.