Book Review – Spirit Speaker: A Medium’s Guide to Death and Dying by Salicrow

Book Review

Spirit Speaker:
A Medium’s Guide to Death and Dying

Written by Salicrow

Publisher: Destiny Books

128 Pages

Release Date: April 4, 2023




Spirit Speaker: A Medium’s Guide To Death & Dying is more than a manual, it’s a confidant and Soul companion. As I read this book I felt confirmation of my psychic and paranormal experiences as well as validation for my sensitivities. So often in the world of the living, we rely way too heavily on what we can see and prove which can make us dismiss, invalidate, or even criticize the world of the dead and unseen. We cannot see oxygen or gravity yet we rely on it for our existence. The same is true of our Beloved Dead. They are our lineage and our Ancestors whom we have much to thank.

Salicrow speaks of our human emotions being one way Spirit speaks to us. “The emotional effect of the song opens our aura, making us more sensitive to their energy.” Repeating these signs from Spirit helps us “create a bond connection” with our Beloved Dead “so we recognize them when they are around.” Our sensitivity and receptivity is how we can meet Spirit halfway so that communication is possible. I reflected a lot about my lifelong sensitivity and emotional guidance system while reading this book. I loved how Salicrow shared that Spirit’s emotional barometer gets turned down in spirit form, compared to how intense emotions can feel when embodied. I’ve been practicing turning my emotional barometer down a bit when things feel too intense, and this has helped me greatly feel more grounded, neutral, and clear with my boundaries. We can easily get sucked into other people’s emotional states making it necessary to have simple tools to navigate such intense waves and come back to myself. I can see how this tool would work in many situations, including connecting with Spirit as a medium and Spirit being more able to process heavy things they experienced in life during their life review in death.

Salicrow says, “This is a book of hope and understanding, meant to be a guide to the other world, world of Spirit, with my hope being that anyone reading it may find a deeper understanding about what happens when we die and how “alive” our Beloved Dead really are.” This can bring us comfort rather than distress or fear. We can find protection, connection, even peace from knowing we are never alone and our Beloved Dead are with us. In this book Salicrow shares ways of honoring our Beloved Dead, ways of healing and creating space for healing of our lineage, and ways of developing greater depths of connection.

By consciously choosing to pay respect to our deceased loved ones we literally grow in our ability to forgive, release, connect, and restore Ancestral lines. She mentions leaving a plate at the dinner table for our Beloved Dead during the holidays, creating a journal or book of shadows of our Spirit encounters, and creating an altar where you can simply go to say hello, pray, grieve, or give acknowledgment of their existence. All are useful ways to start forming healthier bonds with our deceased. Like with anything, the more we show up with the intention to connect, the more our relationships thrive. She goes on to say, “Crossing the veil requires a suspension of disbelief, a release of the programming that claims we are disconnected from our loved ones in Spirit.” She continues on saying, “Many who are born open to the other side never become proficient in communicating due to the fear and dogma they have been exposed to throughout their life, and in many cases the experience is traumatic for them because they do not understand what is truly happening.”

Salicrow shares, “Mediums are natural conduits, meaning they provide an easy power supply for the Spirit world.” She continues saying, “…The Spirit they are speaking to is borrowing their energy.” This is a fascinating topic and Salicrow, again, doesn’t make it scary or alarming, she provides valuable education and tools to be mindful of as well as times when Spirit activity is more susceptible. Such is the space when the veil is thin when a loved one is in their dying time before they have fully transitioned. She calls these energetically sensitive spaces the Gray, the Wobbly, and the Betwixt times. Other times when our connection to Spirit can be stronger or easier are when we are in meditative and dreamlike states, at dawn, or dusk. This book reiterates we need not fear, but rather be deliberate with our choice to open and commune with Spirit or not. Salicrow highlights the difference between ability, what we are born with, and skill, that which we develop with time and discipline. For those that feel too vulnerable, she gives tools to help form better boundaries and healthier relationships based on choice and not powerlessness. Ultimately, we give permission for the energetic experiences or not.

Salicrow shares, “Shamans, labor and birth workers, EMTs, death doulas, and mediums all thrive in this space, recognizing it as a time deeply connected to the universal life force, which while called by many names, is often simply referred to as God! They are those who want direct contact with the unknown and seek to help others find peace when it is their time to voyage into the great beyond.” A Medium’s Guide to Death & Dying is a book for those who are more sensitive to Spirit as well as those wanting to be. Salicrow shares autobiographical stories of her life and experiences with her upbringing, family life, and working as a medium. Her personable approach is humble, honest, and straightforward. She gives simple and practical day to day guidance that I feel most people can relate to and likely validate their own experiences with such phenomena.

Reading this book felt more like a conversation with a friend who understands. This book holds compassion, understanding, and space for tapping into the unseen and often unprovable sacred moments, the mystical moments, and ordinary moments of our lives. I am grateful for the author’s honest and personal accounts, making these often taboo subjects and extraordinary events ordinary and normal. It’s an invitation to invite the dead to sit at our dinner table, bridging the gaps between what is often thought of as past, present, and future. Perhaps we all do exist simultaneously in the now.

This book shows us it’s not only possible but natural to live with our Beloved Dead. There is something deeply sacred and holy about this ever present way of living and honoring. This book is a supportive hug and perhaps a wink from our own Ancestors. I imagine them saying, “I’m proud of you.” I really believe they see us and are waiting for our vision to clear so we can better see them too. For a short while Salicrow gave us the lens to use within the pages of her book to see past the veil and into the land of our Beloved Dead.

Nicole Lynn
FLOE; Facilitating Love On Earth


About the Author

Salicrow is a natural psychic medium who has been aware of her gifts since childhood. For over thirty years she has worked as a seer, using the tarot and runes as her tools. With her ability to divine the future and revisit the past, she advises her clients with compassion and a straightforward approach. As a medium, she helps people to connect with their beloved dead, family, friends, and loved ones who have passed, as well as make connections with the guiding spirits who watch over them. As an intuitive healer, Saliwcrow is dedicated to helping the beings of our planet and the Earth itself. She is a Reiki master in six schools of Reiki, a sound healer, druid, and a practitioner of Rune Valdr and Seithr.

Salicrow lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with her husband of twenty-four years. Her children, grandchildren, and community are a big part of her life. She is a deep lover of sacred travel and has been known to go on adventures, near and far, where she can most likely be found doing healing work on the spirits of the land and on the land itself.



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About the Author:

Nicole Lynn lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her husband and fur babies. She is a Nature lover where everything she does centers around her connection to Nature and Spirit. She is an Intuitive counselor/life coach with many certifications in holistic healing modalities. Nicole broke away from traditional psychotherapy back in 2015 and started leading nature-based sessions, Shamanic journeys, meditations, and what She calls, Soul Sessions. She specializes in Mind, Body, Spirit integration and living from an embodied place of Wholeness. Nicole Lynn is a Soul Writer in the field of Higher Consciousness embodiment and the creator of the new Mushroom Medicine Oracle deck as well as four books for our “Inner and Outer” Children; I am a Child of the Forest, Spring is Here, Faeries; Light Reflecting Particles in Motion, and Where Angels come to Sing inside You & Me.

Nicole’s Mission is to help humanity remember the Purity and Power of their Divine Essence integrated into physical form.

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