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Crystals for Working with the New & Full Moon

If you are anything like me, working with the moon phases are a big part of your monthly rituals. I am always looking for the perfect crystals to support my moon work. I have come up with some tried and true crystals over the years that I work with again and again. I hope you will try working with some of these and that you find they enhance your intention setting, wish making and honoring of our beautiful Luna. Read on to hear my top crystal allies for the new and full moon.

New Moon Crystals

When I think of the new moon, many things come to mind, but above all intention setting is what the new moon represents for me. New moon is a time for new beginnings, new ideas, and birthing them into existence. The new moon represents yin energy, cleansing and closing one door for a new one to open up. New opportunities and planting the seeds of change.

Every dark moon I wear my new moon crystals as jewelry all day, and in the evening I will gather my journal, a pen, some tea, light my incense & candles, and gather my crystal toolkit that I have gathered over time. I sometimes mix it up and add other crystals to the group, but these are the crystals I ALWAYS use. I would feel unprepared without them. They have served me well and I count on them to continue to serve me well. I truly believe each time we work with our crystals it intensifies our bond and connection. So the more times you work with it, the more powerful it gets. Which is why many people will use the same workhorse crystals over & over. I invite you to take inspiration from this list, but by all means, if you feel called to work with another crystal- DO IT. You can’t mess it up…no crystal is ever wrong if it feels right. Go with your gut here.

My top new moon crystal is labradorite. This is probably the most associated crystal with new moon work. Labradorite is dark when viewed at certain angles, and then when you tilt it just so…. you can then see the flash of a rainbow of electric glowing colors. This stone helps us to remember that even though the sky is dark right now, it will be illuminated again. It’s all about perception. The moon is still out there, we are just unable to see it at this moment. But it can light us up and affect us whether we can see her or not. Labradorite is a stone of transformation, and is a very useful companion through changes. It’s long been associated with spiritualism, psychic intuition and journeys of the soul. This crystal helps you to become the person you are meant to be. It also removes blocks and cleanses both the chakras and the aura.

My second new moon must have is yellow Apatite. This is THE manifestation stone. If you are setting intentions, this is your best friend. I always use yellow Apatite when setting intentions or manifesting. Its one of the purest crystals of the yellow ray- the vibration of mental clarity, strength of will and manifestation. Yellow apatite promotes a positive use of personal power to achieve goals. It encourages assertiveness, courage and personal growth.

My third new moon friend is larvikite. This is a natural choice for the dark moon, as with labradorite, it looks dark but then comes alive with flashy goodness when moved around. Larvikite brings in the flow of positive energies. It also stills and focuses your mind. Larvikite will dispel anything harmful or no longer needed. It powerfully connects you with the earth’s energies. It stimulates creativity and deepens wisdom.

Full Moon Crystals

The full moon represents completion. The beautiful moon is at 100% illumination. Even non-witchy folks acknowledge that the full moon affects us! The full moon represents reaping what you’ve sown, yang energy and completion. It’s a time for giving thanks for the seeds that have taken root that were planted at the new moon. Rejoicing over the blessings that have come to fruition.

My top crystal for full moon work is rainbow moonstone. This is clearly appropriate as it has moon in its name. I have always been drawn to the beauty of rainbow moonstone with its wide array of beautiful colors. Rainbow Moonstone encompasses feminine goddess energy. It enhances feelings and provides deep inner awareness. Rainbow Moonstone aids you in embracing your gifts and to recognize your destiny. It helps women to embrace their sovereignty.

My second favorite full moon crystal is selenite. The word selenite means “moon” in Greek. Selenite has an ethereal glow to it that looks like the moon herself. Selenite is such a pure crystal, and it represents everything the moon represents to me, light, purity, peace, and most of all hope. Selenite clears, opens and activates the crown and higher chakras. It also evokes protection from the angelic realm and removes negative energy. It brings mental clarity, and clears confusion to reveal the bigger picture. Selenite helps you to connect with ones guides and higher self.

My last full moon must have is Ethiopian opal. This is also a light colored crystal that displays flashes of the most intense colors. This opal enhances intuition, aids psychic development, and helps to boost ones ability to see the future-or precognition. Ethiopian opal helps with decision making, increases creativity, and changes your perception and the way you think. It also helps you to release fear, to recognize your blockages and surrounds you with a protective energetic barrier.

I hope this helps you to chose some crystals for working with during the moon phases. The wise Hibiscus Moon said it beautifully “The ancients realized that everything on our planet depends on and is affected by the natural rhythms of our moon”. And I completely agree. Tapping into and working with the moon’s phases is a great way to enhance our existence. Since following luna’s direction I have seen such positive changes in all areas of my life. I hope you will try going with the flow too and start incorporating some powerful crystals into your practice as well. It’s yet another layer of magic that you can use to support your dreams.

Thanks for reading and hope you will come back next month! Love and Crystal Blessings!



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