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Book Review – Navigating the Financial Universe: Prospering and Preparing for Challenges Ahead by Christeen H. Skinner

Book Review

Navigating the Financial Universe

Prospering and Preparing for Challenges Ahead

by Christeen H. Skinner

221 Pages



Financial astrologer Christeen H. Skinner’s 2004 book, The Financial Universe, set out the relationships between stock, bond and other financial markets and planetary events and cycles through 2020. In that book, she alerted readers to the 2008 Great Recession based on astrological events. In her newest book published in 2019, Navigating the Financial Universe – Prospering and Preparing for the Challenges Ahead, she describes the extraordinary astrology between 2018 and the early 2030s, and leads readers through what look to be tumultuous financial times ahead.

Skinner uses the “navigation” metaphor as the book’s structure, getting us, the readers, ready to set sail on the stormy financial waters so we travel safely through the next decade. We start off with a “financial engine check.” Starting with the Pluto in Leo generation (1939-1956), Skinner walks us through the economic and cultural challenges and changes faced by each succeeding Pluto generation, its approach to saving, spending and investing and how each might work most effectively with the changes she predicts. There is a chapter on plotting a course which details recommended investment strategies and how to work with these as the planets move through their upcoming cycles. Possible risks, “irritations,” downsides and “hidden rocks” are presented along with approaches to finding the “lighthouses” and safe harbors. Skinner lays out the periods, personal and collective, when there will be “clear sailing,” those in which we can make progress in meeting our financial goals and head towards port. The book contains 12 useful appendices which set out dates of important astrological dates and cycles in the next 10 to 15 years.

As the book was published in 2019, Skinner had specific knowledge of how 2020 would unfold as she wrote it, likely in 2017 or 2018. Here is one of her analyses of 2020, which she calls a “year of great financial reset.”

From the Bubonic Plague and Black Death through to the Spanish Flu, Aids and Ebola, there is a correlation between planetary positions and the outbreak of disease. The planetary ‘signatures’ of each vary hugely though a common one concerns the relationship of Pluto to the planetoid Chiron. This planetary picture was apparent during the cholera outbreak at the dawn of the twentieth century and formed again in 1917-1918 at the onset of the Spanish Flu…Pluto and Capricorn will not form [an exact square as they move through Capricorn and Aries 2018-2023.] They do, however, form an arguably more significant aspect, a quintile, in February 2020 [emphasis added]. As already noted, 2020 promises to be an exceptional year on the world financial stage with tough measures severely restricting growth. Should there also be a pandemic at the same time, it would create extraordinary difficulty.”

Skinner also projects that 2023-2026 will “bring a series of heavy-duty challenges,” so buckle up.

I enjoyed reading this book. It gave me great insight (and some real chills of apprehension) about what the next decade holds in the financial world and society in general. Skinner says in the introduction that her goal in writing the book was to reach out to those with a rudimentary knowledge of astrology. I am a practicing astrologer and while reading this, had to work at keeping planetary cycles and other timing straight. The complexities of the astrology that Skinner describes, coupled with the intricacies of financial planning and markets keep this from being an introductory level book, difficult to follow and even frustrating for those with no astrology background. Despite the turbulence that she forecasts, Skinner is an optimist, reminding us that planets keep moving, as do business cycles and markets. Where there might appear to be devastation, there are also opportunities for reinvention and investment. This is not a “one and done” book, either. It’s a workbook that I will continue to use for the next decade as the planetary and business cycles unfold.

Christeen H. Skinner has been a practicing astrologer for more than 30 years. She is the director of Cityscopes of London, which specializes in future casting. She works with business people, traders and fund managers and has written four books on astrology and finances. More information about her work may be found at


Navigating the Financial Universe: Prospering and Preparing for the Challenges Ahead on Amazon


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