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Protection Amulet: Excerpted from Protection Spells by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Protection Amulet

Excerpted from Protection Spells by Arin Murphy-Hiscock



In today’s society, people are under a constant barrage of negative energy, besieged physically, mentally, and emotionally by environmental drains, social stress, and having to keep up with life’s demands. The first step toward dealing with it all is to protect yourself from the onslaught.


Protection Amulet

The wearing of protective symbols keyed to your beliefs is an age-old practice. Choose a piece of jewelry that you already wear or get a new one that you can dedicate to this specific purpose. Either way, cleanse the jewelry by passing it through incense smoke before performing the spell in order to remove foreign energy and any energy buildup before programming it with this new purpose.


What You Need:

Stick or cone of incense (sandalwood or frankincense) and censer or incense boat

Matches or lighter

Item of jewelry


What to Do:

  1. Center and ground.
  2. Light the incense. Pass the item of jewelry through the smoke, saying, “By the power of this purifying incense, you are cleansed of all prior negative energy.”
  1. Hold the item in your hands. Close your eyes and draw energy up from the earth, feeling it flow down your arms. Direct the energy into the item, saying, “I charge you, [item], to be for me a shield, a defense against injury and danger.”
  2. Wear the item as often as possible—certainly every time you go out.



Before you put the item of jewelry on, take a purifying bath or shower or do another of the energy-cleansing spells in this chapter to start with a clean slate. If you don’t have a symbol that you associate with protection or don’t feel comfortable wearing it publicly, choose a plain piece of jewelry that you will be able to wear. Don’t stress too much about your choice; you can deconsecrate the amulet and make a new one as your taste evolves. On the other hand, an amulet can collect more power as it is worn and used, and the point of using jewelry is that it isn’t disposable.

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