Book Review – Self-Care for Empaths: 100 Activities to Help You Relax, Recharge, and Rebalance Your Life by Tanya Carroll Richardson

Book Review

Self-Care for Empaths

100 Activities to Help You Relax,

Recharge, and Rebalance Your Life

by Tanya Carroll Richardson

Publisher Adams Media

192 Pages



I read this book with an open mind. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I love that I was surprised. Self-Care for Empaths is an easy read, not too long. The author packed this book with tips to help empaths stay strong.

Mx. Richardson starts in Chapter One with a list of questions to determine if you are an empath and your most vital qualities. I was surprised to read that Clairaudient is considered one of the rarer qualities for an empath. For me, it was the first of my clair gifts to come to me.

I found a couple of quotes that made me see this book to suggest to people who are discovering their empath abilities. On-Page 12, the author writes: “Empaths can have any type of profession. On the other hand, being an empath doesn’t mean that you are inherently wiser, more enlightened, more gifted, or more worthy than anyone else.” And on Page 18, Mx. Richardson writes: “Just because you can feel other people’s emotions does not mean you are responsible for their emotions.” I love both of those sentences because I know a person or two who need to hear that.

One of the reoccurring statements through this book is about what empaths allow to feed their energy self. Most people don’t think about the computer or the television being a portal into their energy centers. When an empath watches “True Crime Dramas,” they are overexposing their energy centers to negative energy.

The author has included exercises that help you identify your energy drains, kinds of people to avoid, and how to identify unnecessary drama. Mx. Richardson provides rituals to help you create safe space within your home and even in areas that aren’t your home.

The author also devotes part of chapter 2 to routines that are good for empaths. She writes about different things to do in the morning, afternoon, and evening routine. I enjoyed this; it gave me some great ideas to add to the practices that I have in place. One item in Chapter 2 that Mx. Richardson mentions is an Empath Talisman. I am working on creating my talisman now. It is helping with the energy that comes into my life.

There are some quizzes in the book that help you answer questions about yourself. The quizzes should only be used to answer questions on yourself. The rituals to build a mandala or the instructions to build an altar are excellent and detailed.

There are ways that an empath can work to shield themselves and feel more in touch with their own emotions. The author suggests using black tourmaline. I have heard this crystal be called “psychic armor.” There part in chapter 4, “Calling on the Archangel Chamuel for Peace,” is also mentioned in this book. I had to look up this Archangel in one of my other books. I had never heard of this Archangel; the name Chamuel means “he who seeks God.”

I did laugh when I read the title, “Align with Squirrel Energy for Financial Wellness. I got the picture of those orange squirrels in the financial institutes commercial. I always thought they were just squirrels. Now I see someone was in the know of their spiritual animal meanings.

I have a lot of friends and family who I will suggest to get this book. Or I will be giving them a copy of this book. Thank you to Tanya Carroll Richardson for creating this work body that will go on my suggested reading list.


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Dawn Borries is a prolific reader, having 3 books going at any given time. Dawn uses Tarot cards, Intuitive insights, and Numerology in her sessions with clients. She is also an Ordained Minister, Reiki and La Ho Chi Practitioner and Master. She is a certified EFT and TFT Counselor. Dawn calls herself a Spiritual Counselor, and Unicorn Lover. She can be found @eagleandunicorn on Facebook or @eagle_unicorn on Twitter.