Jade Reviews Libby’s Handcrafted Magick Box & Interviews Owner Libby Tomsha

This month we would like to introduce you to Libby’s Handcrafted Magick. You can view her shop on Etsy, or Facebook. Libby offers a variety of handmade items.

Today we will share her “Small Box of Magick”, which according to her shop will include a handmade soy wax crystal candle, an intuitively chosen crystal and the herb of the month. Libby states that the items are valued at $35, and you are able to purchase it for only $25 plus shipping.



Your box arrives very carefully packaged, nothing was broken or damaged. There was a colorful handwritten index card identifying each item and their properties. I personally liked the handwritten cards a bit more than the flashy printed cards you see in some boxes. I feel like it takes more time and adds a personal touch to the box.



The candle this month was for healing and balancing emotions, and was made with Apache Tear and the crystal was Amazonite. It had herbs and dried flowers and was super cute! It was a nice size, and smelled great when I took the lid off. The presentation was gorgeous. It took a little while to for the smell to come through as it burned, but as it did it smelled lovely.



The herb of the month was lavender, which arrived in a red mesh bag, there was a fair amount of lavender, and there was strong fragrance, but to me to it was very perfumery/soapy smelling. When I broke it up it was almost like fabric. I was a little disappointed in the quality of the herb and the way it broke up.



The crystal of the month was Black Tourmaline and was a nice little piece. It was solid, and heavy, and it was a good quality piece.



There was an extra gift in the box-a handmade tealight chakra set. It was fantastic. Each one with the crystal chips colors associated with the appropriate chakras along with dried flowers.

Overall, Libby’s Handcrafted Small Box of Magick is a fair price for the items you receive:

The candle is listed on Libby’s Etsy Store at $20, this would be your main focus in her box. The herb and small crystal would probably add another (combined) $10 value. The shipping alone is about $10, I look forward to following Libby’s charming little Etsy Shop and seeing what other items she creates.


Libby Tomsha, owner and operator of Libby’s Handcrafted Magick was kind enough to participate in an interview with me, in the hopes that you, our readers would get to connect with her. She shares her personal path, her products and her goals with us.


Jade(J): Please share the history of Libby’s Handcrafted Magick.

Libby Tomsha (LT) – Libby’s Handcrafted Magick actually was started almost by accident about 5 years ago. I started making my crystal candles for my own personal practice and found that many people were interested in them as well. And I’ve just continued to learn and grown since then, now my candles are in a local metaphysical shop in Rochester, MI!


J: Do you work on your own or with a team?

LT– I am all alone creating magick in my kitchen.


J:Tell our readers a little about yourself: Your path is? When did you identify your path? What drew you to this specialty? Do you create full time or do you have another occupation?

LT: I am a stay at home mom to 4 crazy little witchlings. I have always been spiritual; I grew up with a mom obsessed with the stuff. I only started practicing magick on my own 6 years ago. My path is very eclectic, though I focus mainly on divination, spirit communication, intuitive work and ritual magick.


J: When did you start your subscription boxes?

LT: My boxes are some of the newest additions to my shop. About 8 months ago.


J: What was your very first box you built? Why did you choose that theme?

LT: My very first box was an Intuition one. I centered it around one of my “Libby’s originals”, my candle “Intuition”. I decided on that theme because amethyst is one of my favorite crystals and I feel it’s very important to stay in tuned with your intuition and guides.


J: How do you choose your monthly themes?

LT: I take a lot of pride with how I interact with my customers. Usually, I reach out to them before boxes are put together to see if they would like any particular intention or energy. If not I just intuitively choose.


J: Are all of the items handmade by you?

LT: Every one of them! Many herbs are also organically grown by me too!


J: How do you choose the items?

LT: All of the items I sell are things that I made for my own personal practice before. Some things are requested, but i enjoy creating and sharing with others.


J: Which box is more popular-your small box of magick or the large? Why do you think that is? What types of items are added to the large box?

LT: My small box is the most popular, I believe it’s because of the price. I feel that my boxes are a great deal for everything that is included.

My large box comes with the candle, herb, and crystal like the small. Added to it is a DIY spell (I include all the ingredients for you to perform the spell on your own – chime candle, sachet, jar, ect.) And a fun magickal extra. This is usually something I have in production that I am still trying to perfect.


J: What makes your boxes stand out?

LT: I believe my boxes stand out because everything is handcrafted by myself and I put so much love, time, and intention to each one.


J: Why should customers choose your box instead of the others on the market?

LT: People should choose my box because they are not just getting a good quality witchy item, but my customer service and attention to detail are unlike any bigger company.


J: What is your long-term hope/goal/dream for your online business?

LT: My long-term goals for Libby’s Handcrafted Magick, is to continue to branch out to other local and online metaphysical shops, to continue to provide the help I do to others, and to continue to be a source of income to my family.


You can get your own Libby’s Handcrafted Magick Box at her Etsy Shop LibbysHndCrftdMagick.

You have two choices and I like that they include shipping in their prices.


About the Author:

Jade Perri is the owner and founder of Embrace Your Path. Jade is an eclectic Witch, who has been practicing for more than 10 years and offers guidance on an array of topics. She specializes in the art of divination. She is an enthusiastic teacher and offers classes and certification in many different areas. She also holds a special interest in animal communication and handmade custom poppets. She is an avid reader and her passion is the fantasy and British historical fiction genres. She is also the mother of two children, and likes to spend time with her husband.