Book Review – You Have the Magic 2024 Calendar & Day Planner by Viki Lester

Book Review

You Have the Magic
2024 Calendar & Day Planner

by Viki Lester

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

24 Pages

Release Date: August 1, 2023




“Dark Academia meets whimsy-gothic. Both affirming and Beautiful, You Have the Magic will make the entire year enchanting.” — Amazon

The front of the wall calendar is black with flowers, moths, moons and hands. A lovely depiction of cycles and magic. The opening page has the months of September, October, November and December 2023 in a smaller usable blank dated grid format.

“You Control Your Own Universe” (Opening affirmation)

Each month features artwork on a black background with an affirmation. The calendar pages are standard monthly grid showing the days of the week, dates for the month, holidays and moon phases. Delightfully hidden in the middle of the calendar are four stickers with artwork and affirmations from different months of the calendar.

“You are exactly where you are meant to be” (November’s affirmation)

For those of us who still love the pen and paper date books, You have the Magic 2024 Monthly/Weekly planner is small enough to comfortably fit inside a daily carryall, yet large enough to comfortably write appointments and reminders. This is a spiral bound day planner with thicker front and back covers. The internal pages are a thicker paper that should stand up to wear and tear. I look forward to trying this out myself.

The front of this day planner is black with gold constellations, colorful planets and flowers. Another subtle reminder of the connection of Universal and natural connections that abound. Each month depicts the zodiac name and date range, zodiac date range, constellation, zodiac symbolism, planet and flowers on a black background.

Next is the monthly overview page in grid format with days, dates, holidays and moon phases. After is a two-page spread covering the week in Monday to Friday format with holidays and moon phases noted on the appropriate day. You have plenty of room to write down appointments and notes. These pages are a white background with the name of the month on the right-hand page and a flower on the top left and bottom right.

Towards the back of the planner is a two-day spread “2025 Planning”. These pages list the months and provide four lines to write information pertaining to the upcoming timeframes. Following this is a page for the year 2023 and 2025. A small grid calendar in one year format with month, day and date for reference. Lastly are seven note pages for your use.

This simple straight-forward calendar is perfectly laid out with the necessary information. The minimalist designs on the planner pages are perfect for someone who wishes to focus on the information they write and not background notes or illustrations. Yet, beautiful illustrations abound on the monthly pages. If you get excited over a new calendars, I highly recommend this calendar and day planner for your consideration.

Blessed Be,

About the Author

Viki Lester is a digital illustrator inspired by botanicals and gothic vibes.



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