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Oracle Deck Review – The Eternal Seeker Oracle by Pamela Steele

Oracle Deck Review

The Eternal Seeker Oracle

by Pamela Steele

Publisher: Red Feather

33 Cards 133 Pages

Publication Date: March 28, 2021



The Eternal Seeker Oracle is an Oracle deck containing cards based on the prime archetypes associated with the Major Arcana of the Tarot, created by Pamela Steele, Tarot reader, author and artist, and is published by Red Feather Mind Body Spirit, an imprint of Schiffer Publishing, Ltd, 4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19301. This Oracle is meant to be used either independently and on its own, or in combination with Tarot decks, and offers an opportunity to explore the innermost workings of the human psyche.

The Eternal Seeker Ocean Oracle comes in a 6” x 9” sturdy cardboard magnetic box with a matte color image of one of the cards on the front and information about the Oracle and a review on the back. Inside the box are the 33 beautifully illustrated 3¾” x 5” cards that make up this deck, and the companion guidebook describing the guidance, inspirations and meanings offered by these lovely cards.



The cards of this Oracle are truly radiant, each image a fantasy creation. I love jewel-toned illustrations and their vibrant and alive colors, and this Oracle deck offers the palette I enjoy. The images created by Steele offer powerful visual connections to the names and meanings assigned to each card, offering us a safe yet no-nonsense and plainspoken tool for self-exploration and growth. The card images take up almost all the space on the face of the cards, with a card number and card name found in a gently curving border at the bottom of the image. The cards are sturdy with a glossy finish on the front and back. I’ve been working with this deck for weeks now and can state that they shuffle quite easily and they feel nice in the hand. The image on the card back is a double Fibonacci spiral, reminding us of As Above, So Below, and the connections between us and the world around us.

Like the box cover, the 5 ¾ ” x 8 ¾ ” companion guidebook has a matte finish color soft cover with a card image on the front and reviews and an author bio on the back, and contains 128 color pages with black easy-to-read print on off-white paper. The companion book begins with a Foreward by Benabell Wen, artist and author, followed by a reader’s code of ethics, something I don’t see very often in divination deck guidebooks. Next are several useful sections for those new to Oracle decks, such as What Is An Oracle?, The Care and Feeding of Your Oracle Deck, Journaling, Composing A Question, and Shuffling and Dealing the Cards, followed by a few spreads, including a sample question and detailed descriptions of the card positions for each.

The next approximately 100 pages are dedicated to the cards themselves. Each card section consists of about two pages and has a color image of the card, the number and name of the card, an affirmation, and the Major Arcana card that is the source. Next are several very meaty paragraphs that discuss the meaning of the card and how those meanings can relate to a situation, and the symbolism of the images. I’m already underlining at least one sentence for each of the cards I have worked with so far. Also included are upright and reversed interpretations of the card, and lots of room to make notes.

The guidebook finishes with some information about the Fibonacci spiral, a From the Oracle’s Creator essay, acknowledgments, references, and quote citations. There are even examples and meanings of some of the symbols found in the card images.

This is a powerful Oracle deck to work with. Steele’s card meanings have deeply resonated with me, every single time I throw a card. The card images ask me to look deeper, to meditate with the images and journey within them, and the card messages are useful and even life-changing. This should be no surprise, as Steele was inspired for this deck by the Tarot’s Major Arcana, cards that offer powerful archetypes for exploration and growth. Besides the 22 Majors, she has included 11 additional cards, such as The Weaver, Truth, Emergence and Infinity. I

I’ve used this Oracle for readings for others, and it has offered great advice along with depth and useful background possibilities for how a Seeker has arrived in the present and what the future may offer. But my favorite way to use the Eternal Seeker Oracle is by throwing a card or two each day. We are, after all Eternal Seekers, each of us. The guidance offered by this Oracle is a useful tool as we continue on our Journey.

Pamela Steele is a self-taught artist, author, Tarot reader, mystic, and professional massage therapist with a background in natural remedies. She has loved and worked with the Tarot for over four decades and is the author and creator of comprehensive and informative books and divination deck sets to assist others on their personal and spiritual journeys. She is also the creator of the Steele Wizard Tarot and The Wizard’s Pets Tarot. Pamela believes we are all Divine Beings having a human experience, and one of her life goals is to leave the world and all who dwell upon it better than she found them. You can find more about her work at her website,


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Raushanna is a lifetime resident of New Jersey. As well as a professional Tarot Reader and Teacher, she is a practicing Wiccan (Third Degree, Sacred Mists Coven), a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, a certified Vedic Thai-Yoga Massage Bodyworker, a 500-hr RYT Yoga Teacher specializing in chair assisted Yoga for movement disorders, and a Middle Eastern dance performer, choreographer and teacher.  Raushanna bought her first Tarot deck in 2005, and was instantly captivated by the images on the cards and the vast, deep and textured messages to be gleaned from their symbols. She loves reading about, writing about, and talking about the Tarot, and anything occult, mystical, or spiritual, as well as anything connected to the human subtle body. She has published a book, “The Emerald Tablet: My 24-Day Journal to Understanding,” and is currently working on a book about the Tarot, pathworking and the Tree of Life. Raushanna documents her experiences and her daily card throws in her blog,, which has been in existence since 2009. She and her husband, her son and step son, and her numerous friends and large extended family can often be found on the beaches, bike paths and hiking trails of the Cape May, NJ area.