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The Sacred Geometry of Nemetons

In order to explain the sacred geometry of nemetons, I need to briefly explain the levels of light in the inner planes. My understandings about this topic came through my 30-year druid path, druidry and light healing both. The simple, meditative, healing process I use twice a day moved me gradually through many planes of light, which came into the ethers around me for a week or so and then moved out below, so I was always moving up, an ascension process basically. Altogether, there were 363 planes, separated into seven different inner worlds, or heavens. Each heaven was inhabited by different beings who came into my meditations and journeys during that particular phase, too, humans in the first heaven, devas or female fairies in the second, djinns or male fairies in the third level, seraphim or virgin (genderless) angels at the fourth, cherubim or child angels in the fifth, and gods and goddesses in the sixth and seventh heavens. There were initiations between each level, too, which involved significant stress, followed by a change of partnership, job, or location, (or all three!). The first initiation was earth, then water, then air, and fire, cherub, and bone. I am still waiting for the diamond initiation of the seventh heaven, the last one.

In the highest or seventh heaven, there are 15 light structures that regulate all kinds of cycles and have their own particular directives across the cosmos, one light structure each for; the seven chakras, the five basic parts of everyone’s spirit (beloved, mother, father, boy, girl), plus mind, heart, and action. I won’t go into more details about these now because it gets confusing and isn’t the topic I’m focusing on here. I just want to give everyone a basic understanding, so the rest of this article will make sense and fit into the general cosmic spirit framework where it belongs. If you want to know about all these light structures in detail, see the revised version of the first book of my Alba Reborn trilogy (specifically the twelve druid lessons as the druid, Coillore, teaches his student, the hero of the novels, Fìrinn, about the structures of light of the seventh heaven).

So, the very highest light structure in the seventh heaven is the Creator Sun, the central one in the cosmos. It’s divided into five sections, and the spirit of all beings in all worlds are holograms of this fivefold structure. In the center of the Creator Sun are the Creators, Goddess and God in a forever love partnership, the Beloveds. Around Them are the mother, father, girl, and boy quadrants with lesser gods and goddesses in each one, twelve gods and goddesses altogether, another very sacred number. And since nemetons create a portal directly to this Creator Sun, there are twelve trees in a nemeton, one for each of the gods and goddesses in it. But its sacred geometry is made up of two six-pointed stars, one of these rotated 30 degrees, the first two illustrations below. If you put these together, you get a twelve-pointed star like the one below, the sacred geometry that underlies every nemeton.

The stars of David link to two lower light structures of the seventh heaven, the Old Heart of the Mother and the Old Heart of the Father. Hers regulates global financial and food resources flowing into all families, his regulates global trade and commerce, finances outside the family circle. (The Old Heart of the Mother anchors into the Jewish race. And this is why Jewish folk have been so relentlessly persecuted, I believe, to keep the financial flow of the global feminine blocked and in the hands of the dark side.) But put together in this way to make a twelve-pointed star, it shifts to become a portal for the diamond light of God/Goddess in the Creator Sun, and the essence changes from finance to manifestation of one’s heart’s desires. This diamond light is created every time Goddess and God’s two vibrations in the center of the Creator Sun move together after a small movement apart. This is the Heartbeat of the universe, and it creates the clear or diamond light with an orgasmic essence. Can you see how the twelve-pointed star above looks like the facets of a diamond? Nemetons create a very real channel of light up through those inner planes all the way from earth to the Creator Sun, magical indeed! Very real diamond light flows down into every nemeton and any person inside it! In every sense, this clear light is the light of Love. And it will make anyone happier, calmer, more creative, more alive, healthier, and focused on doing some good for the world they are living in as well as the universe (I would love to put some of our so-very-disappointing global leaders into a nemeton for a year!). The clear light is all around us everywhere but most folks pay no attention to it and remain completely unaware of its potential. On earth, the clear light is not very activated, either, because the fears of all those 363 planes above play out here, earth being the very lowest level (but a VERY special place, EXTREMELY special, in fact, for earth will in time become the Creator Sun revealed into the physical, paradise reborn. Being lowest does NOT mean being less!)

The underlying energies of every nemeton are identical to those of the Creator Sun as well, in addition to this twelve-pointed star. The left side is the feminine (standing in the north and looking inside), the right is the masculine, exactly like the energy field of every human being (except the brain, which is reversed, feminine on the right, masculine on the left. When I ask my inner druid guides why that is, I always hear God saying, “Because She is always right!”). In the Creator Sun, it is the heart that always leads, so the nemeton light structures reflect the heart level. So, the tree at the top (north) on the right side is the Goddess tree, the one on the left in the north is the God tree. The two trees beside and below the Queen tree link to the mother goddesses of the Creator Sun and this NE section is the mother quadrant. The trees beside and below the King tree link to the two fathers of the Creator Sun, and this NW section is the father quadrant. In the SE quadrant are the three girls of the Creator Sun, a divine infant, a child, and a virgin, the youngest in the south and moving up (my druid guides speak of virgins as anyone between the ages of 11 and 22, unrelated to virginity.) This is the girl quadrant. In the SW are the three boys of the Creator Sun, the same ages as the girls, and this is obviously the boy quadrant. This is the basic sacred geometry of every nemeton.

