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    #171 – The Mabon Issue

    Enter Mabon! We’ve got a lot of great articles for you in this issue, dear readers! We’ve got poetry, correspondences, astrology, ritual, and much more to get your fall equinox harvest festival ready… In Book Reviews: Fourth Wing, Sacred Actions Journal, The Magic of Cats, Storyland, Finding the Fool, Wiccan Teas & Brews, Meeting the Shadow on the Spiritual Path, Curse and Cure  — and more! In This Month’s Articles: Mabon & Autumn Equinox Correspondences As Above, So Below Poem: Summer’s Last Hurrah And much more!! Introducing: In the Kitchen with Skarlett

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    In the Kitchen with Skarlett

    Slow Cooker Chili for Mabon   With Mabon upons us, thoughts turn to goat’s horn bearing fruit, grain and other harvesty goodness. No..I did not eat the funny mushrooms. I am referring to the Cornucopia also called the horn of plenty. It is a symbol of abundance and good fortune. It is commonly pictured as a large horn-shaped basket overflowing with the fruits of the harvest such as grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Small wonder it is adorning American tables at Thanksgiving and various other harvest related celebrations. A possible origin for the cornucopia was in ancient Greece. When Zeus was a baby, his mother hid him away from Cronus…

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    Book Review – Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

    Book Review Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros Publisher: Red Tower Books 664 Pages Release Date: May 2, 2023         I was excited to finally get my hands on this beautiful book! It was an immediate best seller, reviews from other authors I follow were crazy over it and it was dominating Tik Tok, or #booktok – the readers were raving about it. It was sold out EVERYWHERE, and even on Amazon, it had a 3 week wait time. I received it early and was thrilled. I needed to find out if it was worth all the hype. Two words: It. Was. Fourth Wing is an action packed,…

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    Book Review – Sacred Actions Journal: A Wheel of the Year for Sustainable and Spiritual Practices by Dana O’Driscoll

    Book Review Sacred Actions Journal: A Wheel of the Year Journal for Sustainable and Spiritual Practices by Dana O’Driscoll  Publisher: REDFeather 200 Pages Release Date: January 24, 2023       The Sacred Actions Journal is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to deepen their connection with nature, explore sustainable living practices, and cultivate a more meaningful spiritual practice.     – Amazon.com Sacred Actions Journal is organized by the Wheel of the Year. Each turn of the wheel has a focal point for deepening your spiritual practice, relationships and self-knowledge. After the introduction the journal is divided into 8 sections for the wheel of the Year and a conclusion. Content…

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    Mabon/Autumn Equinox Correspondences

      Thu, Sep 21, 2023 – Fri, Sep 29, 2023   Michaelmas (September 25th, Christian), Second Harvest Festival, Witches’ Thanksgiving, Harvest Home (Anglo-Celtic), Feast of Avalon, Wine Harvest, Festival of Dionysus, Cornucopia, Equinozio di Autunno (Strega), Chung Chiu (China), Night of the Hunter, Alban Elfed “The Light of the Water”(Caledonii/ Druidic-celebrates Lord of the Mysteries), Winter Finding (Teutonic, from Equinox ’til Winter Night or Nordic New Year, Oct 15th.)   It is the equilibrium of day and night and this represents the light and darkness in our lives. The long summer nights have passed and we are now in a season of transition   Purpose: Second harvest festival, new wine…

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    Book Review – The Magic of Cats by Andrew Anderson

    Book Review The Magic of Cats by Andrew Anderson Illustrated by Hannah Willow Publisher: Moon Books 120 Pages Release Date: May 1, 2023         Cats are magical. There’s no two ways around that. Dogs are great – I love dogs, I’ve owned dogs and I miss the dogs I used to own, especially my beloved yellow lab Lucy – but dogs are pedestrian, ordinary, almost run-of-the-mill. Cats have a whole ‘nother vibe and it’s not too far out there to say that vibe is magic. There have always been cats in my life. My grandmother had a gorgeous calico cat named Pansy who lived to be eighteen…

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    Book Review – Storyland: A New Mythology of Britain by Amy Jeffs

    Book Review Storyland: A New Mythology of Britain by Amy Jeffs Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pages: 384 Rerelease Date: August 23, 2023   Storyland is a collection of tales about Britain, from its origins to much more recent times. This book started as a collection of illustrations, then became a series of articles for Country Life magazine. Those original illustrations have made it into the book, and what illustrations they are! Striking images of otters and boats and giants hauling rocks make this volume a stunning visual feast. Unsurprising, considering that in the introduction the author explains how her experiments with linocut printing were inspired by illuminated medieval manuscripts. I agree…

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    As Above, So Below (How the Stars Became Our Hearts)

    Duality: Harvest Blessings     Blessed be the shores of Acheron, Blessed be the coming of the dawn. Blessed be the buds of spring And the bees that gather on.   Blessed be the pure and true. Blessed be the morning dew  Blessed be the pink and green. Blessed be the blue.     Blessed be the heat and sweat. Blessed be the sun. Blessed be the steamy wet. Blessed be the fun.   Blessed are the bees, As they toil to me the honey. And blessed are we. As we toil to make the money.     Blessed be the fires burning. Blessed be the year of turning. Blessed…

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    Book Review – Finding the Fool: A Tarot Journey to Radical Transformation by Meg Jones Wall

    Book Review Finding the Fool: A Tarot Journey to Radical Transformation by Meg Jones Wall Publisher: Weiser Books 286 Pages Release Date: May 2, 2023         As an avid tarot card reader and collector, I was very happy to jump on the chance to read and review this book. I really enjoyed the Foreword, which is something not a lot of books I have read have, so I was very curious, and was not disappointed. I really enjoyed reading Theresa Reed’s story and experience with this book and her clear admiration for the author Meg Jones Wall. Finding the Fool is not your traditional “book about tarot”,…

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    Weyland’s Whey – That Old Familiar Feeling

    Count Them Blessings   I got COVID.  She didn’t.    Are we old?  Not yet!   We love our fur kids!   Our dog’s name is Delinquent….   ….she livers up to it.   Delinquent barks at everything.  One night she warned us of an intruder at our door.   Coffee is awesome!    Wicca is a great comfort.    ** About the Author: Weyland Smith is an eclectic solitaire wytch.  He lives in New Jersey with his girlfriend Sparkle, their two feline familiars and a dog named Delinquent.  Weyland’s interests include writing, crystals and web weaving.  Wey is also a firm believer in reincarnation—in a previous life he was…