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The Most Important Druid Lesson of All – The Power of the Heart



I recently went to a Sunday service where folks believe that keeping one’s mind controlled and focused on positives like peace and abundance and health can manifest such things into a living reality. Manifestation into form is the magic everyone wants to access and use for their own purposes. And while I do agree that thoughts hold some creative power, what I’ve been taught on my thirty-year druid path isn’t nearly so simple.

The closest thing to manifesting anything into physical reality I’ve ever observed was during energy school in 1996, when staff healers did healings on me and other students. They said they needed to read the energy until the fear belief causing my issue was clear because only healing the belief would stop that particular pain in my life from reoccurring. I heard what they said and took notes on their techniques. But what totally astounded me afterwards was noticing my angels and inner guides carefully removing reflections of all recently healed beliefs from my life. Good God! These inner healings were changing my outer ‘reality’ for the better! This idea was beyond anything I’d seen as a psychologist with 25 years experience using the old therapeutic method. (Not only that but, energetically, past life beliefs could be accessed in moments, as opposed to the slow talking method I was used to in which months could be taken trying to get to the core of an inner wound. Energy work was therapy in warp speed!)

But let’s get back to the idea of inner beliefs changing one’s outer world. Over my 18 months of energy school, I observed small positive changes after every healing. One of my own clients came back after our first energy session and told me her mother had called her an hour after our healing, something that hadn’t happened in 50 years! Several women in my class at energy school were able to get pregnant after fear beliefs were removed. And now, after 24 years of doing energy work myself, I can state without the slightest reservation that inner beliefs do in fact hold our outer ‘realities’ in place. It has become very, very clear that this is true, for I’ve seen thousands of outer shifts from inner light work. Holding positive thoughts in place, on the other hand, hasn’t been so successful at all. Those inner fears always rise up for healing in life, no matter how strongly one thinks about positive outcomes.

I always see seven sheaths of light in people’s energy field with a tiny brilliant spark of light in the very center, right between the four lobes of the heart. And as I progressed on my path, I moved up through many planes of light, colors that came into my aura and moved out below as I kept healing myself. There were seven initiations and seven different worlds in the inner planes, too, matching those sheaths of light in everyone’s energy fields. The first world was earth with its earth initiation. The next world and initiation was water with fae women attending me in my healings. The next level was air with djinns or fae men coming into my meditations. Then came the fire initiation and seraphim in that fourth world. After that, it was cherubim and the cherub initiation. Then the bone initiation and gods and goddesses helping me. And finally, the diamond initiation I haven’t quite reached yet, the last, and more gods and goddesses in that highest world, the seventh heaven.

And the wee light in the center of everyone’s heart comes from the highest of 15 light structures in the seventh world or heaven, the Diamond Core. This light is a tiny drop of God/Goddess in union in the Creator Sun, that highest light structure. This diamond light has an orgasmic and highly creative essence, plus it carries the power of the Creators to make anything it flows through become real in our own little worlds. So, every belief that floats around that tiny brilliant diamond light in the core of our own hearts takes form in our outer reality. Voila! Magic as can be! (Notice, though, that our own ability to manifest all our beliefs into our outer worlds is a sweet illusion, for it is really the Creator light, i.e. the Creators, doing it.)

If there is one thing my druid guides have repeated over and over (and since they usually say nothing at all, this is quite notable!), it is; “Inner creates outer.” I have learned slowly over my years of inner healing that all humans fell down through those seven heavens, other star systems, to earth. And on the way down, all of us took in many, many, many fears. And humans are the only life form on earth who have that tiny and very creative diamond light in the core of their hearts. All other life forms are caught in our creations waiting for us to do our healing work. Only humans took in the fears of all those inner worlds because humans are the only ones on a path to become small creators in the exact image of God/Goddess. It’s a really hard walk, facing all those fears and healing them over centuries to embody the qualities of God/Goddess. And at the end of this walk, when all those old fears are finally healed, we each get to have one true love and our deepest dream for good, or world service, come to life.

That little diamond flame in the core of the heart is full of Creator Love, the most intense, forever, and truest love in the cosmos. And it can heal any and all fears that we may face in our lives. In my own meditation practice, I simply read the shadow energy kernels that hold those ancient memories until I understand the fear beliefs, then I draw the shadows into my own little diamond light and release my contract to believe in those fears. And every old fear simply melts back into light and I am forever changed. And the next time I face that same formerly-terrifying fear in my life, I have little to no reaction within, for the fear is gone. And my angels and guides, of course, have also pulled every reflection of that fear out of my own little world. This is the power of the heart! The mind is great at organizing and planning and imagining. But it is not the vessel of love, and Love is THE healing force. And the mind does not have a diamond flame in the center of it creating all our beliefs into our outer realities. These are powers of the Heart. Mark it well. And its power has proven itself in my own world thousands of times over 24 years, not one failure of healing in all that time (though it is gradual and subtle over time. Your nasty neighbor or relative won’t simply disappear! But s/he will get gradually nicer).

And the far more exciting thing about all this, I think, is that the inner fears that have not yet been healed by every single person on earth are playing out across the globe, everyone’s together. This means that, if everyone across the planet healed their inner fears from that long-ago fall to earth, all fear-based creations would disappear from the face of the earth: disease, poverty, war, crime, mental illness, death, that very yuckky 1%, and their even yuckkier politicians, and on and on. This is the belief I hold onto most! This is the magic my heart wants to create more than anything else! This is the true power of the global heart.

So everyone, let’s draw all those old fears into our diamond flames within and create a world of true loves in world service, living in beloved communities! It’s is heaven on earth, God/Goddess’s miracle of miracles, turning the very lowest plane of the first world into the image of the highest in the seventh heaven. Even the flowers will be smiling then! (When the first few waves of fully-healed folks are creating lives of dazzling love and happiness, even those nasty corporations and greedy politicians will turn and take notice, I know it. Eventually, all will see that lives of diamond love are far more fulfilling than money, a very false beloved that coats that little diamond flame in the heart with a seriously cold and really sticky covering!)

So, dream big and keep walking and healing, even if you get tired and discouraged sometimes. Say yes to the power of the heart! And may your own true love appear like magic to surround you with the truest love there is. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


About the Author:

Jill Frew Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and energy/light healer, who has followed a druid path of enlightenment for over 30 years. She is founder of The Celtic Heaven School, a nine-month program that teaches druidry, ascension, and healing. And she is author of the Alba Reborn Trilogy (the life story of a druid priestess and priest in BCE Scotland and their teachings of enlightenment), A Guidebook to Druidry, and Light Healing for Children.