But actually, the Beloved or Creator energies are strongest in the center of the nemeton circle, exactly like the Creator Sun light structure, which is a Celtic cross form as shown above. The Creators (and divine infants) sit in the small central circle, elder parents and virgins are in the middle circle, and younger parents and children are in the outermost circle. All things in the cosmos are built in this spirit structure. Take the US, for example. The northwest, with its expanded views and mountains is the US father quadrant. The northeast or New England is the mother; the southwest, with its deserts and high-tech industries, is the boy; and the southeast, with its formal dresses, social courtesies, and slavery is the US girl quadrant (slavery is deeply built into the girl quadrant as this aspect is especially disliked by the dark side because she births everyone’s inner divine child. So, she was forced into slavery in the Dragon star long, long ago, a future article, perhaps). The Beloveds anchor most strongly into the very center of the country, Illinois for God, Ohio for the Goddess. The globe has the identical fivefold structure: Asia, the mother; Africa, the girl; North America, the father; and South America, the boy. The Beloveds anchor into the Middle East, which gets a bit more diamond light than the rest, so this region tends to be the major player on the global stage. But this, too, is a digression. Let’s get back to nemetons.

When mediating or doing ritual in a nemeton, I prefer to access the Beloveds or Creators in the very center, not so much beside the King and Queen trees flanking the north entrance. As a whole, nemetons as portals to the Creator Sun bring in a highly protective influence, keeping untruth and/or dark influences at bay. This is because nemetons lift everyone up above the Dragon star (the light structure just below the Creator Sun in the seventh heaven). It was in the Dragon star that death first became real and humanity’s deepest and most basic fears were built into us there. The Dragon star is a place of severe darkness, full of slippery and deceitful reptilian influences, terrorism, disease (especially cancer), and so, being lifted above this level inside a nemeton makes everything coming through far more truthful and simpler to understand. (The regents of darkness on the Dragon star are in service to the Creators, though, helping humanity learn wisdom, our main task on earth, what humanity was created for. So, it’s all good, as they say.) This is why I personally do not use skulls, snakes, or weapons in my rituals or on my altars, for all these link to the Dragon star and activate fear energies in their vicinity, which mainly just gets in the way. The clear light is also the force of love, the main gift of the Creators to the cosmos. LOVE is the force of manifestation! Love is the TRUTH! Love is THE force, the diamond light, pure and simple. It will bring anyone’s heart’s desires into their own little world in a simple, quiet manner that is not showy or ostentatious but is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than any other way. Period. This diamond light of the Creators especially wants to give everyone a permanent true love, the gift of the Goddess, and world service, the gift of God, and any spirit work inside a nemeton will build the foundations of these.

This year, I finally moved to my own home and put in a baby nemeton (large English Oaks being a tad expensive after home buying). In my nemeton here, I have four entrances; north, south, east, and west. And the three trees in each quadrant are linked by small wildflower beds. There are no hybrids or ornamentals here, only plants that are native and WILD. It was one of my inner druid guides, my djinn brother from the Creator Sun, who taught me all these structures of the inner planes over many years as well as these nemeton geometries I am explaining now. He urges me not to mow grass inside the nemeton, either, for mowing brings in a violence energy, and the spirit world wants to bring through peace there, instead. I cannot bear the thought of mowing near grasshoppers and dragonflies, anyway. So, I put in a grass alternative, which only needs mowing once a month, a mini-clover (which also fertilizes naturally, since clover draws in nitrogen and fixes it into the soil.). Well, no, I do have white and red Eden climbing roses flanking the south entrance, the main one I use in ceremony, for these roses bring through the Beloved aspects of God/Goddess quite powerfully. But they are hybrids, the one exception to my native/wild wishes. I’ve planted the quadrant beds so that two or three plants are blooming in each quadrant over the growing seasons, spring, summer, and fall moons, enough to be sweet and colorful but not showy or overdone. The regents of the Creator Sun come through in very simple, humble ways, so I thought this was appropriate. And I’ve planted the flowers in the appropriate quadrant for the most part, too. The blue salvia pitcheri in the photo above blooms in late fall and carries a very watery mother energy, so, of course, it’s in the mother quadrant. The pink anemone holds a dancing little girl essence, so it’s in the SE. And then these quadrant beds are ringed by fallen branches full of those wonderful lichens that always seem so magical to me as well. There, that’s it!

My nemeton looks so simple and small that most folks wouldn’t even notice it. Only I know how sweet, rarified and clear, and really powerful to the spirit it is in there. Try building one yourself and see. Every White Oak also has a channel of light up to the high God, the male Creator. Every Apple tree has a channel to the Goddess. So, if you don’t have space or your own land for a whole nemeton, try sitting near one of those, instead. May they bless you, every one!


About the Author:

Jill Frew Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and energy/light healer, who has followed a druid path of enlightenment for over 30 years. She is founder of The Celtic Heaven School, a nine-month program that teaches druidry, ascension, and healing. And she is author of the Alba Reborn Trilogy (the life story of a druid priestess and priest in BCE Scotland and their teachings of enlightenment), A Guidebook to Druidry, and Light Healing for Children.