Book Review – 2024 Moon Goddess Diary by Nicci Garaicoa

Book Review

2024 Moon Goddess Diary
Northern Hemisphere:
A Year’s Journey of Love, Connection,
and Support – a Journey Back to You

Written by Nicci Garaicoa
Illustrated by Olivia Bürki

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

160 Pages

Release Date: June 12, 2023




My Inner Child lit up when she received this delightful and beautiful 2024 Moon Goddess Diary by Nicci Garaicoa! “A year’s journey of love, connection, and support. A journey back to you.” The whimsical mermaid goddess illustrations by Olivia Burki combined with the gorgeous color palettes and empowering prompts by Nicci reminded me of my innocence and purity in childhood. I recalled how my Inner Child would fantasize about getting older, her desires and curiosities to know her Maiden, Mother, and Crone years swirled in her mind as she daydreamed of all her future selves. This monthly diary carries a precious treasure for all our Archetypes, summoning them from deep within to come join in this year long celebration! This is more than a personal planner or calendar, it is a reclamation of our Divine Feminine inheritance!

Each season contains a guided Goddess Self-Care Toolkit section which includes: Goddess Medicine, Color Medicine, Sound Medicine, Body Movement Medicine, Plant Medicine, Aromatherapy Medicine, and Crystal Medicine. Each month contains affirmations, meditations, astrological associations, holidays, and seasonal prompts. Month by month a new Goddess is invoked to hold sacred space for your personal journey. For those of you who love colorful, detailed, and guided explorations to embark on day by day, month by month, this 2024 Moon Goddess Diary is a perfect companion. This diary feels age appropriate for any woman, preteen to Elder, that wishes to explore her own inner empowerment and activate her full expression and embodied potential. I love how you are gently encouraged and supported along your journey. It doesn’t feel scary or overwhelming and you will definitely remember You are NOT alone!

About the Author

Nicci Garaicoa incorporates her deeply feminine restorative journey into her wisdom woven within these pages. She is a Mother, Author, Healer, and an Oceanic Moon Goddess! In 2016 she started leading Full Moon circles down by the ocean in Australia, by 2019 her circle grew from 20 people to 2,500! She understands firsthand how easily and quickly women can give up their power and autonomy for taking care of others. She is passionate about teaching women to make space and time for their own magic and brilliance to come forth and shine like never before! This personal planner and diary invites you to explore, activate, and embody more of Who You Are through the cycles and rhymes of the Seasons, Goddesses, and Moon. A true gem!


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About the Author:

Nicole Lynn, Soul Writer, Intuitive Counselor, and Creator of Mushroom Medicine Oracle deck is a Forest Faerie by Nature, an Earth Goddess by Essence, and a Child of Nature by Heart! Her love and devotion to the natural world is the spark and magic imbued in everything she does. As an Intuitive Counselor her daily frolics in the Forest have been her companion and sanctuary to return to again and again.

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