Book Review – Hoodoo Justice Magic by Miss Aida

Book Review
Hoodoo Justice Magic
by Miss Aida
Publisher: Weiser Books
Publication Date: November 10, 2021
288 pages



I have always been interested in Hoodoo, Voodoo, and other types of folk magic from around the world. This book covers spells, recipes, various rituals, and twenty-seven prayers for people that are afraid to perform actual spell-work. It also covers the ethics of performing the spell-work. Are you justified in what you are doing? Do these people actually deserve what you are sending out to them?

In the beginning, Miss Aida goes over how our ancestors performed spell-work to exact revenge on those that did them wrong, as well as 'immoral tactics' – people who deserve to have justice spells sent at them. She then goes over having a strategy. You must have a plan before you perform any kind of spell-work. Performing any kind of spell or ritual willy-nilly can not only can go awry, but can bounce back and do harm to you. Always have a plan before doing a spell or a ritual of any kind. After this, she goes over the basic essentials you need for your spells or rituals. Such things as spices, candles, incense, crystals, etc are among what you can use. You will also need something from the person you are casting this spell on, i.e. Hair, blood, fingernails, skin.

The main part of the book has one hundred and twenty-nine spells, thirty-two recipes, and numerous rituals. The spells include how to bind your enemies, send them away, cursing and/or hexing them. One of the main things Miss Aida stresses is that you be very specific of who you want bound, sent away, cursed, or hexed. If you do not specify, any of the above could bounce off of the main person and hit others around them, such as their kids or spouse. Miss Aida also explains how you can protect yourself from negative people.

"Historically, Hoodoo has been the magic of the disenfranchised, marginalized, and vulnerable." People who cannot get lawful help or cannot pay to get help. It also empowers them to rise above and help their self-esteem.

Miss Aida was born into a Cuban family who practiced Santeria, Palo, and Brujeria. She is a natural born medium, Santeria initiate, Hoodoo practitioner, and author. She served in the US Air Force and is a registered nurse.


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About the Author:

Cyndi Snow-Pilcher is an urban faery just trying to make it in this insane world. English was her favorite subject and spent hours writing short stories and poems. She gave up writing when life got in the way with the military and family duties. Then, after meeting the love of her life in 2000 and the support of friends, she started writing again.

She co-owns Fae Corps Publishing, LLC, an indie author publishing company that she started with her best friend and partner Patti Harris. They published quite a few anthologies and single author books since they started in July of 2019.

She has been in a few of the anthologies: Through the Sunshine, Faery Footprints, Nightmare Whispers Vol I, and will be penning something for Fae Corps Halloween anthology, Fae Shivers which comes out around the middle to end of October, 2021.

Her first book was The Woodland Adventures: Nita and the Honeybees, published in 2015. Soon after, she published Keko and the Lost Bananas. Neither are available at the moment as she will be republishing them under Fae Corps Publishing, LLC sometime in 2022.

She is currently working on a mystery novel and her Faery world of Cassari.

You can find her on her blog at: RedBird’s Storytime

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