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Book Review – Fairies Plain & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need – An Introduction to The History and Mystery of Their Magical Realm by Ralph Harvey

Book Review

Fairies Plain & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need

An Introduction to The History and Mystery of Their Magical Realm

by Ralph Harvey

144 Pages



This 144-page book opens with a beautiful piece of Poetry and then quickly moves into 3 parts. Part one consists of an Introduction to Fairies. The author goes over different versions of the term Faeries and tells a little about where the Fae come from, different classifications as well as different names they may go by depending on culture and region. From the beginning I noticed the photography though only in black and white, is beautiful and can be seen throughout the entirety of the book. I do wish they were in color though, just because they are so beautiful, I truly feel they would have been ethereal in color.

Throughout the book the author was able to tell of his own experience with the Faeries in which I thoroughly enjoyed how down to Earth the re-telling was. I appreciated that Mr. Harvey very much still seemed in awe of his experiences which brought magic to his retelling.

In Part 2 Mr. Harvey touches on lore and I was so very excited to get into it and learned some excellent information such as likes, dislikes, and my favorite, a step by step guide to help you see them. When Mr. Harvey went into his personal research later in Part 2, I got goosebumps at his telling of his and his wife’s adventures covering sightings from locals. Part 3 covered the Faery realm, different superstitions, elementals, and flowers.

Overall, I am happy to have this book on my book shelf. I feel it was informative and fun as well as covered a wide variety of Faerie topics. AsPlain & Simple” as the cover claims. I do wish there was more to this book and hope to find more work on Faeries from this Author. He was engaging and to the point. I do wish the chapters and parts were a little better organized for quick flip through but luckily the book is small enough at 144 pages that I could still quickly pull information as needed. I really enjoyed the photos and poetry in the book and suggest this book for those serious about their interest in faeries.


About the Author:

Hello Lovelies, my name is Lizzie, I’m a short, hot tempered, Pink haired, scatterbrain with 2 boys, a husband of 10 years who is absolutely amazing, 3 pups, and a cat who I cant figure out if she’s my familiar or just a sassy brat who decided to make me her person. I love reading, writing, knitting, and 420. I’m a big seeker of knowledge and love to learn about other cultures and traditions. I began my studies on religions, faiths, history and cultures when I was 12 years old and have been fascinated ever since. That interest on the world developed a drive in me to travel and I have been quite the gypsy in my short years on Earth, having been to more than 30 States, and Mexico learning and studying this crazy thing we call life. I have since settled down in the beautiful California desert to tend to my hearth and home and have considered myself a cottage witch for about 2 years now. Now my days are filled with educating young minds, binge reading, writing and trying to keep my windowsill plants alive.