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Divine Introspections: Meditation Journeys through Healing and Spirituality

In a flood of Revolution and Migration, Meditation and other Eastern health practices have taken the Western World. Our vocabularies are growing by leaps and bounds as we learn words like Kundalini, Ayurveda, and Mindfulness. In most health scenarios and Spiritual Paths we hear repeatedly that we need to Meditate. Well, sure! Now how should we begin? Another familiar path is built leading us down tunnels and paths of Guided Meditation Videos, 8 Hour Water and White Noise Playlists, and people leading Meditations – showing us lots of good practice with very little personalization.

Meditation ?should? be Personal. Every person is different, so with Meditation being focused within Introspection and internal awareness, shouldn’t your Meditation be just as different as you are from the next person? The uses and purposes for Meditation are astounding and will plunge you through a Journey to clear Depression, Spiritual Focus and Clarity, all the way to Trauma Healing. With these two unconscious paths and Revelations it makes total sense that so many people who have tried to Meditate cannot find success in it, nor can they find the techniques for their specific Journeys.

Finding your personal Meditation Journey can be opening and fulfilling in and of itself to really get the needed positivity in your Self-Care. As we begin our Meditation Journey it is important for us to note why we are beginning this Journey. Self Identification and Realization within Meditation helps us to better understand which options are going to help suit our needs. You may also be wondering as to the specifics of notating “Why” instead of the “End Goal” of our Journey.

When we first begin these Journeys, it is easy for us to recognize that we need something more – we recognize needs of happiness, fulfillment, and emptying the negative – yet there is a catalyst that has brought you here. This is our “Why” moment, the opening to our Narrative of finding inner peace and emotional balance. Exploring our “Why” moment helps us to see the clear notions behind where to begin, identifying what is at unrest on our surface, and building these Journeys with structure so we do not find ourselves lost in this plethora of knowledge.

These moments can be opened, unlocked, and broken through to find more stabilizing factors behind it, and even what it has been the causation for. Some of the more notable forms of “Why” will show up as important relationships end, Careers and Finances stifle, sickness may arrive and put pieces of your life on hold, or maybe it’s just as it is – Depression, Anxiety, a mixed bowl of the lot. Breaking through the commotion of the mind to heal and deal with these “Why” moments is where we begin this Journey. In the following Meditation practice you will be able to pinpoint your “Why”, open yourself to healing, and start understanding how Awareness plays its part in this Journey.


Why” Moment Meditations and Affirmations

*This will evoke powerful emotional moments

We are all of the Divine, and our Energetic connections play an enormous part of our continued Consciousness. For this exercise you will want to have a pen/pencil and paper at the ready, and any candle you are drawn to use. These “Why”s can spawn for any number of reasons, so using a candle you are drawn to rather than one assigned for this exercise will help you further to personalize your Energy Flow within the Universe.

Let’s begin by writing down the moment you decided to ?finally? try to find your Meditation Journey. If you had previously started, focus on this moment’s catalyst – what drew you ?back? to Meditations? Don’t just write it though – ?feel? it – as you put it on the paper, push your emotions and energy through the pen/pencil and into each letter. Using this as a physical, real world reminder – just as we also find in spell and ritual work – it helps us to keep the added intentions awake and in the forefront of our Conscious.

Lighting the candle you have chosen, placing it in front of you, push into it’s flame your intentions of finding the fulfillment you seek within your Journey. This will push your Journey’s beginning objective into the Universal Vibrations with the heat of the fire and the intentions of the candle chosen.

Make sure you are sitting, preferably on the floor, remembering to only do as much as you are comfortable with. Snuggle your hips down into the ground, then relaxing your hands palms up on your knees. Take a moment to concentrate on the Energy in your palms. Notice how your hands begin to radiate – emanating your energy as a soft golden glow. As you begin to feel warmth in your hands, also begin to think of the moment you wrote down. Notice how you can feel the same intention in your arms as you did when writing it. You feel the paper in your hands as you sit and those uncomfortable moments arise again just as they did during that “Why” moment.

Envisioning this paper in your hands and feeling these emotions build up in your chest, abdomen and even in your middle back creates an Energetic and Physical tension inside of you. Concentrate on those feelings, and push the Energies of them through your arms and into the paper as it catches fire in your palms. Notice how the flames continue, yet the warmth on your skin decreases. You’re releasing these tensions. Keep pushing Energy through your arm and out your palm into the flames. Smooth out these flames into balls of Energy – allowing them to become stable. Notice how your breaths ease as they smooth, your heart rate decreases and your stress has been released a bit.

Flip your hands over and lay them on your knee relaxed. The Energy balls absorb through the joint and pull them up the thighs and into the Core, merging them into one. Notice how the Energy feels as you move it through so much. Take note of how clear it feels, or if it still needs further cleansing. We are now able to objectively look at the “Why” moment. View it in your mind and observe the emotions it makes cross through your thought pattern. Without allowing the emotions to manifest within you, take note of which ones they are, and put those words into the ball at your Core. Fill this up with each one you recognize and the ideas of the ones you may not.

To release these into the Universe and away from you is to also free yourself from the Physical and Emotional tension they create. So, as we complete this ball of Emotion, notice the words begin to move inside of it. They pick up speed as you watch them, creating an Energetic friction that will cause the words to also catch fire. As they burn, you notice the ball keeps the stress these cause from touching you or your spirit. Breathing in and out, you release the smoke, and the emotions in each exhale.

The ball clears, now use your energy to collapse it and spread the glowing warmth and cleansing Energy back throughout your body. Focus on this until it has found a calm and steady rhythm. Breathing becomes steady, your body is loose, and you feel a bit more free. If you’d like, take a few moments to record your experience – the emotions you felt, saw, and the new visualizations you found within yourself that stood out.

This Meditation we have practiced is Insight Meditation, also known as Vipassana – specifically using intentions while going into the Vibrational Space which creates a platform for us to now take the “Why” moment and recognize what exactly we need to address. Seeing the emotions that they bring us throughout this such as Sadness, Loneliness, Anger, Regret, Hostility even – it makes us aware of what piece needs the connectivity and healing.

Vipassana is a Buddhist form of Meditation and can be used to find insight during any piece of your Journey. We find through this practice ways to look at ourselves internally and externally, the world and environment, as well as all others without a foggy or hazy view of things. It is “the insight to the true nature of reality” as is said in the Mahayana Traditions. Also use this information to take note of how you got this insight – what was your experience compared to this phrase?

Take your time with these openings, and practice this several times even if just to release some extra stressors or deepen your Spiritual Practice. Now that you know where to open, begin meditating on how to work on these emotions. My suggestion for this month is to do one Group meditation session either online or locally and experience just the release. Keep your anxieties low as you make your way through this path and put this to use. Next month we will take a look at an overview of the different types of Meditations and how to apply them to this process.

Blessed Moons to all of you!


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Hallie has been a Practicing Pagan for 17 years and has taken these years of education and study to achieve her Certification in Herbalism at the Master Level as well as her Certification as a Meditation Instructor. Fully devoting her life to Spiritualism and living a fully Pagan lifestyle has become the drive in her life, which she achieves while striving to help others within the community turn back to Nature based living.

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