Book Review – The Happiness Year: How to Find Joy in Every Season by Tara Ward

Book Review

The Happiness Year:
How to Find Joy in Every Season

by Tara Ward

Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing

128 Pages

Published: December 22, 2022



In The Happiness Year – How to Find Joy in Every Season, Tara Ward challenges all of us to carefully think about our perception of the seasons around us. Do we favour one over another? Why is that? Is it truly because our own personal preference is for one season over another or is it perhaps a learned behaviour?

In her writings, she takes us through all four of the seasons in detail. She encourages us to explore all the seasons in a new way. She makes suggestions for activities allowing us to think about and respond to each season in a different way – to take your existing perceptions to a new level of consciousness. Some of these are lighthearted and some can be deeply meditative if you allow them to be so.

She begins with a very scientific approach – explaining the chemicals produced by our body which are responsible for our feelings of happiness. There are thoughts and behaviours that are responsible for the production of these happiness chemicals. She includes a meditation exercise and affirmations for each season but is careful to point out that these activities can be interchangeable within all the seasons.

When I first picked up the book, I was surprised to see that it was comprised of only 128 pages. How much happiness can you invoke in only 128 pages? After reading the book I realized it is only a list of thought starters and not a “how to” book. Tara’s intent is to prompt the reader into independent thinking beyond their learned behaviour – to have the reader begin to frame their thoughts differently around the seasons and begin to feel differently with each season.

Her book is an encouragement to choose what you want to try. Collectively each “exercise” will help you in a holistic way – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is Tara’s intent that by following just few of her teachings your happiness will come from deep inside. It will help to you to nurture your everyday life, making it easier and more enjoyable.

About the author

Tara Ward is a best-selling author on personal development and spiritual wellbeing with sales of more than half a million copies worldwide. She has worked in more than 40 countries across five continents developing new ways to improve communication between all cultures: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Tara has published 14 books including Mindful Journaling, The Healing Handbook: A Spiritual Guide to Healing Yourself and Others, Discover Meditation & Mindfulness and The Book of Healing. She also runs workshops and gives talks on meditation and mindfulness.


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About the Author:

Linda Bischoff

For as long as she can remember Linda has wanted to help people find joy and beauty in their lives. She recalls that some of her happiest childhood memories were of exploring nature’s playground on the farm in rural Manitoba where she grew up.This provided her with the foundation and understanding of how natural elements impact our well being.

Her business, Avalon Lane Studio, focuses on creating meaningful connection with the environment. Linda combines her knowledge of Interior Design, Biophilia and Feng Shui to help create balance and harmony in homes and workspaces.She lives in Halton Hills, Ontario. Visit Linda at and follow her on @avalonlanestudio.