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A Light Worker’s Guide to Dealing with Covid-19


All things that happen are created for a reason. As a light worker, I long ago realized that any difficulty in my own life was being brought in by the Creators to help me remember a fear I took in long ago, during a past life or my fall from heaven to earth, in order to heal it. Every global catastrophe is linked to cosmic fear archetypes, powerful spirit beings that brought very specific fears or shadows into all humanity during our long-ago descent through the seven heavens of the inner planes to earth. Covid-19 is no different. As these global issues arise, the light workers of the world do personal healing work to help move the world forward into light. And once I heal an inner fear, all residue of that fear is removed from my own little world by spirit forces, and it is GONE from my life! How I wish everyone did this!

As I’ve done inner healings over the past weeks around the Covid virus, I’ve had memories of being water boarded, drowned or infected with pneumonia/TB by ancient relatives or colleagues (who wanted my land, money, or position), held under water as an unwanted girl baby, some of these memories from past Chinese lifetimes, but not all. And mainly, there were scenarios of the earth being invaded by dark forces led by a goddess who wielded the death force, sending waves of disease across the planet. She closed off the Goddess of light and life and, killing anyone in her way, this false goddess took over the earth, controlling everyone through fear from then on. Can you see how the Covid pandemic is recreating these scenarios for healing? And how much better we’ll be when this heavy-duty fear is cleared away and the true divine mother and her life force flows into our planet more strongly? I include these ancient images of my own to help those who may have resonance with them as well.

So, let’s look at the cosmic shadow archetype fueling Covid-19. It streams from central China, so it has a Chinese nature. This is the area of the globe that resonates with the cosmic mother, so this shadow carries a mother energetic. In healing, it’s important to understand the details that are built into a shadow one is working on, so all the pieces get healed. So, this dark mother wants to create intense levels of global fear. She wants to cause chaos in both home and business, tearing apart the holistic and white light structures of the true mother (home) and the true father (business). This Covid archetype wants to keep people stymied, isolated from the world in their homes, six feet apart, so they don’t touch anyone. And it carries a strong death energetic that affect lungs primarily. Lungs are connected to the inner little girl part of everyone’s spirit, breath bringing in the expansiveness of the whole sky, a sense of oneness with the cosmos, and healing energies from the far reaches of the universe, if we ask for these. Clearly, the Covid archetype wants to shut these girl/freedom/oneness/healing forces down. Usually breathing issues in a person’s life are related to heavy control issues, too, and China has one of the most controlling governments on the planet. Dark power structures may take over large areas of the globe and think they can do as they please but they also affect their people in very specific energetic ways. It’s no accident that both SARS (south asian respiratory syndrome) and Covid began in China, nor that Mers, Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome, began in the Arabian peninsula, probably Saudi Arabia, another highly controlling government. If you are putting up with heavy control energies in your own life, your lungs will eventually let you know.

Once I sit with the shadows for a short while in order to understand all aspects of the fears, I can heal them in the diamond light in my heart, which has never failed to transmute even horrific shadows I’ve brought into it, melting all fear back to light in moments. The diamond light is a spark of the Creators, the most refined light in the universe, which holds more healing power than any other type of light I’ve used in 24 years of healing. It is a small clear brilliant spark that sits right in the center of the four lobes of the heart, made of light alone. I simply imagine my fear beliefs or dark cloud shadows moving into this light. You can do this, too, easily. You don’t have to see the light for this to work, just set the intention and imagine your fears drifting there. The mind moves quarks, my druid guides tell me, so imagining your fears moving is actually moving the shadow matter into the diamond light. This is a gentle, gradual type of healing that makes things better in a slow sustained way. It does not often produce instant miraculous change (though it can). But if you contract Covid-19, this healing can make your healing faster, your symptoms lighter, or help you resist it altogether.

And last, but certainly not least, do whatever you need to in order to stay well. It’s a life-threatening disease, so be cautious, please. I recently learned that copper filaments swept around the nostrils twice a day kill germs and looked up the research on copper as a virus-cide, and it’s impressive, though quite new. So I bought a bit of copper wire and am using it this way. Also, Elderberry is fantastic for heading off colds, though I haven’t had as much luck with it warding off the flu.

In any massive global shifts such as this one, there are always spirit gifts, too. I think during our next weeks of staying home, all of us are meant to SLOW DOWN, take time for the leisure activities or interests we would pursue if we had more down time in our lives, maybe start a new creative project, befriend a nearby tree or power place in nature, sleep, rest, and take care of ourselves far better than we usually do. I hope, when all is said and done with this virus, since it’s a terror we’ll have undergone across the whole globe, it will bring us together as a single earth family, too, with more compassion for one another. I say blessings for the Chinese people every morning now, since they were the first to suffer through and were hit harder for that, which gave the rest of us a bit of warning to prepare.

