Cyndi Snow-Pilcher is an urban faery just trying to make it in this insane world. English was her favorite subject and spent hours writing short stories and poems. She gave up writing when life got in the way with the military and family duties. Then, after meeting the love of her life in 2000 and the support of friends, she started writing again. She co-owns Fae Corps Publishing, LLC, an indie author publishing company that she started with her best friend and partner Patti Harris. They published quite a few anthologies and single author books since they started in July of 2019. She has been in a few of the anthologies: Through the Sunshine, Faery Footprints, Nightmare Whispers Vol I, and will be penning something for Fae Corps Halloween anthology, Fae Shivers which comes out around the middle to end of October, 2021. Her first book was The Woodland Adventures: Nita and the Honeybees, published in 2015. Soon after, she published Keko and the Lost Bananas. Neither are available at the moment as she will be republishing them under Fae Corps Publishing, LLC sometime in 2022. She is currently working on a mystery novel and her Faery world of Cassari. You can find her on her blog at: RedBird’s Storytime Or follow her on Instagram at:

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    Faery Story – The Land of Cassari

    Juicy Gossip!                                    by Kelpie Sunpearl Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a good day! If not, I hope these JUUUUUICY bits of gossip from Birchwood Grove distract you and help you have a better day!  I was talking to Twig Magpie the other day. He helps his father run The Magpie’s Nest, the general store in BG. He also finds neat artifacts and odds n ends for the fairies and is THE best person to go to for the latest rumors or gossip going around!  SO here we go! Twig told me that the last couple of days has been CRAAAAZY for the Rainbow Animal Care Clinic (RAAC)! Some…

  • Monthly Columns

    New Faery Story – The Land of Cassari

    The Land of Cassari                                    by Kelpie Sunpearl HI EVERYONE! MY NAME IS KELPIE SUNPEARL! Oh, oops.. hehe. Sorry for the shouting, I’m just reallllly excited that I get to tell all of you about my homeland of Cassari! A nice lady by the name of Miss Jennifer asked my human friend Cyndi Pilcher if she knew anyone that wanted to tell all the humans all about Cassari! So, she suggested ME, and sent a message to me. Let me tell you how STUNNED I was first of all. I mean of ALLL the Fae she could have chosen, she chose me!? Instead of Orchid or Petunia or even Lady…