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Divine Introspections: Meditation Journeys through Healing and Spirituality

Your Personal Perpetual Flame

Feeding Your Fire Through Spiritual Design


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As Brigid moves across the lands, thawing our fields, awakening nature, and guiding the sun back to its highest point in the sky, through her Eternal Flame we find a continuance of renewal, rebirthing, and a wealth of new beginnings and opportunities moving into the Spring. Another great Spiritual Connectivity that we find at this time is a heightened ability to see clearly, not just physically but Spiritually on a much larger scale. Your goals are forming, you’re surrounding yourself with new people that bring you to a better sense of self, and you’re planning for your future in all aspects.


This flame has another name, the Perpetual Flame, and looking into the names of this flame and what it represents we find ourselves inside a Spiritual Clarity that we feel yet we do not immediately recognize. A jump. A hard shift. A “Spring” Cleaning if you will. Perpetual and Eternal both mean ‘never-ending’, and not only does it live within the Flame that Brigid carried herself, but within each and every person. Again, we have laid our foundations of renewal, rebirth, and our dreams. It is time that we move forward in making our realities match that which we know we are capable of.


Our goal is to light our personal Perpetual Flames, opening fully to this Spiritual Clarity, inviting Brigid and her warmth into us and springing us into the action that we need to continue on our paths. Let’s begin with taking a look at some of the Representations and how we will put them to use through a Spiritual Meditation to achieve this.


*I am going to be avoiding very specific phrases and wording in this as to avoid any misinterpretation. Should you notice similarities between the techniques and outcomes described here and a commonly used terminology from the Spiritual Community – focus on the article and practice first, then go back and examine. This will help give you a bit broader insight on certain practices in our Paths*


Write down the ‘renewals, rebirths, and dreams’ that you have begun throughout the last few months, since the changing of the year. For those following the Traditional Wheel of the Year these may span back to the turn at Samhain, for others you may even refer to these as what were your New Year Resolutions. 


Examples may include finding a new romantic partner, experiencing more adventure through life, starting a family and working through pregnancy, financial stability and wellbeing, and even including Spiritual Advancement – connecting further to the Universe and your Gods. If you are just beginning to write these, do NOT include things you do NOT want in life. We will be releasing those before we begin to attune to what we DO want in life.


If you previously wrote these, you’re more than welcome to use your existing notes. Recognize these as what you are bringing to your life, coaxing it ever closer to you with your breath, your thought, your entire being. This is a good time to go ahead and release further negatives from your being and Spirit – no matter how intune and connected we become these things can cause build up and clutter our vibrations. Check out my Releasing the Negative meditation and practice shared at Samhain specifically for these purposes here.


The combination of this release and the expanded Spiritual Clarity during this turn of the Wheel may not only bring some energetic sensations within you, but also some physical ones. If you start feeling anxious and jittery, pick up your Selenite, or Black Tourmaline, and let it absorb your vibrations. These stones should always be kept close by your meditation space for this reason. Now let’s put this clarity and grounded energy to good use, moving our goals along by growing our personal flames.


Feeding Your Flame


Your internal fire is the warmth and passion that fuels hope, virility, and motivation. We find fertile growth of lasting relationship connections, business ventures, and Spiritual Awakenings that are meant to guide us on the most positive path forward. To begin, we will need to connect to your warmth.


Close your eyes.

Get comfortable, taking a deep breath in through the nose, exhaling through the mouth.

With your inhale, feel it begin to feed your energy, like breath to a fire.

Exhale fully, releasing the smoke – the hindrances.

Take note of how your energy is warming your body, filling your chest and shoulders.

Inhale deeply again, pushing your energy into that warmth, the flame beginning to warm your stomach, abdomen, and hips. Exhale.

Flames of motivation and passion move and manifest quickly when we feed them correctly.

Notice how powerful your flame becomes as you take your third deep inhale.


Your energy having risen, we will introduce mindfulness to this meditation to help us spread these passions evenly through your goals. 

Refer to your list if you need to, and take in the first rebirth or goal that you wrote down.

Fill your mind with it.

As you feel this consume your vibrations, move it down the back of your neck, against the spine.

Notice the physical sensation it gives you as it crosses between your shoulder blades.

Reaching your flame, pull it into your fire and watch it absorb your goal into your Being.

You will feel this intention, your motivation, your passion now moving through your arms and torso with the warmth of the flame.


**For those of you who have been keeping along with a Meditation Journal in practices, take notes of all of these sensations. Take note and describe how clear these visions and sensations are.**


Follow this practice for each remaining goal on your list. Each one will begin to move in conjunction with each other throughout your body, filling you with a calm sense of purpose and motivation. After you have completed this practice, we look ahead further, putting this sense of purpose into your driven action.


Attuning your Flame to Everyday Purpose


Most goals are made with the intentions of lifestyle, daily living that is comfortable, free, and positive. To do this it is essential to your purpose that you keep yourself attuned with these vibrational alignments. The Goddess Brigid brings to us the nurturing and fertile nature of the Universe and we can use her guidance thoroughly through this. As we approach this Spring Equinox, use her as your teacher, your cleanser, and your protector while you work to bring your goals to life. 


Let’s close our eyes yet again, and begin by just simply recognizing your flame.

Inhale deeply through the nose, feeling your now new and familiar fire instantly begin to activate.

Notice how it flickers through your arms as you exhale. 

Inhale again, feeling this fire as a white cloak wraps around you, softly.

As it drapes down your arms and back, exhale, you feel comfort, calm.

Your flame begins to shrink, yet burning brighter, settling in your core at your Solar Plexus.

Take note of how your goals are vibrant, sitting in place in your fire.

As you feel these in your warmth, say to yourself:


The Goddess of Spring, be my guide

To these things that burn inside.

Lend your hand to my fire,

For with purity I claim my Spiritual Desire.

Let it be.”


The Cloak will seemingly slip into your energy, wrapping your goals and flame up in positive vibrations.

*Say this chant as many times as you’d like to further channel these vibrations into your Being*

As you complete this Meditation, you may again feel some jittery anxiety like physical sensations. Go ahead and grab that Selenite and Black Tourmaline and push those anxiety vibrations right back into them.


To keep yourself totally attuned, do these Meditations as often as you can (or can remember to) throughout this particular turn of the Wheel to really solidify your vibrational changes.



About the Author:

Hallie has been a Practicing Pagan for 17 years and has taken these years of education and study to achieve her Certification in Herbalism at the Master Level as well as her Certification as a Meditation Instructor. Fully devoting her life to Spiritualism and living a fully Pagan lifestyle has become the drive in her life, which she achieves while striving to help others within the community turn back to Nature based living.


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