Book Review: Celtic Goddess Grimoire by Annwyn Avalon

Overview of Celtic Goddess Grimoire

Celtic Goddess Grimoire: Invoke the Enduring Power of the Celtic Feminine Divine by Annwyn Avalon is packed with spells, rituals, sacred practices, and meditations with a litany of Celtic goddesses from areas like Gaul, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and other continental Celtic goddesses. The book covers some well known Celtic goddesses, as well as some that aren’t as well known to witches, but are to Druids, like Nemetona. Celtic Goddess Grimoire also covers some faery woman as well, such as Morgan le Fay and others. Avalon artfully weaves the the mythologies and known information about each goddess, and then follows each with a section of spells, rituals, invocations and meditations pertinent to what each goddess’s mythos imparts, and she gives ideas for practical yet sacred practices with each goddess. Each new chapter starts with the name of the Goddess, and gives associations, sacred items, sacred places and much more. The book is split into sections-Goddesses of the land, mother goddesses, fairy woman and other types of goddesses and spirits within the Celtic realms. Annwyn Avalon also shares Roman interpretations when possible, another nice and historical touch, as the Roman influence in late Celtic thinking can’t be denied, and lives on today. The end of Celtic Goddess Grimoire closes with suggestions to meeting a Celtic Goddess that has chosen to come to you, and closes with a list of various Celtic goddesses not mentioned in the book, and a brief overview of what each of those goddesses is all about, or what is known about them.

Personal thoughts and review

Celtic Goddess Grimoire was on my reading list since before it was released, and it exceeded my expectations and surpassed my excitement of receiving it to review. Avalon doesn’t shy away from warnings about the darker side of some of these goddesses and faery women, noting that some like The Morrigan and even Melusine have been known to be wrathful, but still can be helpful in our lives. I was personally relieved to see that the section on Brighid wasn’t overdone; I love Brighid, and she is a wonderful goddess, but so many Celtic books almost laser focus on her because of her popularity. It was a breath of fresh air to read on Goddesses that I didn’t know much about like Sulis and Andraste, while also learning more about the Celtic Goddesses I have an existing relationship with, such as Cerridwen and Rhiannon, The Morrigan and Brighid. I also appreciated the weaving of Arthurian lore with some of these wonderful goddesses and faery women’s mythologies.

On a scale of 1-5, I give Celtic Goddess Grimoire: Invoke the Enduring Power of the Celtic Feminine Divine a 5. This book is the book that any Celtic pagan, witch, Druid, or Goddess Worshipper needs on their shelf. The healing that is possible with these rituals, and the great things that started happening for me personally once I embarked on the journey with these goddesses, are testament to the greatness of the Goddesses, and the power and ability of the content within the book. I would recommend this book to any Pagan, it’s that good!

Annwyn Avalon is a water priestess and Celtic witch. She founded multiple traditions of witchcraft, and has dedicated her life to esoteric study, witchcraft and art. She writes for various other publications, including Patheos. Avalon lives in Glastonbury, and is the sacred steward of Chalice Orchard, the former home of Dion Fortune. Avalon is also a keeper at the White Spring, one of Glastonbury’s sacred springs.


About the Author:

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