Book Review – Self Source-ery: Come to Your Senses. Trust Your Instincts. Remember Your Magic. by Lisa Lister

Book Review

Self Source-ery:
Come to your Senses.
Trust Your Instincts.
Remember Your Magic.

by Lisa Lister

Publisher: Hay House

288 Pages

Release Date: November 22, 2022





This book is written in the voice of a guide or friend sharing wisdom. It is not a step by step how to book. The contents of this book are broken into three parts: Come to your senses, Trust your Instincts and Remember your magic. What you will find are stories, rituals, recipes and suggests on how to connect with yourself in the cycles and seasons of you.

Her work is about helping you delve deep within. A continual growth through knowing the cycle of yourself alongside the cycles of the seasons and the moon. She describes Self Source-ery as:

“awakening to and working with your innate feminine magic, the power of your presence, your creative force, and the cyclical and rhythmic intelligence of your body, the Earth, and the cosmos to create, regenerate, trust, grow, and heal.”

Self Source-ery is a wonderful book for anyone who is struggling to reclaim or know their personal power. You are guided on a journey to go within through simple rituals and journaling to access to profound wisdom that resides within us all.

Once of the things I most love are the focus on cycles. Cycles of rest, grief, love, pleasure … not just productivity that is prized by modern culture. Truly embodying all of who we are, in all of our experiences in this life.

The further into this book I read, the more it began to resonate with me. I recommend Self Source-ery to any witch looking to expand on the wholeness of their life by making their inner world better align with their outer world.

Irisa MacKenzie

About the Author
Lisa Lister

Lisa Lister is an author, artist, seer, ceremonial + ritual guide-ess + somatic movement practitioner who offers support, space and counsel to those who are exploring, navigating + wanting to heal their relationship with their body, power, sex, creativity, spirituality, pleasure + passion in these ‘interesting’ times.

Her movement practice: In.Your.Body.Ment® is a unique blend of nourishing movement, breath work, sound + somatic practices created + curated to support resource + work in tune with the cyclical nature + rhythmic intelligence of your body.

She lives in the UK with the Hot Viking (also known as author, Richard Lister) + has big love for hot pink lipstick, the sea, novels set in Paris, ‘reality’ TV, rose-infused milk chocolate and over-sized accessories.

‘I love Lisa. I love everything she writes. I love her voice, her way, her magic.’ Carrie-Anne Moss


SOCIAL MEDIA: @sassylisalister – Instagram


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