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Yule Fashion: Fireworks- outfit

In my calendar Yule extends up to the middle of January. Yule is the only Sabbat that includes two major, populist, holidays; X-mas and New Year. Both have strong, unique, individual styles.
  After X-mas I quickly start feeling uncomfortable in my red-and-gold colored clothes, and begin longing for New Year´s colors; electric blue and silver. It was at the turn of the Millenium, when I realized that those are the colors of my New Year. Sadly that era only lasts for up to three weeks (of each year, and year after year of course). But I feel it is important to include an outfit or two for post holidays, so I don´t look like I´m desperately still holding on to X-mas in January!  =)
  Here´s how I ride up until Imbolc:
Bottoms up! My favorite colors, just the way I like it. A bright electric blue is quite difficult to find, and this knit fabric has also metallic, multi-colored, fuzz all around it. Just like fireworks in the dark sky of New Year´s night! Could not be more perfect.
This bat-sleeved pattern, I used to make the sweater, is one of my favorites. It allows me to wear a skinnier pair of pants, as it balances out the top half of my (pear-shaped) body. Looking good is all about proportions. The jewelry is from a bunch of years back, but still works well because my style has not changed. That´s responsible consumerism. =)
The design. I guess I have not let the inner child in me die, because I love to use these printed pictures of Bratz dolls as motifs to my designs. They are exaggeratedly beautiful, and therefore perfect to use as my imaginary playground. Originally I wanted to make the pants out of fabric with print on it, but as it often turns out, there was none available. So I opted for a plain fleece instead (my favorite winter material!).
This is the darkest time of the year, so I need to be seen in the dark too. Therefore I added a few star-shaped reflectors to the leg hems.
A close-up of the reflective stars. In daylight they don´t draw much attention to them, but when noticed, I hope them to soften and uplift the feeling of this otherwise quite serious-looking outfit. I´m enjoying life, and I want it (the happiness) to shine through my clothes.
The makeup is as sketched in the design above. I like to match, and often repeat, the colors of the outfit in the makeup. Here light silver and royal blue are used on the eyelids as the focal point of the face. Cheeks are dusted with greyish beige to create a shadow mainly, and lips coated with sparkling light grey lipgloss for a frosty effect.

Have a beautiful, happy and creative year 2014!

Greetings from Nelland!