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My Name is Freya – Poetry

(Freya 2nd Edition created by the artist Samantha Chilton of SJChilton on Etsy and can be purchased from there.)



My name is Freya, Goddess of Love

And yet I am no stranger to death

Upon the battlefields you will find me

Collecting warriors from their untimely death

With death comes life – rebirth

With day comes night

My husband Odur is the symbol of the summer sun

But now you and I celebrate the return to darkness

The Wheel of Life turns round and round

So now before we turn inwards

Celebrate all that you have achieved

Celebrate all that you are

Stand tall with the mighty oak, the tree of courage

He holds the doorway to your inner strength

On those dark nights look back

Remember the first swallow that returned bringing hope and joy

And as you gather round the winter fires remember the fire of the sun

The warmth and heat upon your face

Remember those heady days of freedom and

Remember that the wheel turns ever more

And the light will return once more

Until then celebrate you

Dance light of foot and feel the heat of the sun

Watch the swallows fill the skies

Until next time dear friends

Until next time.


About the Author:

Lyn Hill

I work with Spirit, offering support and encouragement to others on their journey of awakening, bringing spirit-led healing to the whole of their being. Together we will pull on the threads of Seidr (Norse/Northern Traditions) and weave them into a healing tapestry along with techniques from Core Shamanism.