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What is the nature of reality?


As Morpheus from The Matrix describes, if real is what we experience with our senses, then it’s simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. As Plato describes in Allegory of the Cave, you can only postulate at what the universe really is by deductive logic based on the very limited sensory data interpreted by the brain. 


This isn’t a new thought.


What is new is now we have scientific evidence that the universe may be nothing more than a simulation.


We’ve been indoctrinated by surface physics. That is to say, our entire interpretation of reality is dominated by our senses. We feel like in order to survive, we must complete tasks A through Z or whatnot. Normal consensus reality values work and labor. In fact so much, that labor, and the acquisition of material wealth dominates the world. Due to this physically focused life, many people don’t even think about the spirit realm.


Science now knows that 99% of an atom is empty space. When you look at the building blocks of atoms, known as a quarks, the universe gets way weirder than you could imagine. The smallest particles in reality don’t even exist until they are measured. Until measured, particles in the universe only exist as probabilities. So what does that mean? 


It means, objects don’t really have mass. They’re not made of anything. The object can only weigh something if we weigh it. Until then, it doesn’t really exist. In the popular thought experiment Schrödinger’s Cat, a cat is placed in a box with a lethal dose of radiation. The hypothesis is that, until observed, the cat exists as only a probability. He could be alive. He could be dead. Of course, the cat is an observer inside the box, and knows if he’s alive or dead, but it’s still the idea. If a cat weren’t self aware, if Schrödinger’s Cat were instead an inanimate object, say, a piece of ice melting, there would be no counter argument to this experiment.


All this is to say, the word real means very little. If real is supposed to differentiate between something that exists, and something that in whatever way does not, then everything we perceive as real, is just a hologram, and therefore is not real. So what is real? 


This is where life gets insane. All higher truths are paradoxes, and therefore, if reality isn’t real, it makes sense ultimately. The world is a huge mystery, and we’ve scienced the mysteries to death, but now it looks like we’re right back where we started. 


All truths logically lead to paradox, which defies logic, which is a paradox (like this sentence.) For example. What came first, the chicken or the egg. Well, chickens come from eggs, and eggs come from chickens. Furthermore, an egg needs to be incubated by a live chicken, and for a chicken to be healthy enough to produce a fertile egg, it must have somehow been born and nurtured, so had to have come from and egg and had a parent. We have hypothesis about how the first life came to be, but without life, life can’t be sustained. So the fact that we exist is a paradox. 


The point of all this is, reality at the fundamental level is just waveforms that only become material if observed. Therefore, we can’t even begin to have the wherewithal to determine if anything we know is real. Nobody in the world knows where they come from. Non pagans find it difficult to believe in magick, but it’s pure magick that you even exist.


If reality is just probability and waveforms, what makes your thoughts less real than the device you’re reading this on? Every object in the universe was born of thought. Every man-made object was born in the imagination of someone. In the beautiful complexity found in nature we could say the same for. Surely a divine mind crafted it all, this illusionary universe, where we use our mind to create a consensus reality. Where beauty unfolds all around you without effort. If reality really isn’t the solid matter we assume, then it scientifically makes sense that the spirit realm, magick, and other mystical forces could be just as real.


It is incredibly presumptuous to assume that modern science understands 1% of reality. We can explain the behavior of objects we supposed we observe, but we can’t prove that they’re actually objects, and not just projections from the inside. If all of reality is just projections, then all the cliches start to sound less ridiculous. 


“It’s all in your head.”

“Life is what you make it.”

“Mind over matter.”


“Look inside. You are the Buddha.”


When you look inside and see the true self, you see a self somehow connected to everything that has ever existed. Every object, animal, person, every phenomenon in the universe comes from inside of you.


“We are all one.”


We literally create the universe with our thoughts. This is why when you worry, the thing you worry about comes to you, because your thought creates the reality. This is the key to the hermetic principle. The secret behind magick and manifestation. When you let go, the universe unfolds before your eyes.


“You’re trying too hard.”

“Believe in yourself.”

“You can do anything you set your mind to.”


“You’re your own worst enemy.”


The world is designed to keep you in a slave mindset. You’re taught hard work is how to chase your dreams, but it’s really just belief. Working too much and seeing no fruit reinforces the mindset that you can’t get anywhere in life. And the mindset itself is your prison.


Once you free your mind, nothing can imprison you. Your dreams aren’t something you need to work harder for. It’s a matter of changing your thought patterns.


“Work smarter, not harder.”


Wisdom is hidden in these cliches. They’re told by the people they’ve worked for, and to people who can’t believe it’s that easy, but it is. The answer to manifesting the life you want is to continuously envision that goal in your imagination, and think of the steps it takes to get there. You can’t worry about the risks, because the thinking about the negative outcome creates that reality instead. You have to believe without a doubt that the desired outcome will be the result, and that will manifest itself. You have to believe.


“Just have faith.”


No matter what your personal beliefs are, it boils down to one thing. Trusting the universe. Trusting that whatever force, whatever god you follow, ultimately has a plan for your life. A plan for all life. It’s not just random. It’s trusting that no matter how far beyond your comprehension it may be, there’s a meaning and purpose to existence, and it hasn’t forgotten about you.


The universe really is magick. There are gods and angels. Fairies and elves. Yes, the plants and animals, and even the rocks and soil are alive. They’re all you. The same I that lights you lights them. You are the forest. You are the gods. You are reality. A reality that is not informed by the senses, but a reality that creates them. Everything created in the higher material realms ultimately precipitates into our “hard” consensus reality. Our godly nature gives us the power to take our thoughts from the clouds and bring them down to Earth.


“As Above So Below.”



About the Author:

Alexiel Raynes is a shaman, philosopher, and musician from Louisville, Ky. He has studied religion and science for over 20 years. His spiritual path focuses on self realization, the liberation of the constraints of the mind on consciousness. He also studies plant medicines and their use in indigenous cultures world wide. He is fascinated with exploring the world beyond the veil of mainstream western science, and postulates at what lies beyond general consensus reality. He, together with his wife Hallie Walker are the owners of Saol Bandia, a holistic herbal apothecary based in their hometown. They are also very active in raising pagan awareness in their community, and helping give witches the courage to stand up to a world that has forgotten our ways.


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