Book Review – The Little Book of the Occult: An Introduction to Dark Magick by Astrid Carvel

Book Review

The Little Book of the Occult:
An Introduction to Dark Magick 

by Astrid Carvel

Publisher: Moon Books / John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

129 Pages

Release Date: March 7, 2023





The Little Book of the Occult presents the concepts of Occult Magick. Astrid Carvel presents the concepts of historical witchcraft in perfect concert with real time practices and the popularity of witchcraft on social media. The chapters are organized in a manner that addresses the What, Why and How of the practice of Occult Magick.

In her introduction, Astrid indicates that this book is an introduction to all things magickal, however the delightful surprise is that she does take a deep dive into the practice. Perfect for both those that have been practicing for quite some time as well as those who are beginners.

She also refers to the use of tarot not for fortune telling, but as a therapeutic tool to give yourself something to meditate on; using the principles of manifestation (aka – the Law of Attraction) to bring wealth and success to their lives.

While she explores the many aspects of Magick and the current popularity and acceptance in the Western world, she also cautions us that in some countries around the world practicing witchcraft is punishable by death.

She talks about the current Tech-Led Occultism wherein anyone who has a wifi connection now has access to traditional occult beliefs and practices. Although a smartphone has become a portal for anyone who wishes to practice, she also provides us with a list of additional tools that can amplify one’s practice. Her list includes Herbs, Candles, Crystals, Tarot, tools for scrying and more. She does go on to explore Tarot in a little more detail by calling out the cards and naming a few basic spreads.

There are a few basic spells that she shares with us, listing the required ingredients and how to safely cast these spells. Lastly, she addresses the options of going solo or joining and/or starting a Coven.

The last few pages of Astrid’s book list some additional books to read should you wish to explore any of the concepts she has discussed in more detail.

Overall it was delightful read – with a perfect blend of old and new; mundane practices and spell casting. I may just have to seek out a few of her other “The Little Book of..” books.

About the Author
Astrid Carvel

Astrid Carvel is a white witch based in Sussex, UK, who enjoys reading literature on Wicca in her spare time. She is also the author of The Little Book of Witchcraft and The Little Book of Spells as well as over 15 other “The Little Book of…” titles.



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