Musings of a Hereditary Witch

Bringing the Witch to Work

This month I want to share how I bring my spirituality to work and maybe inspire some of you to do the same. It all begins before I even leave the house in the morning.

I’m up at 5:30 and by 6:00 I’m at my altar setting the intention for my day at work. I do this as part of my morning devotions.  I think about what I need to have happen in my day, like having clear communications with my coworkers, receiving pertinent information quickly, having clients be receptive to my collection calls, or other such work related intentions. I visually see myself going about my duties and set the energy for the office while I am still at home.

Before my drive to work, I sit in my car and recite a protection mantra for my journey to work and back home again. On the drive in, I chant or listen to XM radio. Once I arrive in the parking lot, I sit in my car for a few moments and centered myself. While walking from my car to the building, I am often greeted by hawk, crane, crow, coyote, or fox that impart messages and add another layer of energy to my day.

At the corporation I work for, everyone knows I’m a Witch. Believe me I know how fortunate I am. I still have to abide by the dress code but I have been given some latitude on what I keep on my desk. I have one drawer that looks like a mini magical shop.

As one of the first people at work, I am able assess the energy before anyone else arrives. Depending on how the energy feels I may sprinkle salt across the entrance of my cubical, or use a liquid sage smudge to sprits around my area. One of my coworkers asks that I do this for her cubical as well as she has a stressful job.

I have a small altar on my computer stand. It consists of an offering Goddess which holds some small stones, rose petals and shells; there is also a dragon, rose quartz, black tourmaline, a candle holder with an electric tea light, and pictures. Around my monitor, I have taped various interesting stamps that I rescued from the mail. These stamps are of people like Isadora Duncan, Mark Twain, Carman Miranda, etc., nature scenes, animals, and even one of Calvin and Hobbes that makes me smile. There is a paper Tiger Swallowtail (beauty & transformation) that hovers over my monitor. My pencil cup is a coffee mug that depicts The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. I have two greeting cards in my window; Amy Brown’s “Attitude” which depicts a Faery with her hands on her hips while standing in front of a dragon. The other card just says “Wicked” and was given to me by a dear friend.

I keep a few essential oils on hand. Lavender aids stress relief and relieves headaches. Sweet Orange to lift the spirits and aid in mental clarity. Both of these have become quite popular with my coworkers. Rosemary is my go-to oil for just about anything. I keep a variety of herbal teas, not just for drinking, but for their magical scent/intent as well.

My cubicle has become the Office of Camp Counselor. Here is where my coworkers come to vent. Usually, they just need someone to listen. Sometimes I help them look at their issue and ask a few questions. Then I give them something to visualize, or put a few drops of essential oil on a tissue for them to inhale on their way back to their area..

Often while I’m working, friends will text me asking for healing or energy to be sent for a particular need. I write the person’s name on an appropriately colored sticky note, use sigils to represent their request and anoint the paper. I empower it with my intention, stick it to my altar, and place the candle holder with the ‘lit’ candle over the paper. Every chance I get I’ll send energy into the spell. At the end of the day, I will then take this home and continue to work the energy.

Before leaving work I make sure my desk is cleared and that all pending work is in a drawer. Having a clean desk to come into each morning brings a positive and calming start to my day.

How do you bring your Witchy self into your work place?