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Dream Achievement Spell



I have always felt a pull to live off the land, like it’s my life’s purpose to homestead. I’ve always sought a deeper connection with the earth around me and have wanted to be able to have a long term connection with a specific piece of nature with time to nurture and build it. Because of this pull I have fashioned my entire life around this goal, thankfully finding a wonderful partner and friends to do it with. We live out of a skoolie, my friends out of their own, which is almost fully converted specifically to find the place we feel a pull or need to call home. For anyone this can be tough in reality with homestead laws, extraordinary costs, and simply finding that place you belong. It’s very discouraging to go years of veering off the right path, being shy of resources, etc. So I designed a spell to use when I lose hope and to help guide me through my life long process and to help distress.

To start I choose stones relevant to my needs or wishes. I don’t choose stones for money or property, personally I feel that’s too close to asking for it on a platter from my deity, which seems rude. Also I have always strayed from money spells. I have this fear that I’ll cast one and then lose a relative or friend only to gain inheritance. I pick stones for my direct needs and wishes. For example I use black phantom quartz and alum stone to keep me connected and grounded to reality so I don’t make wrong decisions in haste or greed that may take me steps back.

I use stones for communication like kyanite and Lapis lazuli to help me channel and connect with my ancestors, the earth, and my deity so they may help me interpret or give me any signs to aid my journey.

Moon stone and red jasper I use for protection on my travels. Various earth stones such as chlorite phantom quartz and septarian are used to keep me connected to the earth and from straying from my goals may I find somewhere I like that doesn’t support them and have to leave. Basically be specific, dig deep, and ask for what you actually need.

Once the stones are chosen it’s time to get the area ready for safe and successful spellwork. I have put an unfinished metatrons cube in the foundation of my bus so all I have to do is put the stone of intent in a specific spot and do some energy work to create a safe and harmonious space for my work. I also burn sage to cleanse the area of negative energies and Palo Santo to attract positive energy to the space. I add in frankincense to both as it gives the energies a little boost and is one of my favorite scents.

Once the area is prepared I light a candle, begin meditating and then begin imploring my deity for his aid in my work. Growing up I used to see the green man everywhere and felt him always watching over me like a godfather and it not only helped strengthen my beliefs but also guide my path to where it is today, so I Channel him in most of my work.

Next I take my stones one by one and give them their intent. To do this I usually hold them in my palms, focus on the intent, channel energy from my palms into the crystal and exhale a deep breath into it. Once the crystal has its intent, or programming some call it, I place them where they need to go. To know this I listen to the stone and let it tell me. It’s kind of like playing hot and cold with a small area.

I’m big on vibrations with my crystal work. I strongly believe the right frequency can give a boost to energies like sound waves affect molecules. For example when cats are injured or sick they will purr to excite the molecules and speed up healing. For this I like to use my singing bowl as it’s very relaxing and often, but not always, creates a good frequency to work with my crystals and energies. If I can’t play my singing bowl as the bus I mentioned is a shuttle so it’s not the biggest, I like to use Hz videos. These are videos that produce certain frequencies to cause effects such as cellular healing and Chakra alignment. While I still haven’t decided where I stand on them, they do create a very pleasant atmosphere for spellwork.

Now that the stones are set and the area is ready it’s time to cast. Your stones will tell you where the energy will flow, or if you choose a specific grid you like to work with you can direct it yourself. For this spell I like to veer from my usual metatrons cube and use the tree of life crystal grid.

When I Channel the energy of the grid I direct it to my deity as both a connection and an offering. Once I feel this connection I ask my deity for guidance and aid in achieving my goals, sometimes as a chant or spell and other times like I would a friend. I’m not sure why I’m formal sometimes and casual at others, the energy directs me here as well.

Let the crystals sit overnight and the candle burn as long as it is safe to get the most out of the spell. You can choose to anoint your candle with oils and/or herbs if this calls to you.

I hope this spell aids you in finding guidance and helps keep you sane when it seems you’re going backwards. Achieving your dreams and being happy is what life is all about. Always remember that if you’re feeling too stressed to take a step back. Don’t compromise your health and your goals with stress overload. A compromised immune system isn’t something anyone can afford these days. Go outside barefoot or garden to earth and physically distress. Implementing the earthing technique can reduce physical and mental stress more than we actual notice. Meditation and relaxation are other good tools to keep stress low. Achieve your goals, thrive, and most importantly be happy and healthy. Blessed be.


About the Author:

Theron Baker is a kitchen witch who connects most to the earth and enjoys foraging for ingredients and being in nature as well as his kitchen.