Book Review – Sacred Actions Journal: A Wheel of the Year for Sustainable and Spiritual Practices by Dana O’Driscoll

Book Review

Sacred Actions Journal:
A Wheel of the Year Journal
for Sustainable and Spiritual Practices

by Dana O’Driscoll 

Publisher: REDFeather

200 Pages

Release Date: January 24, 2023




The Sacred Actions Journal is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to deepen their connection with nature, explore sustainable living practices, and cultivate a more meaningful spiritual practice.     –

Sacred Actions Journal is organized by the Wheel of the Year. Each turn of the wheel has a focal point for deepening your spiritual practice, relationships and self-knowledge. After the introduction the journal is divided into 8 sections for the wheel of the Year and a conclusion.

Content overview is as follows, with each section having a journal focus and technique:

  • Introduction
  • Winter Solstice – The Ethics of Care
  • Imbolc – Wisdom through Oak Knowledge and Reskilling
  • Spring Equinox – Spring Cleaning and Disposing of the Disposable Mindset
  • Beltane – Sacred Actions in our Homes
  • Summer Solstice – Sacred Food and Nourishment
  • Lughnasadh – Landscapes, Gardens, Wildtending, and Lawn Liberations
  • Fall Equinox – Earth Ambassadorship, Community, and Broader Work in the World
  • Samhain – Sustainable Ritual Tools, Items, and Offerings

The prompts for journaling in each section give the individual the opportunity for personal introspection and connection with reflective prompts. This is followed by prompts for actions. Instead of a to do list it is a list of considerations and ideas that you can follow up with to actionable items. I think this is a great journal for deepening connections to self and the world around us through our spiritual path.


About the Author:

Dana’O Driscoll is a druid, herbalist, permaculture designer, homesteader, artist, and current Grand Archdruid in the Ancient Order of Druids in America. You can find out more about her art, writing, and more at


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About the Author:

Irisa MacKenzie can be found on Instagram at SassyVikingMama honestly discussing life, motherhood, meditation, and mindfulness. Her current focus is incorporating farm to table and nature to nurture into her spirituality, business, and daily life. Viking Woman Creations is a woman-owned business that began with creations to nurture your soul, but has also become women artists supporting each other. Viking Woman Creations can be found on Instagram and Facebook, along with our show schedule.