Book Review – Nature Devotional: Eco-Spiritual Reflections, Meditations and Affirmations by Rebecca Reitz

Book Review

Nature Devotional:
Eco-Spiritual Reflections,
Meditations and Affirmations
by Rebecca Reitz

Publisher: Leaping Hare Press

144 Pages

Release Date: August 8, 2023




“Be empowered by eco-spirituality with the gorgeously illustrated devotional dedicated to celebrating and respecting nature’s wisdom.” — Amazon

As I read and re-read the introduction, I knew that this author understood connection and friendship with the Earth. “But I found that in the most stressful moments, the ones where you feel like you might break – the Earth is the most massive ally and friend you can turn to.” This spoke volumes to me of her personal journey to connect, communicate and understand the Earth in her seasons.

Nature Devotional is broken into six sections:

Early Spring: Quiet Growth
“And below the surface new pieces are emerging” R. Reitz p 15

Late Spring: Blossoming
“Recognize your tenacity.” R. Reitz p 39

Summer: Emergence
“I warm my soul with people who feel like sunshine.” R. Reitz p 62

Early Fall: Reconnection
“Life is a dance of finding comfort and stepping out of it.” R. Reitz p85

Late Fall: Preparation
“This time with yourself is precious” R. Reitz p105

Winter: Stillness
“Watch and feel yourself swell into a symphony of beautiful crystalline shapes, like intricate stars glistening with light.” R. Reitz p126

Within the sections are Tastes Like, Smells Like, Feels like plus several reflections, meditations and an affirmations. The description under Tastes Like brought colorful images of plates and baskets overflowing with seasonal foods, herbs to mind. Along with the sensory memory of aroma, textures and flavor.

A lifetime of memories flit through my mind as I read the seasonal associations under “smells like.” No matter urban or rural, country or woods, these memories will resonate in some way with the reader. Feels like evokes the sensory memories of our skin. From cool winds and warm sun to textile impressions and the weight of shoes on your feet.

The beginning of each story has a reflective story from the author. These remind me of teaching stories or medicine tales. They are followed by a meditation and affirmation. Several of each are offered in each section. The accompanying artwork are simple black and white illustrations.

I highly recommend Nature Devotional: Eco-Spiritual Reflections, Meditations and Affirmations. A great way to build, rebuild, connect or reconnect with your personal practice and the Universe around you. A bridge to Know Thyself on a deeper level with connection to the Earth in all her wonder.

Blessed Be,

About the Author

Rebecca Reitz is a eco-spirituality advocate and illustrator. She has a deep respect for nature and all the meditations, teachings, and musings that arise from her time lived in it. Rebecca lives in Denver, Colorado, USA.

With her work @spiritdaughter and personal designs, she aims to inspire others to notice, appreciate and respect the spiritual energies, power and patterns of nature, through the seasons, elements and the divine feminine aka mother nature. You can find her perpetually inspired by the nature and mountains surrounding her, always seeking where the universe may take her next.

Instagram: @becca_reitz / @spiritdaughter 



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