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Lemon Oil



Lemon oil is another extremely versatile oil. It is suggested as one of the 1st oils for someone starting their foray into essential oils and it also happens to be another favorite of mine. It can be used topically (on the skin), aromatically (inhaled) and internally. Topical application is a great quick pick-me-up or can help brighten a person’s day. When using citrus oils topically caution needs to be practiced when the area is exposed to sunlight as it can cause sun sensitivity.

Lemon oil is great in water to break up the boredom with just drinking plain water. It can also be mixed with peppermint and lavender oil to assist with seasonal allergies. Lemon oil also can enhance many recipes and aids in internal cleansing and digestion.

Diffused lemon oil can cleanse, purify and uplift. It has been known to assist with concentration, as well as, emotional balance and congestion.

Adding lemon oil to a glass spray bottle with water can be a great way to clean counters and tables. Also adding some lemon oil to a rag with olive oil you can clean, protect and shine leather furniture and wood surfaces.

*As a note: essential oils should be held in natural containers such as glass or metal as they will break down non-natural materials like plastic or styrofoam.



About the Author:

Angela Ammon identifies closely with kitchen and hedge witchery, but adores oils, crystals, candle magic and reading anything she can on Wicca and Pagan paths. You can usually find her in the kitchen whipping up food or treats for those she loves (food is love) or playing in the dirt in her garden with plants with Wiccan roots. Angela is drawn toward Celtic practices and has many Celtic based Wiccan tattoos. It took almost 30 years to figure out why none of the religions she had studied growing up in a very religiously diverse family didn’t click, but when it did everything made sense. Turning an old cedar chest into her alter on top and her storage for candles, herbs, tarot and oracle cards inside her journey started. Reconnecting with many people growing up she realized there were more people in her life growing up that had beliefs based in Wicca than she realized and her circle started to grow. Angela is the social media coordinator for Pagan Pages and is beyond excited to get to know more about other paths and provide her insight from her own path.