Book Review: Pagan Portals: Dragon Magic by Rachel Patterson

Here Be Dragons…

Pagan Portals: Dragon Magic by Rachel Patterson is another lovely addition to one of my favorite Pagan publication series. For those unfamiliar, Pagan Portals is a series of short, introductory books on various deities, magicks, etc., by Moon Books. I received an e-book copy of this wonderful book, and it doesn’t disappoint, either, especially if you’re a lover of Dragons and their lore, myths, and power. Patterson begins by addressing myths from around the world pertaining to Dragons, from Chinese myths, to Ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian myths, various Catholic and Orthodox myths with Dragons, Middle Eastern, Celtic and Norse, and even more world myths of Dragons, giving the unfamiliar reader a chance to get a glimpse of what dragons are all about, scales, fire and all. Patterson then goes on to discuss what she calls “Dragonology”, offering descriptions of the behaviors, character traits and appearances of various “species”, if you will, of Dragons, a thoughtful inclusion I don’t see too often in books on this subject. Finally, Patterson then gives an entire section of this book to Dragon Magic, whether it’s creating an altar to Dragons, offering ideas, spells, meditations to work with Dragons, and even an entire ritual to call on Dragon Energy in your magick! In the Dragon Magic section, she even gives some corresponding crystals, herbs and fruits for Dragons, and what they may be helpful with in your journey weaving magick with dragons. It’s a short read, with 100 pages of material, followed by end notes and recommended reading, etc., to close out the book.

Personal thoughts on Pagan Portals: Dragon Magic

Whew! This was another book that was on my summer reading list, and boy! It did not disappoint. Besides my personal affinity for and appreciation of the Pagan Portals series, I found that Patterson’s writing was warm, jovial at times, and relatable, as is the case in her other books. Before reading this book, my main Dragon resource was the series of books by the late DJ Conway, which served their purpose, but could be a bit too involved for those looking to get a foot in the water, so to speak. I appreciated Patterson’s covering of the Elemental Dragons, Chaos Dragons, and other dragons, for the Sabbats, for instance. The day of writing this review, I had something happen in my personal life that jarring, to say the least; when I had finally collected myself, I could not help but notice my Dragon statues on one of my altars, staring back at me, almost beckoning to ask their help and put to use the material within Pagan Portals: Dragon Magic. I performed some of the spells, rituals and chants in this book, and instantly felt that the Dragons, especially my Guardian Dragon, had done what was needed, and a sense of serenity and calm followed suit. The material in this book is the real deal, as are the spells. I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to begin a journey with Dragons, and even the advanced Dragon Rider/Magician can find gems and new ways of exploring the world of our scaly friends within this book. On a scale of 1-5, I give Pagan Portals: Dragon Magic a 5. I will recommend this book to many others in times to come, I’m sure of that. For the time being, I’ll be tending to my Dragons if you need me!

Rachel Patterson is a well known and respected English Witch, who has written many other books that are personal favorites of mine, such as Curative Magic. Patterson has been walking hand in hand with the Pagan Gods and spirits for over 30 years; she loves learning, and sharing her knowledge with others to enrich their lives and spiritual pursuits. Patterson is also a member of the Kitchen Witch Coven.


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