Book Review: Astrolations! by Jill Carr

Overview of Astrolations!

Astrolations!: A Unique Astrological Guide For You and All Your Relationships by Jill Carr definitely lives up to its title, as Carr fuses Tropical (Star Sign) Astrology, as well as Sidereal (Astrology that uses more current dates for when the sun is in a sign, thus moving the sign dates forward), and Chinese astrology. The Book opens with a brief, yet thorough explanation of the Star Signs, the sign most of us know, and then also covers the Sidereal sign dates, as well as the Chinese zodiac signs, and gives a list of Chinese sign years starting in 1900, going until 2032, also giving the Chinese element of that sign for each year. Carr briefly explains the Chinese as well as Western Astrological elements also. The first few chapters of the book are a prompt and thorough run down of Carr’s own system of Astrology as she’s developed it.

Chapter 5 starts the run down of the 144 sign combinations, combining the Western and Chinese zodiacs together. Carr mentions that you should look at both your sidereal and tropical sign combinations with your Chinese zodiac, which I found interesting, as not many folks that I know, practice Sidereal astrology alongside Tropical astrology. Carr seems to have fused them together, which I personally appreciate, as I’ve had interest in Sidereal astrology, but have found it difficult to merge the two very separate schools of thought. Chapter 5 of the book is a whopping 528 pages, with each sign combination getting a thorough run-down, as well as how that individual may be experienced as a colleague, coworker, romantic partner, friend or parent. Carr also gives compatibilities with other sign combinations in these sections. The book then covers each of 144 sign combinations as children, followed by a section covering your moon sign’s influence, as well as your western ascendant, and your Chinese ascendant. The back of the book lists famous people’s sign combinations, a nice touch to see if you share some commonalities with a celebrity.

Personal thoughts and review

Astrolations! wasn’t what I expected it to be, but I’m not disappointed by that in the least. Instead of another book going over synastry, basic compatibility and the like, I found a truly unique system of astrology that merges Western and Chinese Astrology, and Tropical and Sidereal Astrology, giving a deeper look at who we are as individuals, as well as others in our lives. I found Carr’s take on using Tropical Astrology as our “star sign”, and our sun signs being based on the more astronomically current Sidereal system unique and thought provoking. Personally, looking at the material within the book on those different signs and combinations, as well as my rising, both Western and Chinese, gave a really clear picture about me as a person, and others I’m close with. The material presented in the book is thorough yet short for each combination, giving an in depth, yet concise overview. I really liked this book, and found it to be a refreshing break from the more common Tropical/Western Astrological systems that are often covered in many Astrology books. Earlier I said that this book lives up to its title as being unique, and the above reasons are why I say this.

Astrolations! doesn’t sugar coat some of the signs and sign combinations less favorable attributes, but also asks the reader to consider their not so friendly behaviors from the perspective of someone they’re treating like that, instead of demonizing certain signs as we so often see on Social Media and in popular culture. On a scale of 1-5, I give Astrolations! a 4.5; I’m not completely sure how I feel about using both Sidereal and Tropical Astrology together, as for beginners it could be really confusing. However, for someone more well versed in Astrology and its different systems, this is worth a read and deserves a place on any Astrologer’s bookshelf! It makes a wonderful reference and can be a helpful tool to understanding all the different relationships you have, as well as highlighting some problem areas and approaches to working through them.

Jill Carr lives in County Cornwall, and enjoys hiking, swimming, yoga, and anything Astrology. She has spent many years of her life studying and researching Astrology, first starting out in her teens, and then in the 1970’s she began studying Chinese astrology as well as other methods of Astrology. You can find her at her Astrolations! website to leave comments about the book and other topics in Astrology.


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