Book Review – My Pocket Self-Care: Anytime Activities to Refresh Your Mind, Body, and Spirit by Adams Media

Book Review

My Pocket Self-Care: Anytime Activities to Refresh Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

by Adams Media

Published by Simon & Schuster

176 pages

Publication date: December 8, 2020



This cute little book is an excellent addition to my library of self-care books. It covers the body, mind and spirit, rather than just one of those topics like some books I own. I think it’s great how it is small enough that I could just throw it in my purse and have it easily at hand. In fact, it lived in my purse as I was reading and reviewing it. Now it lives on my nightstand for quick reference as this isn’t a book you read like a novel.

Each page has an activity or suggestion on it, so I enjoyed flipping through it, especially when I was having a tough day. This book is an easy read with pretty simple paragraphs so it is good for all sorts of ages and types of people. As someone who is continually working on bettering my mental health, having the mind portion was especially helpful. Some examples that were challenging for me would be things like ceasing multitasking, revealing my feelings and asking for help. My only feedback is some of these would have been nice with some examples. I did make my own worksheets for a few of these, which I did find helpful. Mainly with activities like organizing goals into steps, having a few resources or examples would have been handy, but the idea is there and then I got to customize it to my own taste. I found that for Mind, a lot of it focused on just bettering your life in general by making small changes and others were simple little projects like making a mandela or writing a haiku. Either way they were great ways to take my mind off things and break up the day.

For Body, I was a bit worried it was going to be all about going Vegan and working out, but I was wrong. The first activity was simply indulging your taste buds. I had a lot of fun trying some of these out actually, although some made me feel a bit silly, like dancing freely. But I actually ended up really enjoying it as I went for a walk in the park by my house and just started dancing to the music in my head and it felt very freeing. Some suggestions were easier than others. There were some like using aloe or other materials on your skin to things like yoga poses, neck rolls all the way to using glass jars instead of plastic. There are vitamin suggestions, and different ways to heal your body if you get injured or have a wound.

The third section is on Spirit. I found this section very useful and I found it worked out really well as it didn’t push any type of religion, but focused more on crystals, amulets and more. It teaches you about different deities, astrology, energies and even activities like packing a travel altar. It doesn’t specifically cater to any set religions, but is probably just as useful for a Christian as it is for a Pagan. But, as a Pagan who already uses most of these techniques I thoroughly enjoyed this section. It was nice to reconnect with some practices I have fallen out of. I spent a good amount of time trying and connecting with these activities and really allowing myself to refresh my spirit.

After reading this book and trying out many activities, I did feel like I had a better understanding of new ways to better my life and those around me. This book helped me reconnect with friends and things I had forgotten about. I tried plenty of new things and have this book now written in, there are tabs and sticky notes all over it. It’s a great book to keep on hand and when I feel anxious or even just bored I find myself reaching for it. One of my favourite things to do is just reach for it, and open it to a random page, letting fate decide what I need in my life. Other times I know that I need to strengthen my body, mind or spirit specifically so I look for something that may allow me to recharge what I need. All-in-all, a great book that would be a welcome addition to anyone’s collection.


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About the Author:

Merry meet! I’m Jazz and I’m a Canadian oddball. I love roller derby, kickboxing, spending time with my dog and husband & love all things art, craft and pagan!

I was raised by a Roman Catholic family but discovered Buddhism, then Paganism while in elementary school and have followed the Pagan path ever since.

My main deity is Gaia as she approached me in a dream and I feel a very strong connection to her.

I love working with runes and absorbing knowledge and working on my never ending book of shadows.

I have always been drawn to the arts & have done many crafts and randomness for as long as I can remember. I find it peaceful and it helps settle my mind. I enjoy drawing, painting, cross stitching, doll making, jewelry making and more! I hope to spread my love and passions with others and put as much positivity in the world as possible.

Feel free to check out my Facebook and Instagram! Thanks for popping by and Blessed Be!