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Weyland’s Whey, May 27th, 2024

Working on My Dreams

The Weylander has many interests.  Coffee!  Pizza!  And dreaming.  Especially lucid dreaming, in which you realize you’re dreaming while you’re actually doing so.  This can help you achieve a sort of control over events in your dreams.  I can do it once in a blue moon.  In the most recent one, Sparkle and I were walking down a road at night.  I told her we needed a car.  She said we didn’t have one.  I said, “I’ll make one.”  And suddenly we were cruising down that country road.  (I didn’t notice what kind of a car it was, but the steering wheel was on the right.  Maybe we were in England, I’m not sure.)  I woke up before Sparkle could start complaining about my driving.

My how-to is simple: I keep a dream diary.  (There may be other methods, but this is the one I use.)  I keep it on my bedside nightstand.  As soon as I wake up in the morning, I jot down what I remember.  I have to move fast because if I don’t get it on paper quick, I’ll forget it.  I’ve used tape recorders in the past, but I prefer a notebook or journal.  The more often you do this, the better your recall when you remember.  And the more often you remember your individual dreams, the more likely you are to begin knowing when you’re in one.  And then you can manipulate them.

This doesn’t qualify as a party trick, because there’s no way to show someone else you’re actually controlling your dreams.  But it comes in handy for problem resolution (think foresight), regrets (do overs) and anxiety reduction.

Helpful hint: If anybody else has access to your dream diary–like a spouse or a partner–edit your entries accordingly.  Dreams of exes and/or hot coworkers are usually frowned upon by current sweeties.  Prudence pays!

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By Wey of Explanation

Okay, Pilgrims, we all already know Pagan Pages is a non-profit.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that means I don’t get paid.  As in not a dime.  Nada.  So any ads I show here in Weyland’s Whey are freebies too.  I see good stuff, I tell you about it.  Period.  No greenbacks come my way.

I even had to pay for the cookies…


Free Plug Department

D&B Window & Glass.


I know Dante.  (Free disclosure time: he gave me a baseball cap and a hoodie with his logos on them.  Think human billboard.)  He and his minions have done work for me a couple of times.  Even Sparkle was impressed.  Secaucus, N.J. area.

Laria Martino

Art for Commercial & Residential


I know nothing about art–but I like hers.  Providence, R.I. area

Trattoria Appia

Neapolitan food.  Great service.  Friendly staff.  Sparkle and I ate there on our Salem jaunt last year.  We loved it.

245 Atwells Ave.

Providence, R.I. 02903




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