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Communing with the Essence

Communing Essence-ly —

There is an opening, a space between mental chatter and unconsciousness or even sleep. It’s not a Void but I’ve confused it to be that many times. It is a deeply connected place where you and another, whether pen to paper, hand to tree, belly to water, heart to Soul, or footsteps to Earth merge into pure presence and the rest of the world seems to disappear, at least for those moments. In aesthetics this space is often called The Zone. In the Arts it’s coined as being in the Flow. Meditative studies can be a gateway into this realm, but so too can the full engagement with our ordinary and mundane activities, day to day. Like doing the dishes, walking in the forest, tending to a garden, or soaking in a bath, almost every moment can thrust us into pure presence. We’ve all heard of and probably experienced being on autopilot while driving an automobile. Sometimes this is due to an attachment with the mind and getting lost out of the body, but other times it can be a timeless nature arising from a deep presence.

Communing Essence-ly is essential for connection. Life is communing via waves of energy and vibration all the time. We use words, but the first honest communication is always vibrationally. Words can be manipulated and misconstrued based on the arousal and feedback one is attempting to conjure up in another or the off-gassing happening within the emotional charge of the speaker. The language of our Essence just is, without falter or alteration.

I feel this is why I love walking in the Forest so much, it’s because I am surrounded and penetrated by the vibrational frequencies of Nature’s Essences. Essence makes connection through presence. Once a connection is established communication starts naturally. It’s not always audible. Our analytic mind can question, doubt, dismiss, and get stuck in trying to prove this Essence bonding phenomenon. Yet, the power and purity of our direct experience and claircognizance or clear knowing of our Essence, holds the imprint encoded by the interaction, whether the mind accepts or rejects it.



I invite you to close your eyes if it is safe to do so. Breathe deeply into your body-temple, filling every space with this holy oxygenated presence. Inhale Presence. Exhale Presence. Presence within. Presence without. Feel your energetic, pulsating, and vibrating inner world of your body. Feel the body’s electrical impulses sending signals throughout your entire body. Bring your presence through awareness and breath to these subtle, but not so subtle, spaces within. Perhaps you can feel the electrical impulses communicating through your sensory awareness? A deep felt presence comes alive in your awareness of what is happening underneath or below the surface areas of your skin. You are communicating before words or thoughts. Vibration is our first language.

Your Essence is your vibrational imprint. It is how you operate naturally, before the world instructed or manipulated you into uniformity. You can connect and commune with anything via this circuitry. Play around with it. Hold the intention to do no harm. The first step in any and all Essence communication is connection. You cannot force or overstep boundaries to try to manipulate a connection, that is not a true connection. Connection is reciprocal. Without true connection it is not Essence communication, it is Egoic and delusory at best. You know a true connection has been made by the reverence, respect, ease, and flow of the energetic exchange. If it feels stressful, let it go.

Imagine you walk to a beautiful gentle flowing river. The sunlight is casting sparkles across the water and the flowing river sounds like music that brings your body into a state of peace. Find a comfortable boulder to lay on in the sun, maybe a part of your hand or foot gently caresses the water or lay down on the sand of the river bank or grassy patches next to the river. Feel your body making contact with whatever you are laying on. Notice what the sunlight feels like on your skin. Notice how the cool water feels on your flesh or the warm sand or soft grass. Just notice. As you soften and relax this connection starts to form naturally. The Essence or vibrational imprint of you is in communion with the Essence, of not only this moment in its totality, but also the Essence of the forms, like the sun, water, earth, and air. Wherever you place your attention is where the energetic exchange is going to flow into your conscious awareness. Maybe in this moment the boulder is what synchronizes with your felt sense perception the strongest? If so, then that is the vehicle for your Essence to explore the Essence of communication with that boulder. Maybe it’s the sunlight or the river, whatever it is, whether singular or the collective experience of the moment, the Essence of you and the Essence of “Other” are merging and flowing through a vibrational energy circuit of rich and vast codes of information and intelligence.

That which is within you and that which is within all of Life has the power to connect and commune, Essence to Essence. An interconnected reverence and respect starts to develop within us as we connect in this Essence-way. When we cultivate more respectful reciprocity, no longer dominating, but instead deeply connecting and listening, we form new neural pathways in our brain for receptive communication and healthy reciprocal relationships. “a neural pathway is the connection formed by axons that project from neurons to make synapses onto neurons in another location, to enable neurotransmission (the sending of a signal from one region of the nervous system to another”. ( We also rekindle our relationship with the Earth and all of Nature. We remember that we too are Nature. This union restores our trust and inherited birthright as purposeful and Soulful components of the web of Life. What we do for ourselves we do for another and what we do for another we do for ourselves. May we cultivate this presence within and remember how to commune Essence-ly.

Nicole Lynn
FLOE; Facilitating Love On Earth


About the Author:

Nicole Lynn

Hello, I live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my husband and the last of four children at home. I am a Nature lover and everything I do centers around my connection to Nature and Spirit. I am an Intuitive counselor with many certifications in holistic healing modalities. I broke away from traditional psychotherapy back in 2015 and started leading nature-based psychotherapy sessions, Shamanic journeys, meditations, and what I call, Soul Sessions. I specialize in Mind, Body, Spirit integration and living from an embodied place of Wholeness. I am a writer in the field of Higher Consciousness embodiment and the creator of the new Mushroom Medicine Oracle deck as well as four books for our Inner and outer Children; I am a Child of the Forest, Spring is Here, Faeries; Light Reflecting Particles in Motion, and Where Angels come to Sing inside You & Me. My Mission is to help humanity remember the Purity and Power of our Divine Essence integrated into physical form.

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