About two weeks after writing this article, I suddenly realized the ancient archetype we are dealing with across the globe is Isis, the dark half of the goddess. And I was stunned, for she’s the very darkest of all the ancient archetypes I’ve worked to heal over 24 years. The dark one’s regencies across the cosmos include; death, disease (usually cancer), and control with a capital C. It was when reading an article about hospital work and how everything has stopped and been taken over by Covid that I recognized this, for taking over is always the mark of the dark one. And I think adding a few precautions might be useful here.

The dark one wants to exhaust everyone but especially mothers and women who represent the Goddess of light on earth, like nurses, for instance. Isis loves to drain family finances, and she wants to terrify everyone into total submission to her nasty will. This is because she has no real power of her own–but fear gives her power because humanity’s thoughts and emotions are creative, that is, they create the future. So, if Isis can make humanity afraid, she can influence the future powerfully. She rules starvation, too. Her totem is a black snake, and my own memories of her are often times when I was sacrificed in Africa inside a large snake. And Isis’s energy around us in life can feel the same, as if we are surrounded by an acidic force that wants to break us down. Remember, all these things are illusions from long ago that have held humanity captive for eons. Heal whatever comes into your life in whatever way you know how, and the outer signs of her in your own little world will soften and gradually go away. I’ve been doing this for a long time, it works!

So, as we face this passage humanity is moving through, I think it would be well to decide not to let the dark one rule our minds, emotions, or lives any more than necessary. This means not getting caught up in fear any more than you can. If fear starts influencing you, take time out to center yourself, breathe, connect with the peace of the spirit world or the divinity you trust most. If you cannot contact or see friends or family and get lonely, go befriend a tree or a river or the earth beneath your feet. They are all wise beyond telling and hold great calmness and understanding, especially in duress. Do not allow yourself to become overly exhausted if possible, either, do not spend heedlessly. Think carefully about your choices and take care of your own self first and then others you may need to tend. More than any other thing, Isis likes to take over. Don’t allow it, hold fast against her dark force, not in an adversarial way but standing in your own truth. If someone you love succumbs to Covid, grieve, of course, but remember we all have a specific time of passage back to the Otherworld. I believe we choose this timing ourselves before we are born into earth life. God/Goddess know what They are doing and there are reasons for what happens, debts that must be paid from past lives. Not one thing is accidental. Whatever hardships you may be called upon to bear are related to inner fears you have not healed or past life karma of your own. Hold fast. Trust. Heal. And keep walking.

Humanity is going through a momentous passage and the entire earth will be a very different place once this horror is over. For the dark half of the goddess is the most powerful fear archetype there is. (Although, her husband, who rules wars and terrorism, isn’t a lot of fun, either.) Isis came into our lives when we still lived in the Creator Sun, the original heaven we were created in. And her horrible illusions caused us to descend out of that original Sun and into the Dragon star just below it, a place of killing and slippery fear-filled lives. So, when the dark one is healed over the next several months, the real Goddess of light will finally be able to come through here. I think then that the very worst will be over for humanity, that it will mark an enormous passage into light. The White Goddess rules; family, intimacy, sexuality, the emotion of love, and comfort to the inner child and feminine. We’ll see a great softening across the whole planet, I know it, a lot more closeness and community and comfort. I’ve been longing for the White Goddess to appear for many years now, so I’ll welcome her with my whole heart when she comes in behind this terrible wave of suffering. And yesterday, I had a sudden startling image come into my mind as I was looking out the window. It was an image of the earth with ranks and ranks and ranks of light beings surrounding her, angels and fae folk, Native and Tibetan and Buddhist and East Indian masters, and ancestors beyond numbering, all beaming love and strength to help us through this passage on earth. I was moved to tears and know this image is absolutely true. So, hold on everyone. Stay well and think calming and whatever pleasing thoughts you can to offset the fear. My heart is with you all.


About the Author:

Jill Frew Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and energy/light healer, who has followed a druid path of enlightenment for over 30 years. She is founder of The Celtic Heaven School, a nine-month program that teaches druidry, ascension, and healing. And she is author of the Alba Reborn Trilogy (the life story of a druid priestess and priest in BCE Scotland and their teachings of enlightenment), A Guidebook to Druidry, and Light Healing for Children.